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  1. 250 minutes purchased. 200 used. Total useful Internet time: approximately 20 minutes. The rest of the time was watching spinning wheels and logging in or out. Sea days were basically hopeless unless you connected at 3:00 AM. I know because I tried. Your mileage may vary. Vic
  2. Review is submitted and pending approval. I will let you know when it goes up.
  3. Sorry, we went off the ship at every port. We do not have kids, so did not really notice how many there were on the ship. Vic
  4. Sorry, not a Vibe person so I have no information. Though I believe I saw the Vibe door open at some point during the week.
  5. I just completed the 9 day Baltic Cruise (Copenhagen, Germany, Estonia, Russia, Finland, Sweden) on the NCL Getaway. I decided to convert all the "Freestyle Daily" for the entire cruise to a PDF for your research enjoyment. It was a fun trip and a review is forthcoming. Vicpylon NCL_Getwaway_Freestyle_Dailly_Baltic_6-2019.pdf
  6. Here are all the Freestyle Daily brochures from the May 2018 Seattle to Seattle Alaska cruise on the NCL Pearl. It is too big to upload, but here is a download link. https://www.livingdice.com/wp-content/uploads/NCL_PEARL_FREESTYLE_DAILY_MAY_2018.pdf I hope someone finds it useful. It was a great cruise. Vic
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