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  1. We booked an Excel Corner Suite on MG on February 5, 2020 for a cruise June, 2021. After discounts and the $500 cruise credit we had was applied, we paid $7200 for 4 people. We were going to get the teens their own Excel cabin as well so we could all share the same perks, but we had the last one available so they wanted to be in our cabin to receive the perks that come with the Excel suites, rather than to have their own balcony room without the perks. So it worked out and was a decent price I thought. It was the only available Excel suite at the time as everything else was already booked in
  2. Perfect! Thank you so much! I tried searching myself but did not think to use "deployment" in the search.
  3. Hello, I'm wondering if anyone might have an idea of when the cruiselines will start opening bookings for summer of 2022? I've seen some itineraries date as far out as April, 2022 but wondered how far in advance do they usually roll out the summer itineraries? Around 24-26 months ahead? We are looking into European/Mediterranean, Polynesian/ Tahitian/South Pacific, or similar for June, 2022. Thank you for any feedback!
  4. Maybe take a screenshot of the $20 off deal. When you get on the ship, all 3 of you go to the spa and expect to get in since all 3 of you are booked in one spa cabin. If they give you issues, ask them where it stipulates the 3rd person isn't entitled to the spa. If they show you, then tell them you didn't know since you didn't see it stipulated on your paperwork, and ask them if they'll honor the $20 discount due to that fact. Worse case scenario you pay $20 more, but I think the 3rd person will be included. Just be prepared for the worst case scenario and plan for the best. Have a great ti
  5. That's what I found too and the picture, but I couldn't see what cabin determined receiving the 4th berth. I'm hoping for the best. The TA said it sleeps 4, but she couldn't see how the 4th would be set up. Thank you for the help!🤞😊
  6. We booked cabins on Encore for Mid-ship Mini-Suite with balcony, deck 15 for 4 people each cabin. I can't tell if the attached picture is the potential layout for this kind of cabin. Cabin code: MA + We need the bed configuration shown as the queen bed will be for the adults, but need two other beds that are separated for age and sex differences. Don't want opposite sex friends sleeping in the same bed. Does the (+) indicate 4 beds? I can't tell if there's a pull down bed above the couch in the sister ship of the Encore. One cabin we booked was MA-15168+ on the Encore.
  7. I'm thrilled to know those are included on that list. We like Teppanyaki on land so that would be fun to experience on a cruise. Thank you!😊
  8. Interesting. In our documents it is worded rather oddly. It states "one main course included per person." Does "main course" have a different interpretation than on land? We go to a restaurant and you can order appetizers, main course options, and desserts. But one can order just the "main course" if that's all they desired. It would appear more as a 3 course meal if you have all 3 included. But if they are specifically only talking about those 2 restaurants then that makes sense what you said. Since they didn't mention any other options that is what is confusing. My documents
  9. Encore will be our first cruise with NCL. When I booked recently for the 7 night, we received 3 specialty dining meals at either Cagney's or Le Bistro for two. When you read the fine print, it's just for the main course. Therefore, if you order just that one item it's included. If you order an appetizer and dessert it's an upcharge, as it is a la carte dining. Additionally, you will be charged the gratuities for those items. Not a big deal, but others may have not noticed. 😊
  10. Do you happen to know if I purchased the unlimited week pass for the Go-Karts, would that still require reservations each day for the week?
  11. I just went through this myself. We had booked a Journeys cruise on the Carnival Sunrise for June, 2020. We weren't thinking about the ship, but moreso what itinerary and departure port. After reading the horrible reviews and negative responses regarding the ship, and how overcrowded it is now that they made venues smaller to accommodate more cabins(more passengers), it no longer was appealing. I can filter out negative people, but genuinely receptive passengers were not thrilled with the ship either. That is when I decided I would take the hit and cancel. I had the Early Saver, therefore
  12. That was what my travel agent was informing me of too. She tried to get the cabin booked without all of that, but it actually came out cheaper with it even with including the gratuities for the beverage package. Additionally, the TA company that I used offered me a cash card for $400 to spend at their warehouse and it will be sent to me after the cruise. So we are ok with it. We will buy the soda package for the two teens so they can have drinks as well. But we did try the opt out option first. It just wasn't as favorable. Thank you for bringing that up though, it's always a good idea to try a
  13. I think that would be a great idea. They'd probably appreciate some variety with their beverages. Thank you!:)
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