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  1. I am fully vaccinated as well, but would not leave the ship for Ensenada. I think other countries are not as vaccinated as we are in the US. I have not heard if everyone who boards has to have been vaccinated. I would feel more comfortable if that was the case.
  2. I just booked this same cruise. Between NCL and Princess, I have had four cruises canceled because of covid. I am still a bit hesitant about cruising this year, but glad knowing I can cancel before final payment is due and not lose any money. I sure hope things will be safe by the end of October.
  3. Final payment for my 2022 cruise is 120 days. I booked the cruise with free air for second person.
  4. I just checked my cruise the end of August and it is still showing that I booked it, but not allowing others to do so until September. I guess I will hear something from my travel agent next week. This will be my second canceled cruised this year.
  5. I am on this cruise and I check daily and it has not been canceled. I even tried to book a shore excursion and it allowed me to do so. Not sure why it is not canceled since we are sailing to Canada, but it is still on the website and allows bookings.
  6. I assume they will let us know before final payment is due!
  7. Yes, it has two stops in Canada so I was surprised it has not been canceled yet. I thought maybe they were hoping things would change by the end of August with the vaccine, but I doubt it. My March cruise was canceled this year and I have another the end of January 2022. Hopefully that one will not be canceled.
  8. My cruise from NY to New England on August 29th is still showing on the website and open for booking?
  9. My cruise the end of March was canceled and not sure about the one I booked the end of August. Glad NCL changed final due date to 60 days prior to departure. Hopefully they will make a decision by then.
  10. NCL canceled my March cruise and offered 10% towards future cruise
  11. I agree. I have a cruise the end of March, but unless there is a vaccine by then, I will cancel. it just shows that even if everyone tests negative, the virus can still be present and spread.
  12. My Mom had one remaining with Princess and after giving them a copy of the death certificate, they credited back her Visa. Not sure if it is the same for NCL but worth giving them a call.
  13. I have a cruise booked for the end of March. It was so cheap and so many perks. I really want to go but I am nervous about the virus. Guess I will have to wait and see what protocals are in place before I make my final decision.
  14. OMG!! I am still waiting for $1500 from Princess for a cruise they canceled in March. I was given the FCC amount, but still waiting for the credit card refund. I guess I should contact my travel agent. This is just taking too long and I don't want to get the run around like you did.
  15. I have had three cruises canceled this year, April, July and August. I have one booked end of March 2021, and hope there will be a vaccine by then, or I will probably cancel. My husband will no longer cruise unless we are in a balcony or above. He does not want to be quarantined in an inside room!
  16. I just canceled my Aug 29th cruise. I did not feel safe flying from SF to NY and also sailing up the coast where the virus is still prevalent. I am fearful that if I made the final payment and if the cruise was canceled, I would get a credit which may be useless if cruise companies file bankruptcy. I am still waiting for a credit from a Princess cruise that was canceled in April. On the other hand, we took a 21 day cruise on the Gem in February and had a wonderful time. Little did I realize that would be my last cruise for the year!
  17. I printed a copy of my booked excursions and then cancelled them on a cruise that was canceled. I got the credits on the credit card I used to book them on the next month. I am still waiting for Princess to credit me for the cruise which was supposed to sail in the beginning of April.
  18. Thanks for the info. I have a cruise booked for July 22nd and will probably cancel because who knows if this virus will still be present. Final payment is due next month so I will wait until then. My deposit is non refundable, so I will ask about FCC, although I am waiting for $4000 to be posted there for a cruise canceled last month.
  19. Geez I have a cruise booked for July and final payment is due in May. They have $4000 of my money for a cruise that was canceled in April and I have no intention of giving them more money for my July cruise. If they want the final payment, they will have to process my FCC.
  20. I am on that same cruise and thinking of canceling. I guess I will have to make up my mind before final payment is due next month. I was thinking of canceling and if the virus is gone by July rebook it. I bet the ship will be only half full by then. I had a cruise April 10th that was cancelled so I am feeling a bit hesitant.
  21. Thanks for the update. I have a cruise departing July 22nd and was wondering about the final payment due date. I really doubt this pandemic will be over by then and the cruise will be canceled.
  22. We were there this February and weather was perfect. We watched the sailing from our balcony and it was not humid at all.
  23. Thanks for the great review. I read somewhere that there was no library on the Sky. Is that true? We are doing a transatlantic cruise in April and I will need to bring books if none are available onboard.
  24. It took us over 2 hours last Saturday on the Gem. Long slow moving lines to get off the ship to retrieve luggage and endless lines for customs. Next time in NY I will be in the first group and carry off my luggage.
  25. Just got off the Gem and were told all cruises to Asia were canceled the rest of the year due to the virus
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