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  1. Some are the opposite. Coach by balcony, bed by bathroom side. Royal has no way of telling. I am not sure where else to look.
  2. I need to get some cabins for neighbors and they want the bed near the balcony end. Does anyone have any experience with these bins, 6688, 6692, 6286 6290. thank you.
  3. That is what resolutions has to change. No agent on the phone can do it without resolutions joyce
  4. I hear what you are saying, I am an agent also. Now if the original booking had your husband on it then the FCC had his name on it. As they are not transferable your husbands amount must go onto San FCC with his name on it. You can each use only one fcc EACH when you book. Ask for resolutions. You want the agent on Royals side to get them immediately. Royal insists that you cannot put someone else’s credit on your name. They need to do it correctly now before it further gets all messed up. Have your agent insist resolutions speaks to her. joyce
  5. Does anyone know what the obstructions are on these cabins on the Voyage deck 9 aft?
  6. No they will not. They made plenty of $ errors on FCC so far and have deducted mistakes from my clients total on their FCC. If you use an FCC they give back the exact amount and anything you paid over it. No doubling on 125% FCC’s already applied. Take the 100% refund. They do not apply them correctly and the problems and time you will put into is not worth the mounts. Unless of course you had it from an expensive large suite.
  7. Thank you. I appreciate this. I forwarded this info to them. Joyce
  8. Can anyone recommend a hotel near the Anne Frank House. I have a client that cannot walk too far and would like something in that area. The next day she is going on Viking and can get transportation. Thank you.
  9. Me too with my group O am escorting. Delta cancelled our flight last week. The hotel is not opened yer. Wish Royal would think about their loyal cruisers for a change. They are playing chicken again. If we cancel then no refunds. FCC only for 100%. If they cancel you still get refund or 125% FCC. Take the cash. It is not worth the 25% of cruise fare ONLY. JUST STEP UP AND DO THE RIGHT THING RCI.
  10. Arriving in n Dover June 2020. Is there anything to do with private tour and any company you would recommend? First time there and bringing a group of 14. Thanks
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