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  1. I LOVED your trip report! Thank you for taking the time to post it, and you had a great attitude!!
  2. We just went in February and did the aviary in the port, which was really fun!! It is above the port area and you get great views of the dolphins. We walked around and then went back to the boat for a late lunch. I don't think just hanging around the port is bad, we might try the pool area next time.
  3. Yes you can also take your own pictures😃
  4. Hello, we just did this last week and it was $12 per person and we had a great time. There are bridges that move a little, like bounce up and down when you walk, but don't swing. We were in there about 45 minutes and they had someone go along for a little and take pictures. They were digital downloads and you got all of them for $25 and they were nice pictures. We were the only boat in port that day though, so I don't know if we would have gotten as many if it were crowded. A word of caution though, only let them sit on your hands...one bit a hole in my shirt and another was trying to ea
  5. This was our first Norwegian cruise and I just wanted to let people know what we experienced. We boarded last Saturday 2/22 on the Norwegian Sun out of Port Canaveral, and it was a few minutes shy of 2 hours from parking to stepping on the boat. We parked and got out of the car at 12:20pm and walked on the ship at 2:13pm. That is the longest we've ever waited to get on a boat. The line was continuous from security to check-in. Once at the check-in counter they took the passports and went to another table where they checked every page of every passport. The cruise was very nice though and
  6. Our excursion also stated 5 hours but it was an hour over and back and so only 3 hours on the island, but it took 1/2 hour to find chairs and get settled ☹️ Hopefully your excursion is better planned since you are doing the dolphin swim.
  7. No we didn't make a complaint, because we figured no one would listen anyway ☹️
  8. Yes we were there 2/12. I was so disappointed with the whole excursion! When there were no chairs left and we had to walk to the other beach, I was really upset. I felt bad for the poor girls having to walk all the way down to that other beach and people were not being very nice to them. The drinks were strong though, so there are some parts that are a little fuzzy LOL!!! Like we ended up at the wrong buffet but we really didn't end up eating much so it didn't matter, but I still have no idea where the "brown roof" hut was that we were supposed to go to, we just started walking down the s
  9. We were told at least 2 times on the ride to the island and told 2 times during our orientation/walk to the adult beach that we had to take the 2:15 ferry and if we didn't make it, we wouldn't get back to the ship. When we went to get the 2:15 ferry there was a huge group of people lined up and the guy noticed our carnival bands and said to follow him to make sure we got on that one. People seemed upset that we were allowed to "jump the line" ....so I don't think you can take just any ferry back.
  10. Hello, We just did the VIP excursion through Carnival and I would not recommend it. When we arrived at the "private" beach there were no chairs there and had to walk farther to another "private" beach. We were very upset and the hostess said they don't usually open the extra beach because the "private" adult beach holds 54, which makes it not very private and they had over 100 people book the excursion. It did not have padded chairs as advertised, but there were umbrellas, it would have been a total disaster if not for the Bahama Mamas lol!! There were many areas on the other beaches
  11. We did the Carnival excursion last year and it was Taino Beach.
  12. I found pictures on trip advisor and youtube had some videos. We are going this week. It looked like there wasn't umbrellas on the regular beach so I booked the VIP excursion through Carnival that says umbrellas and padded chairs. I just googled searched it and found reviews and pics on many different sites.
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