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  1. Hello, We just did the VIP excursion through Carnival and I would not recommend it. When we arrived at the "private" beach there were no chairs there and had to walk farther to another "private" beach. We were very upset and the hostess said they don't usually open the extra beach because the "private" adult beach holds 54, which makes it not very private and they had over 100 people book the excursion. It did not have padded chairs as advertised, but there were umbrellas, it would have been a total disaster if not for the Bahama Mamas lol!! There were many areas on the other beaches that looked shaded and hammocks in the shade too, so I don't think it was necessary to get the VIP package. We were really disappointed, and actually we were only there 3 hours of a so-called 5 hour excursion. We arrived at 11 and had to take the 2:15 ferry back.
  2. We did the Carnival excursion last year and it was Taino Beach.
  3. I found pictures on trip advisor and youtube had some videos. We are going this week. It looked like there wasn't umbrellas on the regular beach so I booked the VIP excursion through Carnival that says umbrellas and padded chairs. I just googled searched it and found reviews and pics on many different sites.
  4. Thank you for taking the time to write the review, I really enjoyed it and the pictures!!
  5. When you stated "not to be that person but"...you are being that person. Possibly you should have just added what they could improve on because adding "but" to anything changes the intent.
  6. I disagree with being turned away, on formal night. In March, on formal night, a man in khaki cargo shorts and shirt was not turned away and seated after us. They were not the nicest shorts and shirt, he actually looked like he had just come from spending the day in the port...so I would still not worry 🙂
  7. Again, you will get many opinions, but jeans are fine for formal night too. Everyone is sitting down, so you don't see the bottom anyway lol! Also you will get differences in opinion about the MDR being "upscale" It is a nice restaurant, not what I would consider "upscale" Don't sweat the small stuff, and worry what other people think. Enjoy your cruise!
  8. He can wear whatever he wants including Nike shorts and sport shirts. We have seen many types of dress in the dining room. You will get many opinions on the subject.
  9. I just googled it and says water temp is 79 today
  10. Another tip is to wait till the morning to pack your dress clothes. Leave them on the hangers and lay on the top of everything. They hardly get wrinkled that way and you can just hung them up 🙂
  11. I'm enjoying your review, thank you for taking the time to write it.
  12. We just cruised a 7 day over spring break and took 3 checked bags for my daughter and I. We had to use the extra for all the snorkel gear, but we did not wear half of the things we brought and could have easily done one large checked bag each. We both had a carry on and backpacks. We had formal wear and dresses for each night, which we ended up not using because we only went to the dining room 3 of the 7 nights. It's hard to not overpack so if you want to take 2 suitcases each don't worry. Just tip the porters 🙂
  13. Thanks again for your great review, and I have a solution for the bathing suits. I read that the walls of the cabin are metal so bought some hooks on amazon for the walls. They worked great to spread the suits out for the night and they were dry the next day and we removed them in the morning before housekeeping came just so he didn't snag himself on them lol! They were the best cruise "hack" yet!! Try them on your next cruise!! 🙂
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