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  1. In May we went to Alaska on the Golden. My husband is extremely hard of hearing, so I spoke to the Matrd the first day about 4:30p.m. and asked for a table for 2 in AD. He was very accommodating and we had a perfect table and wonderful service. Everynight we were treated like royalty! DH loves to talk but in a noisy dining room it is impossible to understand and it is not fair to the others at the table. I have to repeat everything that is said and that is not fun either.! We are confirmed in TD for our next cruise next April. If unable to get a table for 2 in there I will ask to have one in AD.
  2. We were on the Golden to Alaska this past May and it was great. The ship was in very good condition. We had a balcony on the Aloha deck and it was covered. We were glad to have it that way in Alaska. We did spend quit a bit of time out there. If I had my choice again I would take a Caribe cabin. Those balconies are half covered. The Dolhin deck is all open but you do have a nice living room area right inside the doors. The staff and crew were the best we have experienced, probably on the past 10 cruises we have taken. We asked for a table for two and were given a great table in an Anytime dining room for 5:30 every evening. We were treated like royalty in there.
  3. Thanks alot for your help....guess I will stick with the fall and winter clothes. "BARB & JOHN" SITMAR PRINCESS CUNARD CARNIVAL RCCL To Alaska on DIAMOND
  4. We are going on the DIAMOND to Alaska in just 3 weeks !! This time of the year are the women wearing white slacks and short sleeve blouses or is it not considered warm enough for summer wear ? Am I better off packing fall and winter attire? Do they wear good jeans in the daytime? Do they have a Hawaiian theme one night? or is that just done in the Hotter locations? Thanks for any and all ideas you can send...soon !! "BARB & JOHN" SITMAR PRINCESS CUNARD CARNIVAL RCCL To Alaska on DIAMOND
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