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  1. There are so many things that had to happen to do the disembarkation right. A logistical nightmare. Easy to sit at a computer and criticize
  2. If the cruise was tomorrow AND my wife’s immune system was full strength we would go. We will wait and see because we really really want to go on this cruise but we’ll see.
  3. LA to Hawaii. I could see an outbreak happening in LA that could explode within a few days. And with Hawaii being a popular destination for Asian countries that’s another concern.
  4. Our insurance in ‘cancel for any reason’. Cruise is round trip LA to Hawaii
  5. We are booked on a cruise March 29. My wife has a compromised immune system and so, due to the coronavirus , we are really weighing the option of just canceling this cruise and not taking any chances. We got the standard trip insurance through Princess which would offer a 75% credit toward a future cruise. Of course we will wait until shortly before the cruise to make our final decision but I’m just wondering on the off chance that this thing goes sideways and princess cancels this cruise I assume we would get a 100% credit toward a future cruise? I guess this would affect how Long we wait to actually cancel our cruise. What would you do in my situation?
  6. So to be clear, they will let you carry on a case of 24 cans of pop at embarkation or any port?
  7. Looking at the “6 sodas for the price of 5” and the “15 coffee punch card” packages. I see that these are available online up until four days before the cruise. Can you buy these same packages on board?
  8. ...............At least in the beginning stages
  9. I’ve always wondered at what point a cruise line would deny boarding due to ‘symptoms’. If I am congested, coughing, and mild fever (aka, the common cold) would I be denied boarding? My question is for when there is NOT a pandemic happening VS the current situation with coronavirus. When I look at CV symptoms the look like someone who might have a cold. 🤷‍♂️
  10. Hello. We have just booked our first ever Princess Cruise. LA—Hawai’i—back to LA. Plenty of sea days and I enjoy karaoke and trivia. I’m wondering how much karaoke I can expect. Hopefully at least every other day. And how many trivia sessions can I count on each day?
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