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  1. 2 hours ago, jimbo5544 said:

    What in the world took 3 days to get to this point?  Unbelievable.  What a sham. 

    There are so many things that had to happen to do the disembarkation right.   A logistical nightmare.   Easy to sit at a computer and criticize 

  2. 1 minute ago, memoak said:

    I would not be concerned with that itinerary.  We have 6 cruises booked for the next 2 years. Luckily the first 5 are all Us, Canada and Mexico. Not scared at all 


    If the cruise was tomorrow AND my wife’s immune system was full strength we would go.  We will wait and see because we really really want to go on this cruise but we’ll see. 

  3. 7 minutes ago, MJSailors said:

     I am not certain what the itinerary is for your cruise. Is it to an area wherePrincess would likely cancel or would the itinerary be changed due to the impact of the virus.

    LA to Hawaii.   I could see an outbreak happening in LA that could explode within a few days.   And with Hawaii being a popular destination for Asian countries that’s another concern. 

  4. 3 minutes ago, subaru94 said:

    We were on Majestic Princess which shortened cruise due to virus, people travelling from Fremantle are getting 100% back for cruise with 50% future cruise credit of what they paid for the cruise.  Insurance is different overseas to hear in Australia.  We are unable to get insurance to cover the virus, so unless the ship cancels no money back.  Where is your cruise going to?

    Our insurance in ‘cancel for any reason’.    Cruise is round trip LA to Hawaii 

  5. We are booked on a cruise March 29. My wife has a compromised immune system and so, due to the coronavirus , we are really weighing the option of just canceling this cruise  and not taking any chances.   We got the standard trip insurance through Princess which would offer a 75% credit toward a future cruise.   Of course we will wait until shortly before the cruise to make our final decision but I’m just wondering on the off chance that this thing goes sideways and princess cancels this cruise I assume we would get a 100% credit toward a future cruise? I guess this would affect how Long we wait to actually cancel our cruise.   What would you do in my situation?

  6. 24 minutes ago, Postman806 said:

    I’ve always wondered at what point a cruise line would deny boarding due to ‘symptoms’.   If I am congested, coughing, and mild fever (aka, the common cold) would I be denied boarding?   My question is for when there is NOT a pandemic happening VS the current situation with coronavirus.   When I look at CV symptoms the look like someone who might have a cold. 🤷‍♂️

    ...............At least in the beginning stages

  7. I’ve always wondered at what point a cruise line would deny boarding due to ‘symptoms’.   If I am congested, coughing, and mild fever (aka, the common cold) would I be denied boarding?   My question is for when there is NOT a pandemic happening VS the current situation with coronavirus.   When I look at CV symptoms the look like someone who might have a cold. 🤷‍♂️

  8. Hello.  We have just booked our first ever Princess Cruise.  LA—Hawai’i—back to LA.  Plenty of sea days and I enjoy karaoke and trivia.   I’m wondering how much karaoke I can expect.  Hopefully at least every other day.   And how many trivia sessions can I count on each day?

  9. We have cruised Carnival 5 times, RCI once and Norwegian once.  Wondering how Celebrity differs.  To be honest my wife and I are very laid back and we like to be comfortable on vacation.  I’m hoping the Celebrity crowd is not too sophisticated for our liking.  During the daytime while just kicking around the ship do people where T-shirts and jean shorts and flip-flops?  Or is it polo shirts and pleated dressy shorts?   We don’t do formal nights in the dining room so on the other nights are jeans (men and/or women) and button up shirts common?   Is their karaoke nightly?   Generally how is the live music?   Rock/pop bands or string quartets?   Just trying to get a feel for the vibe in general.  Thanks in advance

  10. So my parents, age 82 and 79 are taking their first cruise. They ere told to bring their marriage certificate with them. They don’t have passports and are using birth certificates and state issued ID at boarding. I’ve never heard of the marriage certificate requirement before. Neither of our daughters-in-law needed them with Carnival. Any thoughts?



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  11. We have booked an Ultra Spacious Ocean View on EOS, specifically room 8200. I was wondering if someone has photos of this or a similar room. Sleeps 6, 2 in a bunkbed setup that appears to be almost closet-like. I’m wondering how many plugins there are. Is there one in the bunkbed closet? (We have 3 C-paps). Any insight would be helpful. The booking agent said it was 328 sq. ft. but the sample rooms I’ve seen online are either slightly larger or smaller than that.



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  12. Be aware that tere may be possible after effects of using a Scopolmine patch to avoid sea sickness. according to a recent artical:

    Scopolamine patch, Tranderm Scop, is marketed by Baxter Healthcare for Novartis for surgical antiemetic control or for the control of motion sickness. Each patch contains 1.5 mg of scopolamine programmed to deliver 1 mg over 3 days transdermally through a layer of rate controlling membrane.1 It was designed to be removed 24 hours after surgery. For control of motion sickness, it was to be changed every 72 hours and removed from the skin after the condition for motion sickness had passed. Scopolamine patch withdrawal syndrome is under-recognized and under-appreciated. A literature search and discussion with medical and pharmacy colleagues yielded very little information about adverse effects associated with discontinuation of scopolamine. Scopolamine is generally believed to be the most effective drug to control motion sickness, with a 75% reduction in motion-induced nausea and vomiting; others dispute that it is not any more effective than antihistamines like meclizine.2 Scopolamine patch is generally not recommended for children or the elderly because of toxicity.

    We had received several patient complaints about scopolamine patch withdrawal after using them for motion sickness control on vacations. The associated symptoms were described as being very debilitating, similar to exacerbated motion sickness with severe headache.3 This syndrome affected mostly patients who used the patch for 3 days or more, although there was at least one case in which a patient who only used the patch for 24 hours was affected. Typically, symptoms manifested 18 to 72 hours after the patch was removed and could last from several days to weeks. Common symptoms included nausea, headache, and blurred vision. These symptoms were consistent with rebound cholinergic activity and included dizziness, nausea, vomiting, paresthesias of the hands and feet, dysphoria, and hypotension.




    On a bit of a tangent, but referring to the above post, I never needed reading glasses until, while on my first cruise (using the patch) my vision became blurry. I couldn't read a menu onboard. And unfortunately I had to fly cross country alone after the cruise. Made it a bit tricky. I have needed reading glasses ever since and always wondered if the patch somehow triggered this loss of vision.



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  13. For me (5 cruises) it lasts 2-3 weeks. I have a little dizziness and borderline nausea. And for one day I get terribly nauseous, as if I have a stomach flu. This time I'm going to take Dramamine (and ginger. and anything else I think might work) AFTER the cruise. I have begun to wonder if it is caused by withdrawal from the anti-seasickness patch that I wear while onboard....Also, FYI, I never have gotten sick while onboard.



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