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  1. I’ve got a cruise booked on her for March, never been on her before. Be sad if she goes, some of us like the smaller ships
  2. Friend of OH just got off Azura and apparently Captain announced at one of the “do’s” that Oceana was up for sale! Anyone else heard this?
  3. Does anyone think that the prices on the smaller ships have increased significantly this year? Perhaps they’re pushing Iona & Britannia which are too large for us.
  4. We had B190 (pretty near to 210!) and it was fine. Would have it again.
  5. Personally, Ventura every time
  6. We did it in February, and believe me, you’ll be looking for shade, its SO hot and humid!!
  7. I’ve never seen caffeine free, sorry
  8. I actually didn’t find it at all difficult. I was able to pick any available cabin with choice of deck and position on ship.
  9. I’ve recently booked a cruise on Arcadia on the new website and have been able to book select, specific cabin, freedom dining and no upgrades with no trouble
  10. Oh good. Glad it’s just not me. I thought I was being stupid!!!! Thanks
  11. Has anyone managed to gain access to see their Peninsular Club points on the new website? I’m damned if I can get to it!
  12. St Maarten, I thoroughly recommend Bernard’s Tours. They do an island tour and end at the airport to see the planes coming in over the beach. You can find them on google. Whatever you do, enjoy😎
  13. Sorry, just to set the record straight, the whole problem is mine and not P &Os. I had been looking at both 2020 and 2021 and must have had a senior moment! 2020 IS doing less ports but that is clearly stated in the brochure. 2021 is doing the extra and is going to Aqaba and Vietnam which is where I particularly wanted to go. I’m so sorry if I confused anyone, I was obviously confused enough for all of us!
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