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  1. I was including the whole staff in "tips", not to individually tip. Except cruise director.
  2. Heard on the news this morning that one person on the ship did test positive for Covid-19. This was after many people had already left on flights from Cambodia. Not a good situation, I imagine.
  3. Gratuities question- can you charge them on board or do you need cash? I'm guessing cash for the cruise director, but not sure about the stewards, wait staff, etc. Thanks. BTW: We got a very good air fare thru AMA for a our Normandy cruise next month. Still awaiting documents, however. Sandy
  4. How far in advance does AMA send out documents- we leave 3/19 on Lyra and I'm wondering about our final flight booking. Thanks. Sandy
  5. Thanks for your response. Just saw you are in Chalfont- we are on the other side of 309! Sandy
  6. Thanks to everyone for the info in dress for dining room. DH is happy not to have to lug a sports coat.
  7. I'm going on the Lyra in mid-March. Wondering how dressed up one needs to be for dinners? Do men need sports coats/suits? Thanks. Sandy
  8. Can someone please explain what Club Orange is? I haven't seen this on previous cruises. Thanks. Sandy
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