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  1. I'm so excited for this review! We are sailing on the Brilliance on April 25th and we can't wait! I haven't seen a lot of pictures so I can't wait to see yours :) Thanks for doing this!
  2. 1 year from today!!! At least I can now say "I leave on Feb 21st on the Freedom of the Seas" and no one thinks it's in 2015 ;)
  3. I'm so glad I found this thread! We'll be sailing on the FOS February 2016 and I'm looking forward to your live review!!! I can't wait to see the pictures you post! Enjoy your cruise and Happy Anniversary!
  4. [quote name='lastinga']I like having a chair near the pool to keep an eye out on my 10 year old daughter, since she will more than likely be in the pool and I am not one to leave my child to do what she pleases. So, I get up early and go find a chair-which we share. ;)[/QUOTE] Same for me. :)
  5. kadun

    Port Of Tampa Webcam?

    Finally figured it out. It was my computer...I needed to download and install Java. So I'm able to see it now but I'm not very impressed with the cam. I love Port Canaveral's because you can actually see the ships sitting there and watch them leave. I don't see any cruise ships. Tried zooming and moving it but I don't quite understand how to use it yet. Any tips?
  6. kadun

    Port Of Tampa Webcam?

    Weird...I just clicked on it again and it's a blank page except for the settings link, which when clicked on says Not Found. Hmmmm...... :confused:
  7. kadun

    Port Of Tampa Webcam?

    Is this webcam still working? When I click on the link the page is blank except for a setting button. When I click on settings it says 404 Not Found. Is anyone else able to see the cruise port with this webcam?
  8. kadun

    Linking rooms for MDR

    I did this a couple weeks ago. I called Carnival, and all I needed to supply them with were the booking numbers for each cabin and the names of the people in each cabin. I didn't need a pin number.
  9. kadun

    orlando shuttle

    We've used Happy Limo a couple times and they've been great! Not sure what we paid. http://www.happylimo.com
  10. kadun

    Dream Embarkation

    Around 10:30 always works well for us.
  11. kadun

    iPad/safe question

    We were on the Dream in April and our iPad fit in the safe. I haven't been on the Elation so I can't speak to that ship. Not sure if the safe is the same size.
  12. We are flying out tomorrow and cruising on Saturday and we only bring carry ons. There are 4 of us and we each have 1 carry on and one small bag (purse for me, small bag for husband with iPad and a small backpack for each of the kids for iPods.) We are going on a 7 day cruise and managed to get everything in we needed. We do take 1 morning and throw in a small load of laundry so we only take the bare minimum. Vacation to me is about relaxing so I don't really care about the clothes. If I have a bathing suit and flip flops I'm happy!:)
  13. kadun

    Carnial Dream picture review

    We'll be with you on the 21st!!!:)
  14. kadun

    Carnial Dream picture review

    Beautiful pictures!!!
  15. kadun

    Carnial Dream picture review

    Great review so far! We are doing the exact cruise in April with our kids so it's nice to hear your thoughts on the different ports. :)