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  1. When did you sail? We are on the 10/28 sailing and I can tell you if it is still bangers and mash I will opt for the veg. option. May be they found that the majority of passengers attending are not that fond of bangers and mash and switched it! I am hoping that is the case.:D








    23rd September sailing - they had beef wellington although that’s not very traditional pub food, can’t see what the problem with a British banger was [emoji6]



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  2. I mean do they serve crab and salmon while in Alaska, or Mexican dishes while in Mexico or Jerk seasoning while in the Caribbean .. Not saying they won't serve salmon in the other ports.. just find it on more menus while in the area that has it ?




    I think food gets shipped in from a central area rather than local so not necessarily themed to the cruise...



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  3. I went the week before and had the opposite experience with drinks and complementary food... I loved them all (I only had the french onion soup which was fine) i likes the raspberry mojito... guess some of it is personal taste. My main problem with the buffet was how crowded it was. I didn’t like eggs benedict in taste it was either overdone or cold, but the buffet one was perfect. I didn’t enjoy steaks in Cagney as much as the steak in the MDR. Just shows everyone can have a different experience.


    For disembarking I got off around 8.30 and no queues. I imagine as it got later there would be queues.


    There were still less good points, like unpolished glasses in MDr, servers not filling water glasses up etc so I wouldn’t say it was a perfect cruise.



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  4. I saw it somewhere, but now of course can’t find it ... but someone mentioned that the ship will sail under a bridge the day we depart. The post recommended going up to the highest level of the ship to see the bridge up close. Has anyone done this? Know about how long from leaving this happens?




    It’s about 15-20 minutes... I go up to deck 19/20 they are normally quiet sun decks...



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  5. I forgot to mention it’s the lively oldies that do the transatlantics!! Much less scooters and zimmers than the last cruise I was on. The others won’t be able to stand the pace... the dancing goes on well into the early hours... hopefully will see you onboard Pollux, I’m just waiting to see if I’m allowed leave at work before I book... [emoji3]



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