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  1. I did star as a new ship to me and hated it... that really was a oldies cruise.


    The epic ta is very much fun for all years... I’ve been doing them since my mid 20’s... there is lots to be entertained with on epic....water park if weather nice, bowling alleys, spa if your into that is nice for sea days, there was always lots going off games, trivia, lectures, bingo, meet the officers etc... don’t give up on it, I love the relaxation of the sea days but the second half is very port intensive but the ports are all very lovely....



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  2. I’m considering this cruise, I’m seriously looking at ncl air despite the flight not currently showing as available from my local airport (so would need to go to London) . As I come in from the uk, the package includes airport to hotel transfer, hotel, hotel to port transfer and port to airport transfer as well as the transatlantic and flight back to uk. It is a very good deal on the transatlantic as the flight often uses a very good carrier such as virgin, British airways, American etc. Often ncl do it cheaper or a similar price to sorting it out myself... For transatlantic they aim to go direct.


    For those considering Norwegian air please book as late as possible.... rumours have it Norwegian air may be the next to file for bankruptcy in the next 1 or 2 quarters... I am not trusting them as far as april/may anyway despite the very low fare. They are frantically trying to sell new aircraft that they have ordered to make funds.


    It is also possible airlines will chase you if you don’t use the return part of your ticket if you try buying a return... I’ve heard of some cases in the uk... here the difference is almost £1000!!



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  3. Some of us like to drink several unhealthy drinks with multiple straws ;)




    Me included... [emoji6]


    A few had silicone straws on my cruise, some stainless steel, but by the end of the year there will no doubt be threads about paper straws... and how terrible they are...



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  4. I don’t have a budget yet... i pay what it costs.I’m edging towards one night airport hotel as the preferred option.... especially if significantly cheaper, if not much in it I will stay nearer port or beach areas. I’ve noticed some of the hotels nearer the parks are cheaper than the beach so potentially I may end up going around the airport or parks....



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  5. I was on this sailing...


    Having been more accustomed to the epic I actually found the escape much less crowded, except the atrium and buffet. I had no problems with elevators but if there were a few waiting to get in one I tended to just do the stairs. I also noted people generally only pressed one of the elevator buttons... noting each button only controlled half of the lifts...on the last day which was quite warm there were plenty of sun loungers available throughout the pool decks and spice h20.


    I noticed on sea days the theater was used e.g for movies or talent shows. Supper club got used for group parties. I found it much more crowded indoors in the evening than in the daytime and this is when large venues are already in use for other entertainment so the atrium is the only option. I wasn’t a fan of the layout of the skyline bar or 5 o’clock and felt margheritaville was vastly under used. I did love the waterfront but just wished there was somewhere to order complementary snacks e.g nachos or popcorn whilst chilling out.


    I had some very good meals in the MDR and a few at o sheehans but agree service was a little frantic in oSheehan’s - definitely not 24 hrs as if you went at 11 they wanted you to wait till 12 for lunch. Seating in MDR at lunch got busy on sea days if you didn’t go as soon as it opened, that could be solved by opening more dining rooms for lunch. Service was relaxed... others call it slow. My worst meal was actually at cagneys - it’s definitely a personal thing, I didn’t think the meat I ordered was any better than the one at the MDR earlier in the week. There was a massive push to get people to use the buffet - I think I only went there twice.


    Bar staff top notch especially at 5 oclock. Sometimes service was quite slow for drinks at osheehans. I found district too loud to sit in for a nice drink which was unfortunate...


    Embarkation queues were slow. I presumed it was the Canadian form slowing it down as other than that once at the desk mine was pretty rapid. Getting on and off at ports I found no issues.


    Staff and officers were amazing!!



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  6. That’s fine if so...it’s the catholic calendar on the iPhone I have showing it as Easter weekend... I guess the calendar is wrong, as it shows both weekends as Easter!! [emoji23] it doesn’t explain the lack of Irish flights on that Friday though... i didn’t particularly have plans to cruise Easter. The dates are the right dates for the cruise though... [emoji6]



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  7. I’m costing up a cruise which leaves Easter Saturday from port canaveral. I’m likely to fly to Orlando. What are the best suggestions for hotels? Im trying to keep hotel costs low!!I’m likely to be flying either 1 day or 2 days early. Not too fussed by the parks, so was considering either airport if 1 day early or one of the beaches if 2 days. Dates are 25th or 26th April. I’ll be travelling solo on this trip...



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  8. It was on in 5 o’clock bar on the escape but osheehans made it for me on another occasion. I hardly ever checked bar menus and ordered what I fancied and most bars can do most drinks with exception the bar on waterfront held less stock so sometimes had to go elsewhere.



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