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  1. Hot tubs open late - 10pm I think. They have a smoking room on deck 8 in tobacco lounge bar as you can’t smoke on waterfront. You can get pastries and muffins and coffee at the closed bars in the morning on the waterfront. This is not widely advertised but that stations are set up and taken away about 10am. There is a smoking pool at the small bar maybe on 17 deck, spice h20 on deck 16. There are hot tubs on deck 16, at spice h20 and deck 19. But beware not all the tubs bubble as the buttons are broken!



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  2. Straws are coming end of Oct according to the officers on escape but they will be paper ones - so if you prefer silicone best to bring your own... i was one of the only ones and people were definitely eyeing up my straw!!



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  3. While this advice might be accurate, it is not good advice in my opinion. You don't want to be in a situation where you can't go somewhere just because your passport is expiring soon. You have to renew it eventually, there really is no good reason to delay the renewal.




    I would suggest renewing too... you never know when a weather event may reroute your cruise meaning you end up visiting elsewhere!! Always aim to have 6 months or more on it...



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  4. I love the studios so I’m biased... but I love the whole lounge concept, snacks, decent coffee and meeting solo guests too... balcony’s are sometimes cheaper than a studio but I love having the quiet space that only a few can access... all depends what is important... to be fair not many hang in the lounge during the day so it’s no guarantee of meeting new people.



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  5. Solo passengers concierge: it’s not really a concierge. Every night there is a meet and greet for solo cruisers and there is a crew member who helps make reservations for groups of solos.. I think you need to go to the meet and greet and organise it from there. I think it’s around 6pm on the 1st day in the studio lounge.


    When I cruise solo I prefer using the dining room or o’sheehans for that 1st lunch...


    I don’t use vibe but that is my preference... it’s a Canada itinerary... check the weather, if it looks good and you will get outside time consider it..


    I always book the free shows before I go on my ncl, when onboard you can change these if available but it means I know I have something booked in...


    You will have a fantastic time in the studios!!



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