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  1. Does the sponsons need to be filled before it finishes or does it keep rising as the sponsons get filled?

    I thougt they were filling the sponsons very slowly and controlling the rotation of the ship as the sponsons fill... shame we don't get a view of the sponson filling. i'm off to bed, in the morning the Concordia may be upright. :)

  2. Hi Mapgirl!


    I've booked a solo cruise myself on the NCL Breakaway for Dec 8th! 27, single, never married, no kids, but I do have a dog. My 1 yr old Toy poodle...he's my world but pets aren't allowed on cruises..so Solo it is! lol The rates weren't that bad for my booking considering there is no singles supplement and we get to enjoy that great Studio lounge and meet other solo cruisers. I only hope there are more under 40s cruisers onboard this beauty of a new ship! :)

    Ace - you sound a bit like me... I do solo's do at a young age of 27... :)


    Solo on the EPIC is amazing, I'm so jealous of your solo on Breakaway... although i'm considering a November breakaway cruise. The solo lounge and meeting is my best part on the studio deal..and I love the mood lit rooms!! Your going to have a ball onboard.. and yes on EPIC there were plenty of under 40's... I think NCL in general has a good age range. :)

  3. On our Epic cruise in April of this year, they must have run out of the drink cups, because we didn't get them. I didn't see anyone else with them either on our cruise. Just the stickers on our cards. We would order 2 at a time, some places used bigger cups than others.

    weird... there were zillions of cups on the transatlantic in April... maybe they had run out of that season's, but its a shame as the offer includes a refillable cup according to their website. I wonder if people asked about it at guest services i'm pretty sure they would have given you an alternative.

  4. The TA cruise on EPIC had fruit juice all day on the pool deck and in the buffet, iced tea and water, but last year only had fruit juice at Breakfast, (water and iced tea at other times) not sure if this is a rule thats changed, or just happened to be as the TA cruise was half empty. The cup style seems to change from year to year. Its a good deal if you drink lots of soda, I just went for the water, juice and iced tea on my last cruise. (complimentary) There weren't enough diet drinks in the soda package for me.

  5. I have the same problem. I've only been on one solo so far (3 day) and dinner was a bit awkward. I've booked my 2nd solo cruise (7 day) and if I have a hard time, I will switch to the anytime dining. I will have my Kindle with me if I'm at a table alone.


    Enjoy your break from grad school!!!


    This is why I booked NCL - no formal dining, pick and choose when and where to eat, eat alone or with others, but meet others at solo gatherings and choose to eat with them for ease.


    I would find formal dining a little awkward I think.

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