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  1. You can order martinis at any bar. The bar menus seem to be aligned with the theme of that bar, the bartenders don’t just make what is on the menu.


    With regards to water the ships water is probably just as good or better than bottled. If in doubt find a British person and see if they have any spare bottles. I usually give my quota away. (Brits get a litre a day of bottled water as part of their fare)



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  2. Cruise the EBTA last year, and the WBTA this Oct.....do looking forward to it.


    Before you order a drink, just ask about the port tax on the drinks




    Hope this helps




    Robin & Angel "D"




    The transatlantics don’t count as they have non eu ports in them. Any cruise that is a round trip with no non eu ports will have tax charged the entire cruise.




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  3. Is this your experience on this itinerary, or are you talking generally?


    On this specific itinerary, tax is charged all through the cruise as it doesn’t leave the EU VAT area. Unless something has changed recently.



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    This is still correct I’m sure which is why I questioned it. Unless the cruise has an non Europe port, tax is charged on all purchases onboard.



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  4. What with luggage on board? Doesn’t happen any luggage in hold must have passenger on board... all luggage belonging to passengers that fail to turn up is removed from any aircraft




    Correct. The aircraft offloads the luggage and leaves... seen it enough on airline/airport tv shows. Once doors close on aircraft passengers are not allowed on. It happens very frequently. Airlines won’t keep holding up the planes for passengers to get out of the bar. there is often a big enough wait for the runway as it is.


    On a cruise I’ve seen luggage been packed and left on pier previously...



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  5. Have you ever witnessed a cruise leaving without a passenger? Same as airlines, doesn’t happen, just a threat to pay overpriced tours




    Yes I have seen this on many occasions! Family groups running down the pier as the boat pulls away... oooops! (And the million loudspeaker messages asking if x, y and a are onboard to go to guest services) the ship may wait at captains discretion a short period of time but will not wait over an hour.



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  6. You may get more answers asking in the ports of call forum, but my understanding is the casino is quite formal with dress, suit jacket and tie. I can’t help you with the chips question. Some parts of the casino don’t open till 2pm from what I’ve heard from friends so check opening hours before your trip to make sure the parts you want to see aren’t closed.



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  7. While the USD may be accepted int he Caribbean, it is NOT accepted in most countries. You will be hard pressed to find any place in Europe that accepts USD.




    Places in the large cities may accept it but the exchange rate is so poor it is not recommended. If on a Northern Europe cruise don’t forget UK needs pounds! We don’t accept Euro’s.



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  8. I always buy insurance but I’m British and we do not usually pay for healthcare. I’ve heard too many stories of brits trying to claw to together large sums of money to fly their injured relatives home. I pay the small amount upfront for the security of being covered if anything out of my control may happen.



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