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  1. What time of year did you cruise?
  2. Here in NC, I wore my puffy coat only twice and one of those times was while in the mountains. Very likely I would be okay.
  3. Wow! Great tips. Now I’m torn. I’m a native NYer (now living in NC) and I dealt with a wet, windy blizzard in NYC last year with only a fleece and raincoat. The worst part was getting our feet and jeans soaked. However, that wasn’t on a boat and we will be on the glacier tour as well as an ATV buggy ride while in Alaska. Maybe a puffer would be smart. I’ll see if I can fit it. It’s going to be upper 60’s/low 70’s while there but the glacier could be very uncomfortable.
  4. Thanks for the reply! Sounds good. I'm excited! 🙂
  5. We are sailing 5/28. Originally I planned to take my puffy coat. Now I'm rethinking that. Should a columbia fleece jacket topped by a raincoat be enough? I run hot most of the time and my puffy coat is very warm. I hate to be sweaty! I am so torn about other stuff to pack. Obviously I will be bringing jeans, but probably some long sleeve tees and short sleeve tees that I can top with a sweater. I hate packing!
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