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  1. Hi, yes plenty of experience!😂😂 You ring the said company and they organise it. I ring a few months before the trip but I think you can ring up to a month before. They have never failed me. Teresa
  2. Pennbank thanks for the link. Was hoping to buy an all cruise pass like we do on HAL but never mind. Teresa
  3. purchased ours through a British company, first initial H which you can easily find online. Great investment as 2 long cruises this year plus dividends. Teresa
  4. Hi, coming back to p and o at the end of October and have a question. Does anyone know how much a pass to the spa hydrotherapy pool costs? many thanks Teresa
  5. I took one of my long dresses on our very recent Koningsdam 23 night cruise. It stayed in the wardrobe! It was obvious from gala night one that there was little regard for the dress code and if I had worn it I would have stood out like a sore thumb. Hubby wore his tux and looked very smart on all 4 nights I went more cocktail length. Teresa
  6. just back from b to b on Koningsdam, 23 nights in all. Most food was repeated, some entertainment too [at least they called it entertainment]. If you are happy with a ship stick with it and enjoy. Teresa
  7. Just back off the Koningsdam. It would appear you can now wear shorts up to your bottom, torn jeans and tatty tshirts on a gala night! So your jeans will be fine. Really put me off HAL. We hadn't been with them for 4 years and this is just one thing that has changed. Sadly it looks like it is me being behind the times and expecting people to turn up for dinner clean and with 'smart casual' attire. Just got our bronze medal too! Teresa
  8. Just back from the Koningsdam 23 nights in the med. Felt very crowded at times. Not helped by no proper prom deck -- as in to sit on during days at sea. Staff lovely as usual but many negatives this time and noise in the MDR was really bad. Teresa
  9. Just back after 23 nights on Koningsdam. No ballroom dancing at all and the entertainment was poor. Teresa
  10. thanks everyone, I will take some! Teresa
  11. Hi all urgent help needed as packing. Do balcony cabins still come with slippers and robes? thanks very much Teresa
  12. At the weekend I bought premium online for our 23 day voyage. I thought 10 dollars a day seemed an okay price. But then I hand't read this. Only 3 days to go now!
  13. Hi Colin, she was born in Middleton and christened in the cathedral there. Although she had lived in England most of her life she loved the old country and we scattered some of her ashes there when she died. Great part of the world. Was in Cork a few years ago with a round Britain cruise [took our American friends and we all loved it]. God bless The Paddywaggon Tours! We usually like the thermal pool etc but boy has the price gone up in recent years. Thank you Paul for your answer on that one. Enjoy your time on board Colin, Teresa
  14. Hi Colin, I see you are from Cork, my dear mum was born there. Just love Ireland! We will be on a 23 nighter in the Med next month on her. Have been on many HAL but not this ship. It sounds like your weather is rough at the moment. I hope it improves for you. As I read your posts I am starting to get excited about our trip. I don't suppose you would know how much a spa pass is going for these days? We love this part of HAL ships always. hoping the sun shines on you and the sea is calm, Teresa 😎
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