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  1. Enjoyed pub lunch on the Ruby Princess in 2013 but didn't seem to be offered earlier this year on the Regal Princess on Eastern Caribbean cruise
  2. We were on Regal Princess in Feb in a deluxe balcony room and our deck had 2 chairs and a small table. The deck was small and I think actually smaller than the regular balcony room we had booked on Ruby Princess several years prior. Neither deluxe balcony or regular balcony room compare to the deluxe balcony room on Norwegian which offered a spacious balcony and two lounge chairs and a small table. Instead of a worn-out looking love seat we had a very comfortable banquet type sofa which I think converts to a bed at night if there are 3 in the room as was the case with the family in
  3. I haven't personally had a soda in about 5 years but I do appreciate that Princess allows you to bring water onboard. It just so happened that we had bought a large bottle of water on a St Thomas stop about 7 years ago on Eastern Caribbean Cruise towards the end of the cruise and we came down with Norovirus on the sea day back to FLL. Having that large bottle of water available was really appreciated. We also enjoy bringing the 2 bottles of wine aboard with us and appreciate the cabin steward bringing us wine classes on a similar cruise this past February. When we cruised on Norweg
  4. We did the. Voyage of the Glacier cruise out of Vancouver in 2012 as an add-on to a trip to Vancouver. We loved Vancouver and we also had a great cruise, first time on Princess. There were many people onboard who were doing back to back cruising and others with cruise tours to Denali. We had a Princess charter bus to the Anchorage airport and I don't think there were any other options. People who were doing back to back cruises had a different bus that was a tour of the sights around Whittier. The drive to Anchorage very scenic and our bus driver was very informative. Easy to locate your lugga
  5. I have seen people turned away from the dining room for wearing shorts at dinner on several cruises. Anyone can wear shorts at breakfast and at lunch. I was attacked by many people on this board when I complained about people wearing ratty looking jeans and t-shirts on this board in another discussion regarding dress code on formal nights. For me, I usually wear a simple dress with flats on those nights and enjoy doing so. My husband will wear a jacket, dress shirt but usually no tie on those nights.
  6. I would also add the lack of a Promenade deck was very disappointing. This was the first ship that I have been on without a deck to walk around on. We walked around in the morning upstairs on the sports deck and sometimes stopped to practice our putting and hit some golf balls. We had a deluxe balcony room that didn't seem any larger than the regular balcony room we had on other Princess ships plus the decor was very drab, as all in brown tones with an uncomfortable sort of love seat to sit on. It did not compare to the deluxe balcony room that we had on Norwegian Breakaway that w
  7. Just make sure to bring plenty of reading material as this ship has truly the worst "library" of any of the Princess ships I have been on. The entire "library" consisted of what looks like books left behind by passengers and crew.
  8. I have family in Israel and have been there several times but never on a cruise. We have traveled with a guide one on one as well as traveling with our own rental car even in parts of the West Bank. Have never felt unsafe anywhere however as with so many places in the world you always need to be aware of what is going on around you. Yes there are many checkpoints but issues to deal with but so worth it. The last time we were there you were permitted to to up to the Al Aksa Mosque from the Wall to walk around the outside as not permitted in the mosque itself although we were able to visit othe
  9. Yes I realize that! However other posters had indicated booking a 14 day Caribbean Cruise so that one would likely or possibly included a stop in Nassau.
  10. Just posted on another thread that I read an interview with the Nassau Port Director stating that if/when cruising resumes, passengers will not be permitted to disembark and wander around at will as has been done since the beginning of cruising. Not sure what they will be proposing but stay tuned for those considering Caribbean cruises next winter. You never know with the Caribbean as we have a forecast for more storms than usual as we head into Hurricane season on top of everything. Not planning any cruises for a long time but with the Caribbean cruises that I have been on, alway
  11. If any of your planned ports are Nassau in the Bahamas, don't expect it to be port stop as usual. Just read an article in which the harbormaster or port director was interviewed and he said that they will not permit cruise ship passengers to disembark and wander around at will as has been the norm since cruising began I suppose. Not sure what they were proposing to do to handle the port stop... so stay tuned as I don't think this will be the only one with information like this.
  12. Greetings I wouldn't be planning any cruises until there has been an approved vaccine with some data behind it to see if truly is effective. I had a very mild case of the virus in mid-March with my symptoms resembling a cold and low-grade fever. I did test positive and self-quarantined for 14 days. My husband and I were never in the same room of our house for the entire time but what if we had been on a cruise in our room, wouldn't have been possible to social distance too much from each other. He tested negative as he was with me when I had an appointment for a drive through site
  13. I don't see cruising coming back in the near future. Perhaps in the fall of 2021 or the winter of 2022 but there would be so many factors and whenever cruising comes back, the cruising of the past decade will be a thing of the past. Cruise ships will reduce the # of cabins to decrease the amount of passengers, buffets will be a thing of the past, you will have more of a fixed seating for dinner or dinner reservations required so that people can be socially distant within the dining rooms, same with shows if offered at all. Masks worn at all times in public spaces. Not sure how they will handle
  14. Working conditions for all crew are very poor for the most part. I had a relative who had a position on one ship working on lights for the shows for a one year position and unfortunately i do not know the ship. A significant portion of the crew on that ship was was in the Pacific Ocean having departed from Vancouver became ill with norovirus which easily spread throughout crew housing areas but beyond that the working conditions for performing his job were inadequate and unhealthy, in cramped spaces where you could barely move, let alone perform your job adequately and safely. On
  15. I cannot imagine anyone planning to cruise this year or even next year or in many cases, ever again. We are not making any vacation plans for the rest of the year and just learned that a family wedding in Miami that was moved to October from April is now moved to next April. While we have enjoyed cruising for the most part especially the memorable Alaska cruise from several years ago, it is hardly our favorite vacation. We much prefer driving trips either in the U. S, Eastern Canada or Europe. So sad to read yesterday that Tanglewood is officially canceled for the su
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