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  1. Thanks for your review I really enjoyed reading it. Your mom sounds like she would be really a lot of fun to travel with. I will be on the Sunshine in December and is excited. So the ship has the new brunch menu? Do you remember how early we can show up at the port? I read 11 but they said you can drop luggage off at 930, so its kinda confusing. I also booked a AFT balcony, do you feel a lot of the ships movements? Do you remember if they have food other then pizza later at night? My mom like to snack after she gambles. And do the Did the boat seem really crowded to you? I hope you have a wonderful next trip and I’m excited to read your next review.
  2. I think Princess or Holland America might be best for you and your parents.I did both with my mom and Holland America is good but depending on your age you might think it’s a bit slow. The ships are nice and clean and when I took it they seem to always be cleaning the bathrooms which was really nice. Holland America's food taste pretty good too and they have great ice cream that’s free. Princess was nice also it seemed more fancy then Holland America, It might been because it was a 15 day cruise why. But people dressed up fancy on formal night and the ship seem to do it big. The food was way too salty and I couldn’t enjoy a lot of it, but they had a lot of variety of activities and I had alot of fun. Both cruise lines I would do again.
  3. I will be taking the Sunshine out of Charleston and I noticed the ship departs at 6pm. This is the first ship I’ve been on that left so late. I wanted to find out what’s the earliest time we park at the dock and when do they usually start boarding?
  4. Im enjoying the review. Do you have the menu of the MDR lunch? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  5. Thanks for the responses. I never never took uber but was willing to give it a try if it was cheaper. But seem like both opens is good so might just take a taxi. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  6. Hello, I will be staying at Embassy Suites in Fort Lauderdale next month and i wanted to find out the cheapest way to get to the port for 4 people. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  7. I loved this live review it was the best. You made me wanna read what your family was up to all throughout the day. And you made me wanna get the alcohol package though i don't drink often. You got my fire back from vacation planning fatigue for my first cruise on RCL. I hope your next cruise you do another review. Have a safe trip back home and thanks for letting us in on your vacation. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  8. Hello everyone, I will be taking my first cruise on Royal in May I have a few questions. Wewill be leaving Fort Lauderdale, On embarkation did you have any troubleboarding with only birth certificate and ID? I called and they said using them can take longer to get you processed. I have a passport but it expires in June. Can you get the sushi making class cheaperwhen your onboard? We brought the BOGO 2 night dining package, do this includeall specialty restaurants except the chiefs table? And we will be visiting Philipsburg, St. Maarten I wanted to find out if anyone have taken the St. Maartenisland tour or and Ultimate island tour: Explorer cruise and island tour. And ifso how would was those tours. Were unsure between these two and want to see alot of the island but also want to have fun. Thanks for any help, I keep tryingto find answers to these and seem to not find the answers. :)
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