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  1. Thanks for your review I really enjoyed reading it. Your mom sounds like she would be really a lot of fun to travel with. I will be on the Sunshine in December and is excited. So the ship has the new brunch menu? Do you remember how early we can show up at the port? I read 11 but they said you can drop luggage off at 930, so its kinda confusing. I also booked a AFT balcony, do you feel a lot of the ships movements? Do you remember if they have food other then pizza later at night? My mom like to snack after she gambles. And do the Did the boat seem really crowded to you? I hope you have a won
  2. I think Princess or Holland America might be best for you and your parents.I did both with my mom and Holland America is good but depending on your age you might think it’s a bit slow. The ships are nice and clean and when I took it they seem to always be cleaning the bathrooms which was really nice. Holland America's food taste pretty good too and they have great ice cream that’s free. Princess was nice also it seemed more fancy then Holland America, It might been because it was a 15 day cruise why. But people dressed up fancy on formal night and the ship seem to do it big. The food was way t
  3. I will be taking the Sunshine out of Charleston and I noticed the ship departs at 6pm. This is the first ship I’ve been on that left so late. I wanted to find out what’s the earliest time we park at the dock and when do they usually start boarding?
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