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  1. We stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn before our 9/26 cruise on Breakaway. We’ve done this a few times before and it works out well. This time we did not have a private car but instead six of us were taken to port in very large SUV. Worked out fine. One couple was doing B2B so there were four of us on return. We met on ship and disembarked together. Was easy to meet driver across street and two blocks to the left on 50th. Breakfast was continental breakfast. I’d swear hot breakfast was included in the past. One of the items we ordered was about the same price as continental breakfast so waitress didn’t charge us for it. Total cost was about $350. That’s less than hotel, breakfast, tolls, pier parking would be. If cruise package doesn’t show up under additional rates, I’d suggest calling them directly.
  2. We have not. Others reported they did. But then we didn’t get text or email at the pier either. Just heard our numbers called. I was escorted to medical yesterday and retested because pcr at pier was inconclusive. They called me about an hour later to say it was negative.
  3. Onboard Breakaway now. Having fabulous cruise. At officer presentation today they said about 25% of passengers arrived without Bermuda TA completed resulting in delay in leaving. They had Bermuda authorities there assisting with process and worked right up until 9pm processing folks. Not sure how many did not make it because of this. General Manager said there were lots of meeting going on at Corporate and they are committed to improving process. We’re at about 50% capacity with 1859 passengers. 1500 crew or 90%.
  4. So excited that she’s finally on her way here. Can’t wait for 9/26 cruise!
  5. We were on the 12/8 Encore sailing. No bowling alley like on other ships near o’sheehans. Outside the Local there are games. One looks like bowling (similar to a skee ball machine but bowling)
  6. We’re on the Encore now in 8738. Great room. Would definitely book again. Angeled balcony has room for a lounger and small table and two chairs and table. Not noisy. Code to the action on waterfront. Enjoying it very much
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