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  1. they should let you do a L&S again. They also shouldn't be canceling cruises because some group booked the entire ship. They're going to tick off some of their most loyal customers.
  2. When someone throws up a lot of accusations that aren’t true, what would one call that?
  3. Is it possible to look up your fcc balance? I got an email saying it was adjusted, but it doesn’t say which way or how much. I couldn’t find anything on royals website.
  4. Do you think the virus is going to one day magically disappear? I wonder where I’ve heard that before.
  5. Look at the ship from the rear. When the ship roles from side to side, which deck moves less, deck 14 or deck 6?
  6. Same thing happened to us, same big box travel agent. It just takes Royals stupendous IT department a while to catch up.
  7. The blank area is probably a crew stairway and elevator. I’ve spent a cruise next to one of those before, I wouldn’t do it again. If you think the moving of pool chairs on the deck above is bad, wait till you hear the room service carts at 6am.
  8. Nothing in the CEOs statement prevents them from canceling everything and starting over. Starting over let’s them charge what ever they want for the very limited amount of capacity they will have. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.
  9. I have a feeling randomly changing or canceling cruises may be the new normal for awhile. Just because they can, doesn’t mean they should. Tick enough people off, and they’ll start planning other vacations that have less chance of being changed. Heck, I’m thinking of cashing in some of my FCC, because I’m not sure when I will be able to use them.
  10. I posted this in another thread also. I had an aft corner balcony with an ocean view cabin directly across the hall. They gave me a regular balcony and the ocean view is on a completely different deck. I’m just going to cancel, we really wanted to be on the revitalized Freedom.
  11. I had this happen to me the week of thanksgiving 2021. I had 2 cabins, an aft balcony and an ocean view, right across the hall. I received a side balcony with an ocean view on a different deck. Not even close to comparable cabins. I canceled, got my money back.
  12. Does anyone know if RCI broke ground on their beach club on Antigua yet, or this delayed?
  13. No, but I didn’t ask either. The Allure cruise was a fairly close match to the cruise that I lifted from, just without a stop in Coco Cay. So maybe that’s why.
  14. It worked out, I got on the Harmony 7 day, so all is well.
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