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  1. Remember in the movie Meatballs they had a line that went something like this. The answer to tonight’s mystery meat contest is “Some kind of meat.” Well, it’s some kind of liquid.
  2. I think all quests 6 and over in the same cabin have to order it
  3. It’s back on my October cruise also. Now it’s 24.99. I wouldn’t buy it at 19.99, not going to buy it at 24.99 either.
  4. I would be surprised if they would discontinue it, since they are really offering very little for the amount of money they charge for it.
  5. That’s where it shows up I think. I’m not interested in purchasing it, but I think it was there before. I know for our October cruise on Enchantment it was there just a few days ago, and is no longer there. Maybe they figured out I don’t want it , so they no longer offer it to me. But that would be a lot for their IT dept. to handle.
  6. It’s disappeared from the cruise planner as an option to buy for my March cruise on liberty. I can’t believe that many people would of bought it already. Can you say website glitch.
  7. If you watch the video you can tell that they were waving the hand at the ship next to them. The people that were left behind probably weren’t even able to see it.
  8. I can’t believe that MGM fire was almost 40 years ago. I’m getting old😬
  9. I saw the video and it appeared the officer came out the back of the bridge waving the hand at the ship next to them. From where the pier runners were I doubt they could even see it.
  10. It’s on sale for my October cruise on Enchantment for 20% off. The price is $24.99. So I’d say 19.99 is as cheap as it gets. Still wouldn’t pay that for it.
  11. I’ll second the courtyard also. There is a wonderful restaurant around the corner from the courtyard called Restaurante Casita Miramar. One of the best meals I ever had in my life.
  12. Some hotels require a 2 night minimum stay depending on the time of year. Last July the Sheraton Hotel and Casino required 2 nights, this July it didn’t. Last year Hyatt House didn’t require 2 nights, this year it did.
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