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  1. uncleg

    Does anyone prefer 3 night cruises?

    I say yes, my first cruise was a 3 day...way to short....13 cruises later my last cruise was a 3 day...made for a perfect weekend get away with friends, it was also a spring break cruise, never ran into a rowdy crowd that trip. It was on carnival Sensation.
  2. Need a surgery insurance refuses to pay for, all vacation funds go in surgery fund.
  3. I know this is off topic, but this post reminds me of a story. A few years back my best friend from college was getting married for the first time at his parents lake house. They have a large workshop room that has a full bath and a set of bunk beds and several cots. This room became the single men's dorm in the days leading up to the wedding. My best friend and I got the bunk beds because they were more comfortable than the cots and we were the oldest two there (late 40's early 50's). I ended up getting the top bunk because I did not want the grooms dog to jump in bed with me, I am not a house pet person. Long story longer, I have sleep apnea and insomnia so I am up and down all night every-night. Sometime in the middle of the night I climb down out the bunk and manage to step onto and through a Styrofoam cooler that was at the foot of the bed:'). It makes a huge noise and I wake everyone up, there I am one foot in the cooler and one foot on the ladder just kind of stuck. Anyway we had a big laugh and declared this is why 50 year old men do not sleep in bunk beds.
  4. Baloney pie?! What is this intriguing delicacy(y)?
  5. My parents just learned this lesson, sat on shuttle for two hours before it left the airport, and they had to hold the ship for them and the other 3 couples on the shuttle.
  6. uncleg

    Just Back, Ecstasy the good and bad

    What menu do they have on the Ecstasy, American table or the the old menu. Sailed on Fantasy many times out of Charleston, looking forward to rest of your review.
  7. uncleg

    Fall Leaves

    THANKS for the information.
  8. uncleg

    Fall Leaves

    Hello, I am asking for my parents, they will be cruising to New England and Canada on a Princess ship this year and were curious as to when is the best time of year to see the fall colors in New England. Thanx
  9. Hello, I am a 51 year old single male who cruises mostly alone on Carnival because of the price, but Carnival is not geared to solo/single cruisers. I am currently looking for my next cruise and NCL because of the price on the studio cabins ( the ships that have them) and they appear to put some effort into single cruisers, Carnival does not. What is the age range or average of studio cruisers? I am just looking for people to have dinner with, maybe some dancing or a excursion, I am not looking for a hookup, just some folks to hangout with and have a good time.
  10. uncleg

    What have you ever forgotten?

    My cabin number, first day on cruise and forgot what cabin I was in...LOL and I had not had a drink yet.
  11. uncleg

    Cruises during tropical storms

    Happened to us, port of Charleston SC, Carnival Fantasy Halloween cruise, Hurricane Sandy , probably a Cat 1 at that time, was off the coast. If I remember correctly we were supposed to leave port at 4pm, we were delayed in port until I think around 10pm. No big deal...it just delayed the liquor tasting on board. We also missed our stop at Half Moon Cay, not sure if it was because of damage or rough seas. The cruise line will do what is necessary to protect its passengers and their multi million dollar ships and never intentionally put you or it in danger.
  12. uncleg

    Cigar factory in Nassau

    They have store fronts were you can purchase Cigars ( I am no cigar expert, but what we bought were good) or chocolate, so I would think it would be possible to visit just for purchases. We really enjoyed the tour...next time we want to take the tour were we can roll our on cigar.
  13. uncleg

    Cigar factory in Nassau

    Thank you very much!