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  1. Good afternoon all. We just booked the Symphony and will be stopping at both islands. I love to snorkel and was wondering if anyone could give me the inside scoop on where to go? I have my own stuff so I don't need to rent anything just point me in the right direction.
  2. I have a water daredevil 5 year old. Does anyone know the height or age limit to use the water slides on the Symphony?? Not the Abyss not out of fear for the boy but his daddy!! LOL
  3. Yes, they are taking bookings. On Thursday our Princess cruise May 9th was canceled. I was able to re-book for the same week on the Symphony since Royal was only stopping voyages for 30 days instead of 60 days like Princess. Keeping our fingers crossed that this remains the case. By the way when Princess canceled, we also canceled our original flights. Just rebooked flights for the same days this morning and saved $700. Now we are hoping our "Royal up" bid gets selected and nothing else cancels!!
  4. From what I understand the Coronavirus is made substantially easier to deal with if you also have "Lime Disease" at the same time.... Thank I am here all week.... tip your waitresses...
  5. Cool, thanks we have a 5 year old and it seems like he is growing and changing every day so we want an up to date photo as we get closer... LOL
  6. Thank you all for your OPINIONS! Clearly I stumbled upon all the lunatics hoarding toilet paper and bottled water for absolutely no reason. I didn't ask about what the word quarantine meant, nor do I care about what the government says about getting on a cruise ship. Having sailed dozens of times, every single cruise has some sort of Nurovirus on it, as well as some other sort of transmittable sickness, as does every airplane currently in the sky. So why does the government not say, "whatever you do don't fly anyplace??" I was just wondering if ports were being closed. Thank you AstroFlyer for answering with facts. I am not going to put my family in harms way, nor am I going to panic. I do understand about the medical facilities on some of the Islands in the Caribbean and am not judging them for keeping the ports open or closed I was just wondering if there was a central place to determine what is currently going on. I apologize if I offend anyone but it is just frustrating to try and gather factual information so that I can make a decision and everyone immediately becomes an expert in opinions and if my opinions are not aligned with yours I am a bad person. Sorry about the rant. I am going back to watching Youtube videos of the ships, sailing into beautiful harbors in far away lands with amazing sunsets and families enjoying their well earned vacation time with each other as we count down the days until we hopefully set sail on another adventure...... Que the theme to the Love Boat......
  7. We are a little under 60 days out. We just took pictures and loaded them onto the app. Question is can we re-take the photos and update the app? I was thinking we could up until the medallions are shipped which I have heard is between 15-25 days prior to embarkation. Just wondering....
  8. I really appreciate the link to the post about what ports were closed. We are absolutely in the wait and see group. I was just wondering if any ports were closed as of now. I believe the hysteria will be done by the time we cruise in 60 days as the end of traditional flu season winds down.
  9. My wife, 5 year old son and I are booked and paid for on the Caribbean Princess for May 9 sailing. We did just received our $200 OBC and are extremely happy with it. Perhaps with all the hysteria and cancellations an upgrade will be in our future. If no upgrade happens then we will enjoy our mini-suite as we watch the world go by from our balcony. My question is has anyone CONFIRMED that ports in the Caribbean are denying entrance? We are going to Grand Caymen, Cozumel, Roatan and Belize. I have not seen anything regarding closures so I was wondering. Please don't answer if you have heard a rumor, your cousins hair dresser knows someone from Belize or think that we are terrible parents for even thinking about keeping the booking and bringing our son with us. I am just interested in personal experience. The only reason we would not go is if Princess cancels or the ports begin denying entry since that was one of the factors in choosing this itinerary.
  10. I really love the anticipation leading up to the cruise. My 5 year old helps us to cross a day off the calendar to show we are getting closer to the cruise. I look over the boards and search Youtube but try to avoid all the posts about bad food, crowds, negative this and that to find the tips and tricks that will make our trip more amazing than I already know it will be. As we get closer and closer the anticipation gets greater and we start making lists so we don't forget that on our last cruise we needed a baggie for snacks for our little guy, so we gather them as to not forget them this time. Then the documents come and we get the suitcases out of storage and the packing begins.... The Uber turns the corner and we can see our home for the next amazing week!!! We wait with the masses in the terminal, then they call our group to board, walking up the gangway with our son smiling from ear to ear and the phones and e-mails from my office fading into the distance.... We made it!!!!! time to enjoy a week of family fun time, if the food is no good, which is impossible since we didn't cook it or have to clean a pan, so what. Crowds, who cares, I am not sitting in my car on the smog filled 405 freeway in LA. I am floating in the Caribbean!! Making memories with my family that will last a lifetime is all that m matters. That being said we are 60 days out from the Caribbean Princess taking us to Paradise so the lists have begun!!!!
  11. Cruising on the Caribbean Princess in 75 days not that we are counting.... Made the final payment, printed the paperwork, to use as back up, today. All that is left is to lose weight and hope for the upgrade fairy to arrive.... Booked in a Club Class Mini so I doubt any options will be heading our way. If they do great, if not great. 75 more days to a wonderful week with my family and no e-mails, phone calls, webinars, conference calls and most of all no 60 mile commutes through LA traffic!!!! Bring on the fun and the sun......
  12. Stevdenr597 It would be great if you could leave a nice deposit in the Casino for us to pick up after you disembark!! Thanks!! Perhaps we will run into you on the dock as you are leaving... It should be easy to find us... We will be the family smiling from ear to ear doing the "I am not working for a week dance!!" LOL
  13. Therabbit, mine looks exactly like that. I have paid in full already and anticipate printing stuff out within 30 days or so. Thanks for the feedback
  14. Nothing says incomplete, it just doesn't say "complete" except the 1st two items.
  15. Hello all we are 84 days out and I was going through the check in procedure online, all the items don't say complete? Is that normal? I have went through and completed everything for my entire family, even registered my son for the Kids Program. I also downloaded the Ocean Ready app and completed everything with the exception of uploading photo's. Are the lack of photo's holding up the completed process?
  16. Wow I am glad I spring for the upgrade. I really just wanted a better stateroom location but sounds like it is worth the extra. Our 5 year old can eat his weight in fruit and berries from what it sounds like the waiters will already have bowls of berries waiting for him!! LOL Stevenr597 when are you cruising? We are on the May 9th cruise......
  17. We are leaving in 85 days not that we are counting.... Sailing on the Caribbean Princess, we have a club class mini-suite cabin booked. Can someone explain the club class dining?? Is it just a smaller partition of one of the dining rooms? Do they use the same menu's as the main dining room? We enjoy Anytime dining, will having club class dining make getting seated easier for us? Thanks for all the help in advance.
  18. Absolutely a great place to spend time with the kiddos. My wife and 3 year old son at the timed the best day there. I have snorkeled all over the Caribbean and this is by far the best I have ever seen. There are stairs that walk down into the water and you can just stick your head down and see tons of fish. There is a fresh water pool, play area, hammocks under palm tress and plenty of other stuff. In fact we are going back in May to spend the day there again!
  19. Thanks for all the great feedback. I enjoy standing on the rail and watching the water come off the side of the hull so I am happy that is possible. If someone is looking down on us then I hope the reflection off of my balding head isn't too bad for them. I am on vacation in the Caribbean and not in my LA Traffic, smog, filled office working, so I really don't care if someone is looking at me or not.
  20. Thanks for the pics! 158 days and counting!!!!
  21. perfect thanks, now my little dude can look forward to the splash zone, mini golf and the rest of the fun stuff on the cruise.
  22. We just canceled a NCL cruise on the Breakaway and booked the Caribbean Princess for May of 2020. I was just getting bad vibes about the Breakaway and we are Elite members on Princess so we had to do it! We are traveling with our 5 year old and he is dying to see the kids water zone that was just added this spring and can't seem to find any pictures or reviews of the new area. Can anyone post pics or at least a review of what it was like for their little ones please.
  23. Great thanks! That makes sense being that the cabins are mini suites so you would think they would not design the ship with obstructed views from the mini suites!! LOL
  24. Looking at the Mini Suites on the Caribbean Princess but noticed all the mini-suites are just one deck above the life boats. Can anyone tell me how obstructed the view is from the balcony? I do enjoy watching the water fade my work life into the distance out on the balcony and was wondering if the life boats would reduce visibility too much??
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