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  1. Can anyone tell me if there is a golf simulator on the Allure? IF so the approximate cost?? My 4 year old son has become obsessed with golf and we will be spending some serious time on the mini golf course but I was wondering if there is an actual simulator on board or not?
  2. Just cancelled our pre-cruise night at the Hilton Ft Lauderdale Marina and re-booked the Holiday Inn Express on 17th street. (Saved $50 and got an included breakfast at the Holiday Inn) Any recent guests have any comments/suggestions? We are flying in pre-cruise on a Saturday and originally booked the Hilton because we thought we would be arriving early in the day and would take the water taxi etc. Our flight is now landing at 6:30PM and figured by the time we get our bags and 4 year old squared away we wouldn't get to the hotel till 7:30-8 and would just have time for dinner then turn in. After reading some posts it seems the hotel shuttle is not the most reliable so I might just Uber/Lyft to the hotel and then to the port on Sunday AM. Looking forward to comments....
  3. Couple of questions regarding the arcade on the Allure.... 1) Currently we can get $100 worth of credits for $80 pre-boarding do they have similar deals once on board or should we jump on that pre-cruise? 2) Once on board do you if there is a way to put a "per day limit" on my son's card to make the credits last longer? My son is 4.5 and most likely he will be with us when he uses the arcade but just wondering in case he is in the kids area and they allow them to play for a bit.
  4. Thanks I figured it must have been a freak thing but I wanted to ask. Good news is we are the only ship in town that day so the crowds should be small and I would hope I can find a snorkel vest to enjoy our day.
  5. We will be in St Thomas in Mid May. We are thinking of going to Coral World and Coki Beach for some snorkeling. I did this about 10 years ago and I really remember many Jelly fish in the area. Never got stung but did freak me out a bit. Was this an unusual thing or is it common? This time I am bringing my 4 year old so would like to know before we go. Also we have our own snorkel gear minus the vest do you know if you can rent them on the beach in the area?
  6. Perfect! Thanks I was thinking of doing the same thing with carabeaners but I just wasn't sure there would be any place high enough to use as hanging points.
  7. We are on the Allure, Ocean View Cabin with large Balcony. I was wondering if it were possible to bring one of those lightweight hammocks to use on the balcony. They have straps with velcro that can be used to "hang it" Is there anything that can be used to secure it on the balcony??
  8. We are sailing May 12 on the Allure and got the e-mail last week. We are in a ocean view large balcony love the room but bid on both the JS and the GS. We got such a great deal on our price even if we win the GS Bid it will be less than what we could get our current cabin for. That was how I rationalized the bid. Would love to get the congrats e-mail but the ship appears to be very full so probably not likely. Either way we are cruising in 50 days so it just doesn't matter!!
  9. I actually have the video and both sets of parents were able to watch live so it made it even better. It was not fun sitting out on the wet balcony in the rain, trying to hang the banner with my "girlfriend" asking me why we had to hang the stupid banner when we could be out exploring the ship LOL. She did apologize after I proposed using the sign. Clearly I found a keeper. Then of course we had no choice but to do the gender reveal using the same method. The guy that runs the camera remembered me when i called him to set up the gender reveal. Substantially more relaxing the second time LOL
  10. Hardest part was it was our first cruise together and I had the whole proposal on my mind and could enjoy the first couple of hours on the ship. Then my friends were blowing up my phone so much I had to turn it off!!
  11. I proposed to my wife live as we sailed out of FLL several years ago had the family watching on the webcam. I made a banner and zip tied it to the balcony worked great. Exposed the gender of our child a couple of years later doing the same thing.
  12. Thanks for the tips everyone. My 4 year old also has a tree nut allergy so I will be e-mailing and leaving messages with everyone. Great idea with the button will be making one of those as well. We usually put his sign and sail on a lanyard so we will just pin that button on the lanyard.
  13. We are sailing May 12 Thinking of bidding on both JS and Grand Suite. We got a heck of a deal booked almost a year ago. Traveling with wife and 4 year old so the larger room is what is driving us more than the perks. I am looking at bidding at a level that if selected would probably still be the same fare that i would have paid for the current room. I am not hopeful but hey crazier things have happened.
  14. We are on the Allure Mid May and just got the Royal up E-mail. We are booked in Ocean view Large Balcony stateroom and the upgrades were for an Ultra Spacious ocean view at a min bid of $100 per person, JS $150 per person, GS at $450 per person and up. I am thinking about bidding on the Junior Suite. The cruise seems pretty booked up so we are not having good feeling's about the odds but nothing ventured nothing gained. I would be interested in hearing about success stories if anyone cares to share. Good luck everyone...
  15. Just saw something on YOUTUBE about bands you wear that will open the cabin door and can be used as a sign and sail card?? Is that available on the Allure??? Also does the Allure (from Ft Lauderdale) offer the service that will take our luggage from the ship and check it in for our flight home without needing to go through customs with it etc. Did Disney last year and that was awesome. We have bit of a tight schedule on our return flight and are flying Jet Blue.
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