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  1. and i am sure you are......but as stated it was his demeanor
  2. You may be right pier/dock/port security ........either way the dwarf came within an inch of getting backhanded .I had my [at the time] cunard photo id which was not enough according to him......his people skills were lacking
  3. ok....my bad...i thought you were doing one of those short round trip cruises
  4. you might be able to make the arrangement via cunard or a travel agent BUT you only visit boston once[going north]and your trip ends in NY
  5. It took me 3 tries to finally log on last night.....this morning it only took 1 try and in ...everything looked and worked normal [e-tickets]
  6. What i remember of the port was a long tender ride in with very long walk to get any place . The return trip was worse brought on by a very short and rude US customs dork ........and me restraining myself the better route [pun]
  7. but they all look ssssoooo happy drinking the room supplied champagne pol yuk .......surely that is real lol
  8. are you thinking of taking legal action ?
  9. good for you doing the research......i hope it works out ...let us know
  10. that about covers it [pun] with me also
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