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  1. As a bacon junky i have found kings court my bane . I prefer rare and can spot it from the pile feet away ,i have been spotted on more than one occasion with a separate plate just for it. Just one of the many foods i go through withdrawal upon disembarking . I got lucky once where breakfast shutdown was way slow and lunch [hamburgers] were up early.......i jacked a plate of bacon for our double patty burgers
  2. We have enough hope that we re-scheduled for dec of 21.
  3. business wise this virus will/is thinning the herd , i do not know if cunard will survive but i would not buy their stock.............
  4. first time i got foreign whatever on the qm2 years ago i just pushed the beans away and tried the proper....it was a hot dog
  5. complimentary = not having anything nice to say about it ........nothing to do with money....i should have been more clear
  6. i know what i call a british breakfast with hot dogs n beans.........and it aint complimentary
  7. it's those 3rd class peons showing up without a tux while on the turtle snorkel swim that gets my goat........such nerve
  8. 2 nights is a boat ride......cunard and the passengers shine in a much better light on longer cruises .
  9. iirc it is in the daily programmer when and where ,some are good and some not so good ...luck of the draw
  10. night life imho really depends first on the cruise itself [TA,s tend to be quiet] ,carib cruises can get loud and down under cruises go through cases of booze ....second: passengers ....there are some who can start a party anywhere and they are just fun to be around at all hours ..........2 weeks and a 4 grand bar tab....everybody was happy
  11. We decided to cancel our 2020 x mass carib cruise and re-schedule to 2021 . We lost only half of our on board credit so no big deal . The thought of masks,restricted food serving,social distancing , disruption with crew experience and who knows what with shore excursions made the decision for us.
  12. trenton nj.....i do not know any one personally that caught the virus and only one person said they know some one who heard that blah blah .Our business is essential so we get a large sample of people coming in .....i am not down playing the threat just passing our numbers
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