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  1. We usually book on-line in advance because some excursions sell out fast.
  2. do you get a lot of calls about your car warranty......you are on a list
  3. You might be on to something there....beta comeback cruises . I am sure the cruise lines are looking at just about all their options as they develop .
  4. We cancel our QM2 xmas carib so i,m out of hope .....in 2022 i have more hope
  5. yep...noticed that last year ......why ?.....dunno
  6. Yep 2021 is a wipe out for us but we will stay cunard faithful if we can . I spoke to my wife a few days ago about maybe we should cancel our 21 xmas cruise and she said it got canceled by us in 2020 . Starting january of 2022 we will start to look at brochures for cruises from cunard and not until then.
  7. I was commenting on the person that brought up the no name yet on the not built new cunard ship.....given the current sit-rep .......HMS Queen Bad Timing or USS How do i get out of this contract. Sarcastic names but not too far off the mark of what the money backers of the ship might be thinking about now. . As far as cancellation of our xmas carib in 2021......that will be any day now,not that i am too busy or holding out for hope........ just lazy.
  8. probably not too high on their [cunard] list of things to do ,if anything they will name it queen bad timing or uss how do i get out of this contract
  9. I think you really have to get in touch with cunard over this .....for the most part its not clear when/where any ship is 100% going back to sea yet alone excursions .
  10. I would expect all the surviving lines to be if anything showing a soft touch on policy/attitude until they get their ships filled with the cash cow.
  11. We have been on board and softly rolled in bed deck 6 aft at night but very noticeable . The same storm walking by the spa you looked like a very drunk sailor ,you could not walk a straight line. The ocean moves so does the qm2 . Deck 6 aft outside pool looked like you could surf it. At no time did we get sick or feel unsafe though. This was not a hurricane just a storm .
  12. I think 2021 is in doubt and not feeling too warm n fuzzy for a cunard ship in 2022 as we knew it.
  13. Any day now i will axe the 2021 x mass cruise to the carib on the qm2 .....tears here too .
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