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  1. The fact that the circumstances changed after signing up for and paying some money toward a cruise doesn't necessarily constitute a breach of contract -e ven though it's definitely a change of the contract terms. But, if Celebrity changed its fitness-to-sail restrictions - it doesn't really matter why (i.e., they can't sail at all - unlike just a change of ports, etc) after signing up for a cruise AND then does not offer a full refund OR just offers FCC which is likely useless due to the new restrictions, that (IMHO) would then constitute breach of contract. I'm not a lawyer so I could be co
  2. While I agree that communication from Celebrity has been non-existent WRT refunds and other topics, when it comes to money, it becomes personal very quickly. Larger-picture concerns may become lost in the personal focus.
  3. Absolutely! Examining and then adjusting for improvement is not casting blame. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Agree! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. It's not that he believes that the picture is fake. I think he means that, in his mind, the pandemic is a hoax - or at least it's been overhyped relative to its importance and danger to the world's population. Therefore, our lives and the economy are paying an unnecessary price due to this sequestering policy. I'm sure he'll let me know if I've mistakenly represented him.
  6. I think many of the cruise lines are in the same boat (sorry!). We may see many fewer cruise lines after this is all done. Due to that concern, we cancelled our October 2020 TA on Apex - even though the final payment wasn't due until 24 July. We did it early for three reasons: 1) We doubt things will clear up sufficiently by October, 2) I'm over 70 and doubt my doctor would sign the permission to cruise letter for me and lastly 3) Our chances of getting our deposit and airfare refunds back are better now than later when Celebrity may be more cash strapped or even bankrupt.
  7. Thanks! You are correct. Here's what my flight confirmation paperwork says (in part), "You have purchased REFUNDABLE WITH FEE airline tickets through our FLIGHTS by Celebrity program, please note that airline cancellation penalties may apply." Earlier today, we confirmed with the rep that the full amount would be refunded. So, due to the current situation, the airlines must have waived the cancelation fee.
  8. Yes, refundable. There was no non-refundable verbiage on our booking reservation paperwork and the rep today also said it was refundable.
  9. They were definitely booked online directly through Celebrity Air. However - and I know this will sound silly, but I didn't know if they were refundable or not until we called Celebrity this morning and asked. The rep didn't seem to know either and he had to leave us on hold for a couple of minutes to go to check with Celebrity Air. When he came back, he said we'd get a full refund. So, yes! 🙂
  10. The death projections are diminishing because of the actions that are being taken by those governors 'trying to outdo' each other. I was an IT manager for a number of years. When the Y2K bug issue came along, I and my newly tripled staff spent almost a year fixing the numerous system bugs that we found on many different systems that ran the company. After many, many hours and a LOT of expense, we successfully mitigated every single bug in every single system. Then we heard from people with no knowledge of the issues that were fixed and efforts needed to fix them, say, 'See? The
  11. Thanks! We absolutely love traveling in general - and specifically cruising too. Since I semi-retired in 2015 and fully retired on 2017, we've tried to travel on an extended trip as often as possible. While visiting Europe - normally during October and November (cooler, pretty and less crowds), we move to a new city every 2-3 days. We then do extensive exploring of that city and surrounding area on day-trips. We travel exclusively by train on a Eurail pass for maximum flexibility. We love getting 'lost' while exploring. Our trips are normally 3-6 weeks and normally include a t
  12. It certainly seems that way. Now we just need to get the CC refunds in the timeframes stated by the rep and then I can relax about it. But, remaining positive, Yes! it seems to have gone well.
  13. We were booked on the October 22nd through November 5th, 2020 transatlantic on the Apex. It was to be preceded by a land trip starting on 1 October in UK, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland and Spain. Due to our belief that cruising will be iffy before at least sometime next year - and more likely to be after a vaccine is created, tested and ready for distribution, natural immunity increases and better treatments become available, we decided to cancel earlier today. It doesn't help that I'm 71 and would possibly require a letter from my doctor to cruise and that is unlikel
  14. It appears to be that you are quite correct - not only on CC, but throughout the US too. Personally, I believe the medical experts who saw this early and said this is not just like the flu and that it's now going to be a long time before we're through this. We have a transatlantic scheduled on the Apex starting in late October. We'll be cancelling that before final payment is due in July.
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