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  1. Thanks. With a prop and rudder system, I can better understand this accident in those winds.
  2. A good TA should share what are called the TCs with you (one free berth for every 8 cabins booked.) He/She should also be able to get you some additional benefits: starting with $50 per cabin in on board credit. The TA fields all of the calls and questions from group members so you don't have to, and handles all of the little details for you.
  3. Stone xb, You did not say what department you were emailing, or what type of question you had. I've found that the answer to your question varies GREATLY depending on just that. For example, sales may get back to you a lot faster than customer service, which is still WAY faster than you will hear back on accessible shore excursions. I hope you get the answer your looking for. Tom47, I am really sorry to hear about your grandchildren. I would certainly not mind if they ALWAYS made it a non-smoking area. (I love to play, but hate the smoke.) With that said, I don't see them granting your request. If they were to do so, they would be setting a prescient that would then require them to change their rules anytime someone claims to have a milestone occasion and medical reason to request such a change. My guess is they will tell you to keep your grandchildren away from the casino. Sorry. Best wishes to you and your grandchildren, and early congrats on the 50th.
  4. If you look at my signature, you'll note that my first cruise was also on Rotterdam. I was SO sick the first few days I could not believe it. You'll also note that I've taken 14 cruises since then. As others have said, the big ships handle the seas much better, the Caribbean tends to be calmer, and mid-ship cabins are best. I still often take Meclizine starting the day before my cruise just to be on the safe side. I have no side-effects from it, and it solves the problem for me.
  5. Your post is a little hard to follow. But, from all of that, I am getting that you are asking what insurance to purchase and what it covers. The answer is: you can't purchase the trip insurance AFTER you already know you can't go. Insurance only covers "unforeseen" events or circumstances. You must be able to cruise at the time it is purchased.
  6. CLEARLY it was not a properly trained service dog! More often than not, vets with PTSD have actual service dogs. These dogs are trained to intervene, take some action when/if their owner begins to go into a panicked or agitated state. This guy did not claim the dog was a service dog. He said it was "issued to him for support." Two different things. And this is one perfect example of why cruise lines and airlines are banning emotional support animals.
  7. First, I agree with the posters who suggested renting electric scooters. I cannot even imagine trying to get around on Oasis with a knee scooter. There is no way you'll get an accessible room at this late date, but scooters do fit in regular rooms. You don't say how many/what kind of room you have, but I am guessing you have more than one. The scooters work best in the balcony cabins that have the bed closer to the balcony. If you rent from Special Needs at Sea, they will have the scooters that are less than 22" wide to fit through the door. I was able to ride my scooter almost all the way to the beach bungalows in Labadee. I just had to park it right at the end of the sand, about 200 feet from my bungalow. In addition to plastic bags, I have found Glad Press N Seal super helpful for covering casts to shower.
  8. I am in a group on another website (not allowed to list it here) where people will often post if cruises come up. Other times, I check regularly. So far I've taken two free cruises using MyVegas. One was on Allure, and it was fantastic. The Splendor cruise was also great, but injury kept me from fully enjoying it.
  9. The casino on Allure has a smoking and non-smoking side. That said, there really isn't anything to stop the smoke from drifting, so it's still smokey.
  10. Because I am FOR the disabled. Every self-absorbed person who tries to pass off their pet as an "emotional support" or other type of service animal makes like more difficult for those with ACTUAL service animals.
  11. If you had no obstructed views in your first 13 guarantees, consider yourself a lottery winner. As others have said, I know of no ships where the lifeboats are directly in front of the balconies. Did they obstruct your view to a degree? Sure. Did they completely keep you from feeling the wind in your hair and seeing the water? I think not. You lucked out the first 13 times, and got what you paid for on this one.
  12. You're more likely to get answers if you post on the Carnival boards.
  13. If she reads her emails, she should. She can also pull them up on the RCCL TA website. I'm thinking she just gave you the canned answer. We don't know that far in advance, but we do know in advance.
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