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  1. Save your money, you won't be able to get a refund once CCL goes bankrupt, no way a company bleeding this much cash month after month can avoid reorganization, and thats what CCL will need to do to come out of this once the world gets back to normal.
  2. Just got a super odd snail mail from CCL asking me to "pick the deal that's perfect for me" but has no dates or destinations.... love CCL we are gold members with about 20 cruises on CCL but they want me to pick a cruise with no dates and no destinations, super odd to me.
  3. Maybe it won't go anywhere, but CCL will still have to defend it and that will cost big time money defending itself.
  4. You can get a steak anywhere.... but you can only get the CT on a cruise, thats my humble opinion.... either way enjoy!
  5. I don't think they will file for bankruptcy, but they won't be the same for a long time... don't look for any new ships unless it is already in production, look for smaller older ships to be sold, and CCL will overall become a much smaller company for the near future. Just like 911 changed our security forever, so will this. Also cruising will not be as popular, even on this site there is a poll where almost 25% of people said they would cruise less or not at all. God I hope I am wrong cause I love cruising, I have about 30 under my belt and looking forward to many more
  6. Just my opinion but CCL is done for the year... Read this article: https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/news/april-29-massive-crew-repatriation-carnival-bahamas-paradise-lends-computing-power-virus They are not sending 10,000 people home, at this expense, just to bring them back in a month or two. Sorry but there will be no summer cruising on CCL and I think it will be a long time to come back to normal.
  7. I m from New Orleans and know good seafood. On our cruises we noticed a strong smell of bleach around the Shack, never a good sign. Good seafood needs to be really fresh and I am not sure how fresh good seafood can be on a cruise ship that only takes food on in its original port.
  8. Can Carnival survive or do you think they are going to go bankrupt? Their stock is just a little over $9.00 this morning and I heard yesterday they just took out a 2 BILLION loan to help them for the next few months. Also, should a company that registers its ship out of America so they don't have to pay taxes to the US get government support in the form of a bailout? And finally will you go back to cruising ASAP?
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