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  1. Once again....thanks for taking the time to post this great review. So glad you posted about New Orleans. Glad you are planning to post more! 😁
  2. I agree with a prior poster that said Cozumel is a premium stop. We just take it for granted because so many cruises have a stop there. Love Cozumel and have done SO many different things there. (Including the fact that it is in proximity to so many options on the mainland). I must admit that I Love Half Moon as my all time favorite beach day port. I have booked cruises just to go to Half Moon.
  3. If you are going in the fall/winter the temps will be much warmer in Cozumel. Important if you want to swim. Too cold in Nassau in my opinion.
  4. Thank you for the review. Do you remember if the cabin safes used a code/keypad or a magnetic swipe card to use?
  5. Great review! Following along. We will be sailing on the Valor out of New Orleans soon. We would love to see some of your pics and recommendations of what to do there as well! Thank you for posting. 🙂
  6. Not the greatest options but thanks for posting.
  7. Are the Red Frog specials listed in the Funtimes?
  8. Has anyone done this excursion recently and have anything to add? It looks beautiful.
  9. On our 4 day cruise last month they offered it twice. They called my cabin on the first day to ask me which day I preferred.
  10. Just off our first ‘no straw’ cruise. I did miss the straws because I have sensitive teeth and don’t like ice cubes touching them as I drink. I did drink MUCH more slowly by sipping versus pulling through a straw though! 😂 So... I saved myself money this cruise! Didn’t order any frozen drinks because I didn’t want a sugar straw, so I cannot speak to that. I agree with others that have said NO to carrying a straw around to wash in my cabins bathroom sink!
  11. My family just had the 12 hour French toast on our Thanksgiving cruise with no problems. I have never been sick from Carnival’s food in all my years of cruising. Have you ever done a behind the scenes tour and walked through a ship kitchen? Spotlessly clean even during busy hours. I don’t know how they do it. Highly doubt you became sick from the ship’s kitchen. Glad you are feeling better.
  12. I love HMC. Have visited 5 times. Three of those times had a cabana. The other two times the cabanas were sold out and therefore unavailable. The cabana provides the comforts that allow you to stay in a hot sandy environment allllll day long. Shade. A personal shower. Comfortable loungers. A dining table with chairs. Floating mats. Snorkel equipment with fins. Cans of soda. Bottles of water. Snacks. And ICE! You will be provided a large cooler of ice to chill your cans/bottles. They also provide an ice bucket full of ice. They come by during the day to refill and refresh the ice. I live in Florida. I know that beach visits require ICE/ shade and a place to rinse off the sand to make MY bliss. The cabanas provide that for me! If you are the type of beachgoer that just throws a towel down on the sand and is happy... then you can save a lot of money by choosing a free lounger under a shady tree. (There IS ample shade and free loungers to be found there)
  13. Enjoying your review! would you clarify about the day of the Chefs table? Is it your last sea day?
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