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  1. Mr. Sanchos is great. It's about $20 for a family of 4 to get there. It's an all inclusive they have a beach, pool of with a swim up bar, open bar and all the food you can eat. The servers are very attentive and they have a lot of umbrellas on the beach for shade. They now take credit cards which is a plus it used to be cash only. It's family and adult friendly. Jet skis and water stuff is extra



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  2. Just off Harmony a week ago.


    The service we got specially in the main dining


    was outstanding, Tsahai our server was amazing.


    Food was amazing. No complaints here.


    Beautiful ship, great service.




    There was no ice machine in some of the areas


    like Sorentos, but the water dispenser had ice in it,


    water or flavored water were cold, just no separate


    ice machine.



    I second that we had Tashai as our server

    Four out of the seven nights and she was fantastic this past sailing. As was her assistant Mervin. The service in Chops was awful. I found the service in general to be ok. It is unfortunate that the first couple Caribbean sailings fall during the holidays as it will take time for the crew to gel together. We had the same issues on Allure during their first Caribbean holiday season and it has not deterred us from sailing during this time.



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  3. Hello I am sailing on the Harmony next week and I am getting mixed information about beverage packages. It has been two years since I've sailed on a Royal ship and in the past I have been able to order a wine package. I believe it used to 7 or 10 bottles for 7 days. Does Royal not offer this anymore and if not

    Can someone recommend a similar package? I always purchase the soda package at the start of the sailing. Thanks in advance.




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  4. We are sailing on the Vision in November and our stop in Costa Maya is from 7-3. We have been to Maya Chan before and loved it but with a longer stop for the day. We would love to book again but not sure if there is enough time to enjoy it. Has anyone booked it with a ship in port the same amount of hours and did you really get to enjoy it? If not can anyone recommend another beach area in Costa Maya that might be closer to the port that is just as nice?

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