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  1. We did have one leaving Nov. 29th. Didn't want to wait to see if it left or not, and did an L&S to next November....
  2. The only thing I would be concerned about is if the staff still on board had the virus...if they are healthy and choose to stay about and help, I commend them for their dedication to RCCL.
  3. Does anyone know what this means? "Sailings departing April 11 – September 30, 2020, Canada/New England sailings August 1 – October 31, 2020, Jewel of the Seas February 14, 2021, Odyssey of the Seas sailings through April 17, 2022, that were cancelled on or before July 17, 2020, and paid additional monies on a new booking within this extended suspension period will receive one credit for the value of the original Future Cruise Credit plus 125% of any monies paid towards cruise fare on the new booking. You are still able to opt in to refund one or both cancelled bookings via the link below." Our original cruise was to be on May 18th, 2020...we cancelled and were given our future cruise credit. I then booked another cruise, using our FCC plus an additional $200.00, which they said was the deposit (?). This cruise is supposed to take place Nov. 30th of this year. If RCCL ends up cancelling all cruises thru the end of the year, will I get another FCC plus 125% of the extra $200.00 that I paid? Or am I going to lose all of the cruise credit? I have done a dummy reservation just in case the cancellations go to the end of the year, but the cruises went up for the time frame I have to do the L&S. If I don't use it according to what they are saying, I will lose the entire amount. And I do not want to pay an extra 2-300.00, to book a cruise that they keep cancelling... Call me "dazed and confused."
  4. I so want to get one of these, but my husband did all this with the ex....but I'll work on him...
  5. This is exactly what we are going to begin doing. We want to start exploring the US while the interesting places begin to disappear.
  6. Not sure what changes will take place in regard to the changes that may or may not occur in the buffet...it's just not the buffet where many people congregate...what about the casino? People coming and going...walking thru to get to a theater, people hanging around the bar, and what about the people who stand directly behind you, smoking that cigarette and blowing the smoke in your back to make you get off of their favorite machine? It has happened more times than not..have someone standing at the entrance with a clicker limiting the amount of people, or limit the time you can play? I really don't think that anything drastic will be done at this point...not really sure if anything can be done in either case... jus' saying...
  7. We booked the Mariner 4-night end of November....hopefully, all of this will be behind us..
  8. Can anyone tell me what brand of water is included in the Refreshment Package? Thanks in advance..
  9. We've stayed at the Fairfield Inns and Suites on Griffin Road. There is a shuttle, and they allow you to keep your car there for free up to 7 days. For longer stays, they have a package deal. The Hotel has always been very clean and staff was friendly. We stayed there in December last year and the hotel was just updated.
  10. The parking garage is actually closer to Terminal 2, but you might want to drop your luggage and DH off before you park...you can do a search for the garage to get a visual.
  11. When you call them to rebook, let them know that you had RCCL credit card points attached to the cancelled cruise. The rep will see the points that you used and reapply them to your new booking. This happened to me...
  12. I still have a roster of the names of the passengers from our first cruise in 1995...
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