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  1. Last November 2018 on the Konigsdam I booked 3 Future cruises. 2 for Aug 2019 and 1 for November 2019. I gave a copy of the Stock Statement that showed my ownership to the Future Cruise Consultant as I had done on several previous cruises. While my cruises were confirmed, Seattle emailed the FCC that the OBC would be confirmed after the next Annual Meeting. When I returned home in January I had my TA call HAL. He was told the same thing. Looks like it will be OK though. Final payments not due til May 13th. I'm sure HAL will want to credit it by then.
  2. Is that the description of benefits that will be part of the items to be voted on at the next Annual Meeting on April 16, 2019? Will HAL accept it BEFORE that vote?
  3. Last summer someone REPORTED that the Koningsdam was non-smoking. I was happy since I was going to be on it in Nov/Dec for 24 days. Of the 24 days three were non smoking and the Casino still stank on those days. On smoking days the smell was noticable in the music venues one deck below.
  4. O has a non-smoking Casino. NA does not.
  5. Just had the same experience 40 minutes ago. Rechecked my input and noticed I had mis-entered one number. Corrected it and it went through.
  6. ATC


    On my two cruises last year I played poker on the automated hold-em machines several times. I charged my room for credit to be put on my card more than once. I was never charged a fee. I've seen lots of reference to 3% on the boards. What's the difference?
  7. Thank you for your responses. I was on the Koningsdam last December and only used the casino once in 12 days due to the smoke. Will be back on it in October for 24 days and thought it might have changed due to comment on another roll-call board. Unfortunate.
  8. Someone on a Konigsdam Roll Call posted that Konigsdam casino was non-smoking since January of this year. Can anyone else confirm that?
  9. Rechecked HAL just now and just MED is showing. HAL must have seen it and fixed it.
  10. Several months ago I was watching the 2019 summer schedule for Veendam NE/Canada cruises when they all disappeared from the site. A few months later Veendam was shown as being in the Med for the summer. Yesterday I looked again and found both schedules. She is going to have to sail fast to be in Venice and Maine on consecutive days.
  11. The Mix[piano bar] will have "Barry from Boston" in May and June. He is excellent. See his web site.
  12. Dec 22 Veendam cruise ending Jan 3rd was posted today.
  13. We also were on the Veendam cruise that ended 1/3/18 and still not posted more than two months later. Our next cruise payment is due 3/12/18. Maybe they'll accept a response that says it's being processed, don't worry, no need to call again.
  14. While you're waiting, do you know if the Ashley Wey Trio is playing in the Ocean Bar? Thank you. We'll be getting on in Boston on the 25th hopefully.
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