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  1. Use the live chat on the contact us page, I've been getting the same error and they put my purchases through for me no problem
  2. Royal won't talk to you at all if you've booked through an agent. We're having different problems currently and are just having to trust that our agent is doing their best for us. In terms of cruise with confidence, I cancelled a sailing last week and haven't been given a definite timescale but Royal have said I am in the queue for a FCC but that it will take 'several' weeks to receive
  3. While not unexpected I still think it's pretty poor that people found out about this days before Royal let them know. Any mention of whether these will be open to fully vaccinated UK residents only? I'm assuming not since the UK doesn't require quarantine for US/EU now
  4. Anthem does appear on other sites but when you go to book it doesn't let you. With Anthem now appearing on UK cruise port schedules it's looking likely that the Europe season has been pulled and will continue with UK only ports. Hope I'm wrong because I was just about to book yesterday but it's not looking good
  5. If these cruises are pulled in favour of UK ports then surely that doesn't bode well for Harmony either given that Spain, France and Italy are on those itineraries. Could it be that there is no European season at all this year?
  6. I agree that the transatlantic is unlikely to sail with passengers but that doesn't explain why all the other sailings have gone too. I think they were already rearranged from Northern Europe to Spain, no idea what's going on now
  7. Anyone know what's happening with Anthem Sep/Oct this year? They were available this morning but have disappeared from the website
  8. I have seen that and believe the whole days between doses issue has been resolved, perhaps not to everyone's satisfaction but at least we all understand the rules now. The point I'm making is the bigger issue is actually being allowed to enter the US, the rules regarding cruising are totally irrelevant if you aren't allowed in to the country to begin with
  9. What I'm getting at is that I just can't see us being allowed to travel to the US at all whether cruising or not until AstraZeneca has some kind of approval. I'm in Scotland and my whole family apart from those under 18 have all received 2 AZ doses
  10. The biggest issue I can see is that AstraZeneca has no approval (emergency or otherwise) in the US and judging by news stories today isn't likely to gain authorisation until year end at the earliest. That rules out most of the UK and a lot of Canada and the EU from visiting the US any time soon
  11. I'm still waiting on refunds and FCCs from June cruises that we were meant to receive by 13th May
  12. To be honest that's kind of beside the point. I chose to take up Royal on their offer of 125% FCC, they then decide 8 weeks after I should've received them that too bad there's been an error and you're not getting what was promised
  13. Just wondering if anyone else is having a nightmare trying to get FCC's for sailings cancelled in April? We had 2 June sailings cancelled and received the standard email saying that our 125% FCC's would be issued by May 13th. Fast forward to now, we've had 2 different FCC emails with random incorrect amounts on them and I've now had an email from my TA saying that due to an error on Royals system both $900 deposits have been refunded and I am no longer eligible for the extra 25%. To add insult to injury I will also have to wait another 45 business days from yesterday to receive the money back. Obviously I am not happy with this and will be instructing my TA to escalate. Has anyone else had the same thing happen to them? I'm in the UK but booked through a US TA Hayley
  14. Welcome to the club none of us wanted to be a member of! I found it helpful to hear about the stories of others so here's my timeline - Diagnosed November 2019 - just turned 33, total shock Chemo started Christmas Eve Eve through to April 2020 Lumpectomy + Lymph node removal June - July. Lucky me needed 3 surgeries to make sure everything was gone Radiotherapy August - September. 24 working days, the radio itself is easy but the travelling to the hospital every day is tiring I received herceptin every three weeks throughout treatment, last one was February 2021 Also ended up in hospital with sepsis due to chemo totally wiping out my immune system It's taken until now to really feel like I'm getting back to being me again and I'm more than ready to go on my victory cruise! Fingers crossed Harmony TA sails Obviously everyone's different and I'm in the UK so my treatment has been through our wonderful NHS but it might give you an idea of what to expect and know you're not alone Best of luck Hayley
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