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  1. It's true that ships in the aft portion CAN have some vibrations.
  2. The deck plans say the balcony is between 103-118 sq. ft.
  3. You will have a "straight out" view...so whatever your window is facing is all that you will see. Windows are great for getting natural light....the views can vary.
  4. While you CAN get sushi at either of these restaurants, you don't HAVE to.
  5. Yes, if you purchase a bottle, you may do whatever you wish with it.. It's different with the unlimited drink packages...those drinks are for the package holder only.
  6. If the cruise line is charging you tips daily...you've done all that's expected. If you are charged for drinks, a tip will be added to the cost of that, as well. There is no NEED to tip additionally, but some will. It's entirely up to you.
  7. Pull-up adult diapers will be the way to go...make sure you bring plenty. And perhaps, bring large "chucks" for the bed. The cruise lines do NOT provide this stuff, so it's up to you. You also may want to speak with his doctor....some dementia patients don't do well outside of their "home" environment....they tend to get confused easily.
  8. The table numbers and configurations change from cruise to cruise, as well. Depends on how many are requesting seating on any given trip.
  9. Those are FIRE DOORS.....they will be open, unless there's a fire.
  10. Cabins are priced "per person" BASED ON DOUBLE OCCUPANCY.. so that is why people feel it's a "supplement" charge. They should do like hotels do...and price each cabin for "up to 2 people"!
  11. There are a lot of "mashable" foods you can order for baby. If that won't work, you will need to bring your own supply of food. My son was pretty much eating anything he could "gum" by 9 months, but my daughter was still breast-feeding for the most part at that age.....some fruits, veggies and cereals, but not much else until she was a couple months older.
  12. It shows on the RC deck plans....2 doors away from 1724 .. in-between 1726 and 1733
  13. By the end of a cruise, I've gotten used to sleeping in...so we usually MISS breakfast! They want you gone ASAP, so breakfast is earlier than normal.
  14. I love a good BLT with cheese.....but they don't have that on ships. I also enjoy a good open-faced cheese sandwich.....I love good chicken salad, egg salad or tuna salad! Grilled cheese hits the spot, too! I don't have a "favorite"....just what I happen to want on any given day!
  15. Is the food you eat at home "enjoyable" now? Just order those things! They have them...just ask!
  16. If you need to be close together, PICK YOUR OWN CABINS. If you don't care if you're decks apart and on different sides of the ship, go for the cheaper option of letting them choose.
  17. There are plenty of regular loungers all over!
  18. If this is a chinese company, beware. Shipping can take WEEKS AND WEEKS, and everything will be smaller than the size you're used to!
  19. If you MUST wear socks, wear REAL SHOES with them. Do NOT wear socks with sandals.
  20. I wouldn't want my wall to abut the staircase......there is carpet on them, but still....
  21. Or...hang your DAMP (not dripping wet) clothes on a hanger and hang that from the air vent in your cabin. It will dry faster, and won't gather the salt from the ocean air.
  22. The main dining room, buffet and some smaller venues are INCLUDED in your fare. The specialty restaurants have an additional fee...you can either pay for the specialty if you want to use them, or buy some sort of Package...either way, you will be paying for the specialty venues.
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