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  1. FYI - saw this on Facebook just now: Due to continued port closures and global travel restrictions, as well as to help ensure the continued safety of our guests and crew, we are temporarily suspending all cruising operations globally beginning tomorrow, March 15th, and plan to resume sailing again on Saturday, April 11.
  2. Hello! We are currently on the eclipse and here is a schedule of activities for the kids so you can get an idea of the type of scheduled activities they offer at the kids club. There are also family activities listed in the daily schedule everyday, ranging from Amazing Race to dodgeball games. You will have sunny weather so you can enjoy the outdoor pool and the outside decks 🙂
  3. Do you take insulin? If yes, I suggest calling the special needs department to request a medical fridge. The mini fridge in the rooms are usually not cold enough.
  4. I suggest calling the special needs department after you submit the form to confirm. When I called, they were able to add all dietary requirements while I was on the phone with them and put in a request for a medical refrigerator (for insulin) right away. We ate most of our meals in the MDR with our toddler and never felt like other passengers didn’t want us there. Mind you, we are lucky enough to have a toddler who sits through a 2 hour meal without much fuss.... we always asked for things we knew he would normally eat at home: steamed broccoli, cucumbers, plain rice, spaghetti noodles, etc. The MDR had no problem meeting these requests. If your daughter enjoys food pouches, you can also speak to the special needs department to see if they can supply you the ones you normally give her at home.
  5. These are from last year on the Solstice. EPSON028.PDF EPSON029.PDF EPSON027.PDF EPSON026.PDF EPSON025.PDF EPSON024.PDF EPSON023.PDF EPSON022.PDF EPSON021.PDF EPSON020.PDF EPSON019.PDF EPSON018.PDF EPSON017.PDF
  6. One thing you can consider is booking the oceanview room that is connected to the family veranda. That way, you will essentially have 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms! I don't know how far in advance you would have to book to guarantee that you can get this arrangement though...
  7. Thanks everyone! I will take a photo of what worked best and post when we return :)
  8. My toddler likes to do 360 degree turns in his sleep! He will definitely fall off the bed if we don't have barriers... Any creative solutions you have used to prevent your child from rolling off the bed on the ship? We are on the ship for 22 nights so co-sleeping is not ideal... I would hate to come back home and have him back in bed with us!
  9. I remember that I found the almond milk and soy milk by the cereal station but can't recall if there was also lactose free milk... I wonder if you may be able to request it through the special needs department before the cruise? I should have also clarified that I THINK the tetra packs of milk were just regular milk... I do remember that the brand and type of milk changed part way through the cruise so maybe each ship has different supply onboard depending on where they are stocking up!
  10. During breakfast, they also had soy milk, almond milk, and milk in tetra packs (juice box size) in the buffet for free
  11. Hello! If you happen to take the elevator up to the Kids Club area, can you let me know if they have a toddler drop in area? They had one on the Solstice, but I'm not sure if it is on every ship. Thank you!
  12. Thanks everyone! I will definitely write “cold water only” on the bag and hope that it prevents any possible mishaps!
  13. How is the quality of laundry services on the ships? I am assuming that there will most likely be a "fill a bag" laundry special on our 12 nights/10 nights B2B cruise. Did any of the things you sent to be washed come back not in the same condition? IE. Did it shrink? Turn pink? Items go missing/mixed up? Please share your experiences and suggestions! I can't risk any of my clothes shrinking because I'm assuming after the first cruise everything will already be tighter for the second one LOL!
  14. For me, I think a perfect cruise vacation would be to spend a week on an Oasis Class ship and then a week on a Celebrity ship. I LOVED all the activities and bells and whistles on the Allure, but I got off the ship feeling like I needed another vacation to recover! If I could have tagged on a laid back quieter vacation on a Celebrity ship afterwards, it would have been a perfect balanced cruise vacation :)
  15. I'm sorry, I didn't realize I should have kept a list of names of all the passengers who came up to my husband and I to compliment us on our well behaved 2 year old. I guess all the smiles and waves we received from passengers and staff were not indicative of their feelings toward our son. I find it interesting that a majority of families who have sailed on Celebrity have experienced nothing but positive feedback from passengers and staff, yet on CC, there are a lot of people who are proclaiming that they will leave Celebrity if they continue on with promotions that will encourage families to try out Celebrity ships. Clearly all the passengers who were delighted to see kids on a cruise are not on CC and those who don't want to see kids on future Celebrity cruises are going to find other lines. Guess it is a win-win for families who will be sailing on Celebrity!
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