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  1. I have 4 cruises booked, 2 in 2021 and 2 in 2022. All were booked on brochure launch in September 2019. I asked my Insurance company if I was covered for Covid and they said yes provided I didn’t cancel my cover until we sailed. That means for me, paying a premium for 12 months whilst not sailing, to preserve my cover for the forthcoming cruises. Apparently, if I cancelled my insurance for12 months then reinsured with the same company, those cruises would not be covered. i decided to renew my insurance as the thought of being stranded on a cruise ship with Covid and no one to help, was for me terrifying.
  2. What we do know is that coronavirus is spread by aerosol (As well as droplets and contaminated surfaces) and these can remain in the air much longer in doors. We know a lot about how the virus not only attacks the respiratory system, but also the kidneys, the liver and other vital organs. I have read nothing in the media or elsewhere that puts my mind at rest for embarking on a cruise, where there is limited medical help and specialist help is possibly thousands of miles away. Anyone booking a cruise since March will have no travel insurance and will be playing Russian roulette with their health and finances.
  3. Perhaps I am, but I’m not prepared to risk my life or get a life changing medical condition for the sake of a holiday. Perhaps I am more fortunate than most in having done a couple of world cruises, so I am happy to monitor others and see how they get on before I take the plunge. I may well buy a new BMW instead.
  4. I think the FCO have got it spot on. There is no way in the foreseeable future that cruising will be safe. My biggest worry is the air conditioning systems on board. Any virus that is present will be pushed around the ship and passengers will have no choice but to breath the air. We have all seen illnesses on board and tried to protect ourselves, from Arcadia cough to norovirus. Compared to coronavirus these illnesses are insignificant. I honestly don’t think enough is known about this virus to feel safe in stepping on board, leaving our fantastic NHS behind and sailing into the great unknown.
  5. A good article on the dilemma for the cruise industry. https://apple.news/AIjLPe9-1SjCUJtrtWyfJoA
  6. Carnival Corporation, the owner of P&O Cruises, is due to post second-quarter results In the USA today and update Wall Street later on the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. It will be interesting to see how this impacts on the share price. I’m still waiting for a refund from March despite phone calls, emails to Ludlow and telephone calls with alleged senior officials.
  7. I’m 109 days, so not far behind you. I was beginning to think I was going to be the last to be refunded or even worse, no refund at all. However, I looked on Facebook and there are lots of people who cancelled in March still waiting for refunds. There is something very odd going on regarding March cancellations.
  8. ha,ha,ha I love it! You should post that on P&Os Facebook page. i hit 100 days tomorrow 😫
  9. I've received cancellation invoices for my two August cruises and the cruise personalisers have been shut down, but no refund yet.
  10. Did you book through a travel agent? It may well be the travel agents commission. Was any reason shown on your cancellation invoice?
  11. Good luck, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you 🤞
  12. Ah thanks, that’s good to know. My payment is supposed to be a cheque too. Did your email go to your junk box? That’s where all my P&O email seem to go.
  13. Just received cancellation invoices for my July and August cruises but they don’t say whether my deposits are being refunded or FCCd. Also still waiting for the refund on my two May Iona cruises. I’m on day 85!
  14. No, I think he was due in July. I did get an email saying who the entertainers were on the maiden but you had to buy tickets to enter the theatre to see them.
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