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  1. Got ours today. I love the photo of Tromso and the northern lights. It brings back happy memories.
  2. Wouldn’t the days and dates be wrong🤔
  3. I told my wife we were going on a world cruise and she said “can’t we go somewhere else?”
  4. Was that from San Francisco? We did that one a few years ago. The Grand Princess is a great ship and that cruise was fantastic.
  5. I must admit We’re really missing the cruise experience. So far this year 5 of our cruises have been cancelled . Our last cruise was to Norway in March 2019 and we were in the same extreme weather as the Viking Sky. Our next cruises are in August 2021 but we’re not holding our breath. Have you got any cruises booked?
  6. Hi, I had two £100 deposits refunded to the credit card that I used to book. It only took a few weeks. Good luck.
  7. You should get the deposit refunded to you or your TA.
  8. I think the post by Kalos says it all. No further comment required.
  9. There are other channels you can tune into to see politicians being interviewed professionally. Try Sky News, BBC news. Matt Hancock appeared on ‘This Morning’ with Phillip Scofield, so they’re not boycotting ITV per se. Piers Morgan had ample opportunity to interview politicians in a searching professional manner and blew it. He won’t be shouting at another Government minister anytime soon.
  10. There is no need to be paranoid, you just need to be security savvy and keep up to date with what's happening. You are responsible for your own security because if the worst happens, there is no one to turn to for help. The Police will not be interested other than giving you a crime number and action fraud is worse than useless.
  11. But if you use different passwords on every site, that shouldn't be an issue. Never use the same password for more than one site.
  12. A lot of the information obtained by a hack ends up being sold on the dark web. Criminals operate like detectives and collate details of individuals from a number of sources and data breaches. When they have sufficient information they activate the 'identity' and go for the bank accounts and other assets of the targeted person. The information lost today by Carnival may not be used by criminals for months if not years.
  13. Do you remember me saying a couple of months ago that people should not be giving banking details to P&O to get refunds? This is why.
  14. I have 4 cruises booked, 2 in 2021 and 2 in 2022. All were booked on brochure launch in September 2019. I asked my Insurance company if I was covered for Covid and they said yes provided I didn’t cancel my cover until we sailed. That means for me, paying a premium for 12 months whilst not sailing, to preserve my cover for the forthcoming cruises. Apparently, if I cancelled my insurance for12 months then reinsured with the same company, those cruises would not be covered. i decided to renew my insurance as the thought of being stranded on a cruise ship with Covid and no one to help, was fo
  15. What we do know is that coronavirus is spread by aerosol (As well as droplets and contaminated surfaces) and these can remain in the air much longer in doors. We know a lot about how the virus not only attacks the respiratory system, but also the kidneys, the liver and other vital organs. I have read nothing in the media or elsewhere that puts my mind at rest for embarking on a cruise, where there is limited medical help and specialist help is possibly thousands of miles away. Anyone booking a cruise since March will have no travel insurance and will be playing Russian roulette with the
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