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  1. Gemma was on Quest over Christmas, thought she was great.
  2. Apologies , maybe I wasn’t very clear.... we made an on board booking for a voyage with a 30% discount and also got our 7% LCV discount. However due to the 30% starter, it was NOT eligible for the double LCV discount.
  3. We’re currently on board Quest. Have been told that our on board booking would qualify for the double LCV discount OR the current up to 40% discount on selected voyages, not both however.
  4. Mrs Skip


    Presumably further details (i.e. prices) will be available to all within the next 24 hours... time will tell
  5. Does anyone know what's happening with Quest between 10 and 17 December 2019? Voyage Planner has Dubai to Dubai 29 Nov to 10 Dec Voyage Planner has Dubai to Mumbai 17 Dec to 28 Dec (which we're booked on) According to the Crew Schedule, there are sailings in 10 Dec, and on 13 Dec, but noting on the Azamara Voyage Planner. Could these be 2 very short charters? Any info or pointers gratefully received. Thanks in advance. Jane
  6. Currently you can't use OBC to buy one of the indulgence packages which bundles up things like wifi, drinks packages, shore excursions, laundry and possibly spa credit or chefs tables. There are 3 levels. https://www.azamaraclubcruises.co.uk/booked-guests/onboard-packages/experience-more-packages I've been told that you can only purchase in advance via credit card, but would be delighted to hear if there are plans to change that. I'm not sure about other packages, but I'm sure some one else will advise. Jane
  7. I've just checked and the Azamara Biking excursion has been removed from our 17 Dec cruise departing from Dubai 😞 . This is a real loss as we've enjoyed the Azamara led bike trips on cruises following their introduction a couple of years ago, and it's an active way to use up OBC. We've also arranged independently, and brought others into the fold via Roll Calls which has worked out well, though involves a bit more pre-cruise organisation.
  8. Mrs Skip

    Essential Package

    I THINK you can only pay with OBC once you're aboard, but you can pay by credit card in advance of boarding.
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