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  1. The only option in the UK is FCC as far as I’m aware, that was for us cancelling at deposit stage. If we had paid the balance and then Azamara cancelled then I understand a cash refund could be given. The best thing is probably to call Azamara and clarify the position for your booking as there seem to be so many variations. Both times we called it was easy to get through and the agents very helpful. We had booked direct.
  2. We were booked on 01 May Journey voyage. We cancelled rather than pay balance on 31 Jan and expect our deposit to be returned as 100% FCC in due course. There is no chance at all I’ll be vaccinated by 01 May. Options outlined were as the OP stated. We were told that for each booking you can apply only one FCC per person, something to be aware of if you are collecting FCCs.
  3. We're booked on 01 May Journey Cruise (balance due 31 Jan) and I think it very unlikely it will actually happen. Am more optimistic at this stage for our Dec 2021 booking... but then this time last year, none of us could have anticipated what 2020 had in store
  4. Hi Grandma Cruising, Just to point out that it is only England (the vast bulk of the population of United Kingdom) going into lockdown on Thursday. Wales, Scotland & NI are all under separate arrangements, which is making it so difficult for us all to keep up with regulations and guidance. So whilst I live in Scotland, many of my family and work colleagues are directly impacted by the lockdown in England. Whatever our area of residence, this is going to be a very hard winter for us all.
  5. Gemma was on Quest over Christmas, thought she was great.
  6. Apologies , maybe I wasn’t very clear.... we made an on board booking for a voyage with a 30% discount and also got our 7% LCV discount. However due to the 30% starter, it was NOT eligible for the double LCV discount.
  7. We’re currently on board Quest. Have been told that our on board booking would qualify for the double LCV discount OR the current up to 40% discount on selected voyages, not both however.
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