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  1. We stay over night at Hotel Current and keep car there..the price of hotel room is usually less than keeping car in terminal lot ( for a 7 day) . They also shuttle you over and back
  2. We had an ocean view room booked on Radiance with cabins above and below..very important to me. There is no real comparable cabin on the miracle as the ocean views are below or above something noisy. Will be interesting to see where we end up....
  3. Our 4 day August has been changed from Radiance to Miracle. My only concern is that we got an ocean view on the Radiance with cabins above and below...I don't think the miracle has any, they all have main area above or below. Ugh..I am a light sleeper...but its only 4 days so..
  4. according to out PVP our August cruise has not been cancelled ( although you can no longer book it which doesn't bode well) I read that if a ship is in dry dock , they cant have it available to book and that is why they took it off
  5. I guess that makes us robots . But also, its not a big deal to cancel (although its been Carnival who cancelled) and rebook over and over since we are flexible about when we go. And psychologically having a cruise coming up in months, even if I am in no way convinced it will sail, is better than waiting 2 years.
  6. Its possible , but Miracle cruises out of San Diego and SF still showing up to book. Our PVP tells us that our Radiance August cruise has not been cancelled, and I read that it was pulled because the CDC ( or someone) doesn't allow ships in dry dock to be put on the schedule until ready which should be sooner than Nov. That being said Im not expecting to sail in Aug...
  7. We always used to book directly through Carnival online or phone but since all this we started using one of their PVPs ..we just email him and he calls us right back ..he knows all the ins and outs of the cancellations/rebookings/OBC so its very easy.
  8. Usually those are three day weekends for people with Monday being the "holiday". I don't think it makes a huge difference in Cruise crowds. Presidents day could coincide with some sort of winter holiday for kids/college students but thats not universal.
  9. So weird how different people give you different answers. We applied the promo onto an already booked cruise but kept the 600 OBC we already had for a cancelled cruise
  10. That happened to us once only with a bank, we payed off a line of credit but kept getting a bill for 1 cent. My husband taped a penny onto the bill and mailed it to them.
  11. We have done both of those things. Although some people said they couldn't use the drink promo on an already booked cruise, Maybe it depends on who you talk to..
  12. You are probably right. We jumped at the promo for an extra 140 pp even though we already have 600 OC for this cruise, so its probably over-kill for us. That being said, I checked NCL and the same cruise with their perks is still 1000 more
  13. Yes..we took that with a grain of salt...he said we must have gotten it from some old email or something...we have two booked ( with numerous canceled) . I don't really think the PVPs have any idea how and why the promotions are sent
  14. It was RU2. 7 day Panorama out of Long Beach
  15. We just saw we have this promo ...already have cruise booked for October. Called our PVP and he said that he was surprised we got it since the promo was meant for people who dont have a cruise booked yet. But since we got it, we switched us without rebooking or losing deposit...it was 140 more per person
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