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  1. A couple weeks ago we were at a Comfort Inn in Florida for a week. I've never seen the room so clean in all my visits at that same hotel. I noticed the head of housekeeping was on site daily with clipboard in hand, inspecting the rooms. I can't say the same of the breakfast bar, which was clean, but the tables never got wiped down. Icky. Anyway, I'm a terrible hotel tipper and I know it, but I tipped each day during that stay.
  2. I hope this is still on topic. I am under the impression that in many of the countries from which our shipboard service providers hail there are Hotel and Restaurant programs in colleges and universities. many of the service providers on ships I believe are degreed or certified professionals in their fields. In their home countries they make more than the minimum daily wage, which for unskilled labor runs around $8-$12/day. If I can help these people send at least a third of their wages home to help family, I'm totally on board. I am truly blessed and want to share. With that said,
  3. This sounds very appealing! Is it only offered on embarkation day? I'll be on the Panorama next month.
  4. I think it's not over yet, even though I really, really want it to be. I'm going to hope for the best, but plan for the worst. If I have to wear a mask indoors, I will. Just get me on that ship so I can stare down into the sea. Nirvana.
  5. Carnival is the only line I've been on that offered either or both. I'm not surprised to see this and understand the reasoning behind it. If I want a finer experience, I'll sail a different line. I might have to go for evening service since I love those afternoon naps.
  6. Thank you for this positive outlook! I cruise in 6 weeks and I'll take whatever they throw at me, warts and all!
  7. I agree about the desserts in the steakhouse. Not a fan of the "cheesecake" because it's a mile high and tastes like something out of a box mix. If I'm going to do it up right, I'll do Chef's Table whenever it opens again.
  8. My husband is a craps player. He has to find the table with a particular type of player already there. Says it's his good luck charm. I don't argue with him. It's his bankroll. lol
  9. It added up to maybe $200 more than the ES price, at least for my cruise. I booked so far out (April, '24), so I might want a better cabin and location before it's all said and done. Of course, the Mardi Gras will probably change ports 6 months before we're set to sail, so who knows?
  10. I'm assuming I'd just cancel and re-book under the lower price, right? Well before final payment date by more than a year. I'll call Carnival tomorrow, but it's nice to read others' experiences.
  11. The CDC is trying to provide a successful opening for all lines. The CDC isn't a political body (sorry, folks. It's true, regardless of the past 4 years of thinking otherwise) and works outside politics. It works to keep disease in check and provide information to US citizens. Florida cruisers will be fit to be tied, but at least we have the option to cruise and continue our support for the lines that so desperately need us on board, CDC rules or not.
  12. Service was slowing before Covid, so this isn't a surprise. Carnival is shrinking its offerings and I'm 10% OK with that. I support the line's need to turn a profit in the coming months, which is really going to be hard to do. I hope other cruisers understand this as well. Cruising is changing yet again.
  13. I'm sailing solo on Aug 28, my first in a couple of years. DH and I are sailing on Dec 4. It's almost business as usual or our varied trips.
  14. I haven't read through all the replies, but I love this thread. I was scared spitless to retire, but retirement has always been my goal. I opened my first IRA in the '90s and would put my "spare change" in it monthly. Things got real bad in the early 2000s and I had to quit putting money in. I haven't touched it since then. And since then it's tripled in value. In the meantime, I managed to land a federal position that had both an annuity as well as a 401K. I was diligent about putting the max allowed in my 401K each payday. I also joined the reserves to finish up my military caree
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