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  1. I'm asking you to look it up. I'm also not being a smart alec, but it's too detailed for a post on a cruising board. Polio might be another good one to look up. Please do.
  2. I really miss the red skinned potato salad, which was taken away pre-COVID.
  3. I doubt it. This will blow over in a couple of years and things will go back to the way they were.
  4. On HAL, our only cruise with them out of San Diego on the Nieuw Amsterdam last year, the salad bar had a server. I was totally confused thinking the only thing you could order was a meal-sized salad. The salad bar had just about everything you could think of and the server grabbed a large bowl and you'd just point out what you want in it. If I only wanted a side salad, I'd make sure the server knew to only put a little of each selection into the bowl. I learned to love the salad bar on HAL. None of the hot food stations were self-serve. I expected an impressive delay with service, but it went quick. Not only that, but you'd sit and a server would come by and get your drink order. It went well, but I have to say people tend to be a bit more patient and polite on HAL. I don't know if Carnival passengers would appreciate service like that.
  5. Remember h8er? This sounds like hatetoseeyougo.
  6. Wonderful!! I gave up my subscription to the LA Times a year ago because of its politics. He's right on the money as far as the mood and editorial opinion of the Times goes.
  7. That's a happy cruiser right there! 💝
  8. Go to CarnivalCorp.com and dig around in there. It will show you the address. Some travel agents will take care of this for you. This is all over CC, so use the search function (that became harder with the site upgrade) and read the 112 threads on the subject. 😛 Now, where were we?
  9. My first was in I think 2004 on the Paradise out of Long Beach. I had a good time, but my then-husband and I went together. We became separated later that year, so, that first cruise was marred by a lot of negative emotion coming from both of us. I only really remember the ice sculpture demo on the pool deck, the great salad bar in the buffet, and how wild the life boats looked hanging off the side of the ship. The rest I think I've locked tightly away in my mind.
  10. Anytime we book on a Fantasy class ship, it's a porthole cabin. Same size as the insides, but with natural light. Yay!
  11. @chipmaster You do you. Between the dividends and the OBC I've made back my money, so everything else is gravy. I'm confident the stock will go back up to post-Costa Concordia levels. Even if it doesn't, I've made back my money and I'll get a write-off.
  12. My dad lives in Florida and I always LOVE going to Publix whenever I visit. The deli section is to die for!
  13. ...will you sell your shares? It will not surprise me if Carnival puts a hold on dividends after all this is over. If they also drop the OBC, I'll probably still hold on to my stock. I bought it after the Concordia disaster so it doesn't have to come up too much before I break even. I love the OBC benefit and we've utilized it on probably 30 cruises across 3 lines. I think I'm going to remain loyal to the corporation and hope they can come back healthy. How about you?
  14. We haven't ordered room service in ages. Even with the tiny selection of free stuff, DH and I just agreed we're going to enjoy a continental breakfast on the balcony on our next cruise. When I was in high school we took a class trip to England. I remember well the croissants and marmalade with tea that we had delivered to our room every morning. Heaven!
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