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  1. fyree39

    Carnival Funshop liquor to be drank only in cabin???

    I'm picturing cruisers with bota bags slung across their bodies.
  2. fyree39


    We haven't.
  3. I've had to do the PIN thing before. And I've also NOT had to do the PIN thing before. Carnival doesn't know if it's coming or going.
  4. I just heard about that. When we're young, we think we live forever. 😞
  5. fyree39

    No show to MDR dining reservation

    If we see our server on the Lido during the day we'll mention our plans to skip the MDR. If not, we're a no show. I've never seen a wait team hold up dinner for missing table mates.
  6. fyree39

    Room Service Changes Suspended!!

    Nothing has changed for me. I still plan on cruising much less often with Carnival. This flip flop tells me the experience on board will continue to erode. With Carnival, you really do get what you pay for and that's becoming less and less.
  7. fyree39

    CCL ditches complimentary room service

    I have a couple Carnival cruises booked. This is yet another change that is making me look at and possibly stay with other lines. If this trend continues along the mass market companies, then I might cruise less, but book the premium or luxury lines. Carnival, when we first cruised the line, was every bit as nice as what I've experienced on Princess and Royal. It's degraded to the point where the prices, which have risen in the past couple of years, aren't buying the nice yet fun experience that we had in the past.
  8. Lol. It just dawned on me that lauraingalls is the same lauraingalls on Yapooo. ~hush
  9. Thanks for your review. We had the same long waits in the dining room on the Splendor a few months ago.
  10. fyree39

    holland america formal nights

    Um, no. You're very, very much off base. It seems to me you're justifying your style of cruising. I've packed for 2 weeks in two climates in a 28" bag including elegant wear. Today I could do that in a carry on. Yes, I'm that good. 😜
  11. Anything I want to ask Carnival I can ask my TA. I'll email a question and she'll get back to me. I hate being on hold with Carnival or any line.
  12. Cruise Critic has one or two large agencies that advertise here (my most recent best deal came from one of these). You can also find agencies specializing in cruises in magazines such as Travel + Leisure. Talk to friends, family, co-workers about who they use and recommend. You can also ask fellow cruisers once your on board. I actually used a method by another poster. He has several favorite agencies and when he's ready to book he BCC's each of them all the booking information and asks for a quote, booking with the agency that offers the best deal. I might still book myself, but I'll always transfer the booking to an agency for the perks they offer.
  13. Just food for thought for those who have never used a TA and are afraid to (because you'll lose control of your booking, whatever that means). I have a long-time TA. I now look for the sailing, the ship, date, cabin and fare. Then I email my TA, tell her all that information and she books the cruise for me. I don't even pick up the phone. I get agency benefits that self-bookers don't get. The last time I booked a cruise, I emailed 4 major travel agencies, BCCing them in the email, describing the cruise line, cabin category, and date. I asked for an estimate. I got 4 replies with 4 different prices. The cheapest quote also offered OBC that the line wasn't offering. It was a net savings of over $400 for a basic balcony cabin on a typical 7-day cruise going to typical ports. Don't let fear keep you from shopping for fantastic deals. I was nervous the first time I booked with a TA and now TA's get all my business.
  14. fyree39

    Carnival to charge for all room service!

    At least Carnival isn't the line we're always using. I predict we'll be using it less and less. And less.