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  1. We're cancelling our February cruise. There's too much uncertainty.
  2. I'm just saying the restrictions are in place. And the fact that you and I both know no one will actually quarantine, this is going to get worse. It's not like the police are using surveillance to ensure compliance.
  3. https://coronavirus.health.ny.gov/covid-19-travel-advisory#restricted-states
  4. That naughty, naughty Justin Turner. Maybe a suspension for next season? We shall see.
  5. We're going to move our February cruise. I'd rather sail a different line, but will have to stick with Carnival. Only two left to get out of our queue. It's not the line. It's the inability of passengers to take any of this seriously. I just come here to prove that point once again.
  6. I just read that Crystal Air was used to jet the Kardashians to their Tahiti birthday bash. At least Crystal is getting some business, even though there's a massive Kardashian fan backlash. I'm not a fan, but just read how they got to the party. Carry on with lovely photos. 🙂
  7. Just about any travel CC will be a better bet than Carnival. I use one from an airline and we've earned so many points we fly for free often. We've earned enough points to cruise free if booked through the airline's cruise travel agency, but usually use the points to fly.
  8. I just look where people are from to see who is for/against restrictions.
  9. I changed rooms because I have to have a sofa. I guess I'm only mildly avid about balconies. 📖 <---random emoji that is never used.
  10. I couldn't believe the reaction when Dave pulled Kershaw. Ye of little faith!
  11. We've seen WS games before on Carnival. Maybe it depends on the line and passenger base.
  12. It seems like the younger generation, those who grew up with the internet and high-speed everything, need more entertaining. Perhaps reading for entertainment isn't a thing for those 40 and younger, our future HAL loyalists.
  13. Good read. Looks like CLIA is saying to sort out possible viral spread on ships and in ports before looking at Jones Act waivers. They're saying let's take it one step at a time and I don't think CLIA supports reopening yet. They probably read CC. 😁
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