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  1. I started bringing my own a few years ago in the form of filling a couple of travel containers with shampoo and conditioner. I also bring a bar of soap since the body wash doesn't seem to make a single bubble. We drive to the port, so it's not like I'm trying to keep the weight down.
  2. I have a CVS appointment for next the Wednesday in Santa Clarita. I am hopeful I have @roxybear135's experience, but one never knows. I only wish more lines were prohibiting self-serve buffets. I certainly look forward to my next HAL cruise.
  3. There's one good thing about this. The journey back against that Bering Sea current will only be one day instead of two.
  4. Those are cute! I'm a creature of habit and, like @burm said, I always end up bringing my backpack because I remember what I put in all the pockets when I travel. I've bought replacement bags for my backpack, but I'm at a complete loss to find anything. I've thrown in the towel and reverted back to the ugly backpack.
  5. I read the same complaints on the Princess and HAL boards. I also read on non-CCL lines of long delays in getting refunds. I think this was a huge problem for many lines. If I had four figures waiting to come back to me, I'd be impatient, too. Not everyone can sit and wait patiently for that amount of money, especially during Covid if one's work hours were reduced or cut entirely. I feel your pain, I really do. **This is not concerning the OP. This is not concerning the OP. This is not concerning the OP.** Carnival was the low-price leader for quite a while leading up to Covid. I can see how they found themselves in a contract with cruisers with very poor credit scores. With the millions of people who cruise the line, to include the millions of new cruisers Carnival hopes to reach, cutting their losses with bad-credit cruisers won't affect them in the least. I'm OK with it. However, the OP has a different situation going on and it would've been nice if Carnival had put a refund process in place on the fly to help smooth these refunds for folks who desperately needed the money. With regard to my own refund, I thought like you. I knew it would come eventually, so I was able to let the machinations run their course. Not everyone had this luxury and Carnival seemed quick to punish those who needed to eat and pay rent.
  6. Not quite the same, but with regard to one of my refunds, I did get the money back within a couple of months from Carnival, but I let the refund of a couple grand (plus) sit on my card as we slowly used it up. That little move cost me about 300 points on my credit score. If I do it again, I'll call the credit card company and ask them to issue me a check.
  7. I started buying the insurance when I hit my late 50s. With Covid, many lines are requiring insurance including evacuation insurance. I ponied up for it and feel like Carnival offers a good price. As for life on a cruise ship during Covid, I'll find out in less than two weeks!
  8. I'd never tell a host country what to do. I don't think you were ever overseas in the navy. Perhaps a blackshoe who never got off the ship? How rude for any American to expect "our way or the highway" of a country which allows us to visit. If a host country says, "Wear a mask," I'll respect that. Stay on the ship if the xenophobia is that bad.
  9. My insurance card is also my military retiree ID card. I'm not submitting it and will instead hand it to them on test day. I was always told to never hand over your military id to anyone, so I'm just gonna keep following that particular order of the day. I hope it doesn't bite me in the butt, but I have confidence it won't.
  10. This sounds like the best solution. I hope the OP doesn't just give up on Carnival entirely. These are extraordinary times.
  11. My cardiologist is happy for me. lol
  12. I'm excited for you! We have an April '24 cruise booked. I managed to find a recommended PVP and sent her an email saying I'd like to add a cruise to the front end of it for a B2B. She had to move our cabin, but that's OK. She also linked the two cruises. You can do it yourself, or just call Carnival and ask for a PVP to be assigned to you. Have a great time!!
  13. I booked on Carnival's site and no email. Seems totally random. I also get the Carnival spam about my cruise, just not the real important stuff.
  14. That's a very good point. I'll bet they get duty free cartons in their shop. I remember paying $5 in the '80s for a carton of smokes in the NAS Atsugi exchange. A hundred-pack of newborn diapers were the same $5 at the commissary. Times sure have changed.
  15. Europe makes the best chocolate! I love Dairy Milks. Nom nom.
  16. I cruise in two weeks on the Panorama and never got an email. I only found out on social media. Yikes.
  17. It was in the '80s, before instant messaging and computers. Had to pay long distance to call home. I honestly can't remember what my parents would send us, I just remember thinking it was fantastic. I just felt that maybe the crew were really stuck for things they might need like, I don't know, socks or hair elastics? Something you nor I can imagine they'd really need on board. Any shipboard sailors around? I was a female airdale. Never went on a ship. But, that said, if they use Amazon then that means they have access to these things and cash or Amazon gift cards seem like the way to go. Thanks to all for the information. I love this place. 🙂
  18. Cadbury's. Nestle's is crapola. lol
  19. Shoot, now I don't know again what to do. This isn't a tipping or "give crew junk they don't have room for" thread. This is a "what can I do to help?" thread.
  20. THANK YOU!! This is the perfect information. $$$ it is!
  21. I don't know if anyone reads John Heald, but apparently the crew are not permitted to get off the ship. This means they can't get to the market and pick up things they need. I'm wondering if it'd be silly (or not) to put together a care package with things like razors, toothpaste, toothbrush, chocolate, anything that they might need to pick up at the store that they now can't. I know MANY Carnival cruisers are social media friends with crewmembers. I'm not, but if you are, could you please ask your crew friends what would be appreciated during these extraordiary times? Things maybe they can't get in the ship's commissary. They sure need the cash, but it stinks if you can't even run off the ship and pick up XXX that they don't have on board. I remember in the olden days being stationed overseas and it was such a thrill to get a care package with things I couldn't get in Japan. I imagine there's some frustration with the crew being in that same situation. Their version of my "Japan" is a ship.
  22. DH and I flew to Tampa over the 4th. Stayed in a hotel, ate in their breakfast buffet, visited my pop in the assisted living facility, ate in all the local restaurants for every meal, etc. I masked up at the ALF, but we weren't required to in his room. When we got home, I had a sore throat for a week! I started to panic and got tested on base. Came back negative. I think I was fine on the plane because they didn't put up with anyone refusing to mask (including the guy sitting next to me coming home), but in Florida, it felt like Covid was a distant memory to most of the population. Maybe I dodged a bullet, I don't know. I'm not afraid to cruise or be around other people, but I also know I wear a mask for you and not for me. I've always thought that I'm: protecting the kid putting the groceries in my car, protecting the cashier, protecting my housekeepers, protecting anyone I'm around. I don't want to be the person responsible for giving someone's grandma "the covid." I wear my mask for the employee and others around me. I always have. But, no one is required to think like I do! lol
  23. I'm going to figure this out and be on my cruise. That said, our realtor told my DH last night that her whole family has been feeling lousy the past few days, so we'll mask up for the walk-through. Anyway, I'll get the test on the Wednesday before departure if I can and pray I get the results in time. We sure are living in interesting times!
  24. I've been on Carnival, Royal, Princess, Holland America and Crystal, though mostly affordable Carnival. I love the variety that all the lines offer, but Carnival is our "home." It has a familiarity that means I expect no surprises.
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