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  1. [quote name='demodawn']Love cruising with you but this time will really be there! Last time was the Noel cruise but we had a great time. Hopefully we won't meet Sean![/QUOTE] Hey girlfriend....wish we were with you!!! Have a great time! Love to all!
  2. Judi Kozar

    Excursions - Southern Caribbean

    In Aruba try Jolly Roger Pirate Tour......go online to look it up. An all day wooden pirate ship with drinks and lunch included with stops at various snorkling spots. Big rope swing into the ocean for the adventurers, deck for sun bathing, snorkling gear. Run by a husband and wife (Carla)! They are fantastic. Their website includes pictures. I hired the "banana bus" to transport us from pier to Pirate ship.....thru Carla. It was worth the money and such a blast! Enjoy!
  3. Judi Kozar

    10/29 Oasis re-route?

    Hi CruisKitty.......we were on this trip also and agree with you, trust the decision makers! We had the most wonderful sail!! Like being on a lake! Our pre cruise thoughts ran in the direction of yours and all the worry was not worth the time we spent on it! Relax.....they will take care of you! Enjoy! Oasis is lovely!
  4. Judi Kozar

    Beer Cooler deal?

    Just off the Oasis on 9-10-11. As soon as I got my first drink I talked to the "Pool Bar" bar tender and made arrangements for our group of 26 to get coolers. He had us all come up at 8:30 am the next day before the bar opened and provided excellent service on getting us all coolers with our choice of Budweiser products (it is a bud promotion).....Bud, Bud Lite, Michelobe Ultra. There were no substitutes availailable. We did get our cabin steward (by means of tipping a couple of bucks each day) to ice the beers regularly for us.....as a matter of fact after a couple of tips we could have iced everyone on the ships beer!!! HAHA!! We did check with our crew and the winner of the fill ups was 5 times!!!! in 7 days with a husband drinking most beers and a wife having one here and there. Enjoy, we did and it is a nice take home item.........don't panic when you get the cooler cause the beers are not twist offs......there is an opener attached to the inside of the cooler!!!! :)
  5. Judi Kozar

    Oasis (Eastern) - comedy shows

    Show is the same every night......word of caution!!! Do not sit in the front row! The comedians tend to pick on those that sit there. If you are not up for any embarassment it could be a problem. Also, this is a very adult entertainment venue. Otherwise....it was my second favorite show next to the Aqua Show. Hairspray was a bit too long for my liking after a long day.
  6. Judi Kozar

    Looking for screen name "WV Cruisers"

    Thank you......tried all that, no luck! Maybe by some fluke they will see this.
  7. If you see this Doug and Karen, please post for me. I would like your email address which I failed to get on our Sept. 10 cruise on Oasis. Thank you Judi
  8. Thanks for the post trainman......tell Rev if you see her that Judi Kozar said "HI". We were on the sailing last week with her. Ask her how we did on our slot pull after the Meet and Mingle.......SUCCESS!!!!! Enjoy the rest of your trip!
  9. Judi Kozar

    port everglades webcam

    Hoping to be about half way back somewhere around the pool area.
  10. Judi Kozar

    port everglades webcam

    Me TOOOOOO!!! She is going to come back next week to pick US up!!! A few of my group watched today.......way too close to our sailing. Watch for our group we will be the ones with the string of "gold n black" racing flags
  11. My father died 14 days prior to my leaving and being in charge of a cruise 14 yrs ago. I debated going but remembered him telling me to make sure I went on my cruise. He himself loved cruising and was the reason the family got bit by the cruise bug. So, I went, did my job as group leader and with a heavy heart enjoyed the 7 day rest after his battle with cancer took his life. Here's to "sailing" dad!
  12. TD 12 will probably be out of your way for the 11th. I would be more concerned for whatever you see after that effecting your sailing. I am watching after Friday this week as we sail from Ft. Lauderdale on the 10th. I really don't think TD 12 is the one we are needing to watch! Correct me if I am wrong please so I know what to look for!
  13. Judi Kozar

    On CNN

    Felt it in Ligonier PA. Both my husband and I felt it in two different floors of the house. We compared notes after hearing about it and decided we both thought we had gotten dizzy!! Seems to be a common feeling on these boards! Who would have thought it!!
  14. Judi Kozar

    I got a call from Royal

    When are you leaving???? We are a group of 26 and I was wondering if we will all get a call....do you have to have sailed numerous times to get that call???? We are Diamond members and have never gotten that call....haven't sailed for two yrs....maybe it is something new
  15. What's up?? I can't find any info on their website...anyone know what the changes are??