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  1. I'm scared to death, in this present "climate", that I wake up in the morning with a "stuffy nose and sneezing" (like I do most mornings) while on a cruise, and our butler "hears it" while he's delivering my coffee... and pulls the "Covid panic alarm"!!
  2. Yes, I'm wondering about the "Navigator info" as well? My crystal ball is currently out for repairs, so I'm having to rely on others at the moment. Thanks, Marc. 😀
  3. I'd be pulling my hair out right now, if I was trying to make, cancel, change, rebook my own airline reservations for that cruise (not to mention pre/post cruise hotel reservations) ...which a lot of people do, if they have thousands of FF miles or hotel rewards to use! 🤪
  4. Am I the "only one in the world" who saw this Court of Appeals ruling on Friday night??!! It seems to have now "swung the pendulum" back in favor of Florida and Gov. DeSantis and "against" the CDC...or am I missing something?? https://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/fl-ne-cdc-cruise-ship-regulations--20210723-ilevucu6drbnlh4qjhpdoy243a-story.html
  5. Hi, Kwaj! If you can't manage to get the pic/s taken/uploaded.. That's probably one of those things that Regent will be glad to "take care of" on "embarkation day". 🙂 I'm sure Regent will make accommodations for those of us who are bit "technologically challenged". I for one, use my phone for.....making and receiving phone calls! That's just about it! It's certainly not my primary means of "connecting or computing with the world"! I've never even taken (or felt the slightest need to take) a "selfie"....EITHER/EVER! I suppose that DW and I could take a pic of each other, the
  6. Wendy - I at first was thinking the same thing about boarding documents , but then I went back and re-read the on-line instructions. Boarding Passes will be Emailed to you (and can be printed) within 24 hours after we complete the online procedures. I'm also thinking that we'll still get the customary "paper stuff" (along with any rebates) from our TA's in advance. It seems like they're following CDC "Safe Sailing" guidelines by getting all the "stuff" done in advance "like photos, etc.) that can be done (credit card, pictures, etc.), so any lines or waiting times at the terminals are reduc
  7. Pcardad - That was all very helpful...Thanks a lot!
  8. Flossie - Thanks for starting this thread! This is definitely a "new thing" for the check-in and documentation process. Most likely will have something to do with health status questions and vaccination information. Requiring submission before "boarding day" should speed things up....as well as possibly avoiding some "unpleasantness" or unwanted "surprises" on "boarding day" (i.e. "no stab - no boarding") Sheila - Same here! My RSSC website is just now showing for the first time a "new box to be checked" on my "things to do" list for our December Mariner Cruise, as well...It "l
  9. Great explanation, Sheila! Thanks. I certainly wouldn't want to be one of the few "unvaccinated" folks cruising on Celebrity under those circumstances! 😬 I just can't imagine why anyone would want to do that, pay the money, and have to deal with all those personal restrictions!? Regards..
  10. The folks who have provided proof of vaccination prior to boarding, are given a a wristband and have the "run of the ship". Those who do not, or cannot show proof of vaccination do NOT get a wristband and will be restricted, as Mr Levin describes.
  11. Dave...Yup! 😲 If it comes down to it (for our Dec Mariner Cruise)....Charleston, SC Doesn't sound like such a bad idea, If it means the difference between sailing or not sailing....Best Regards.
  12. From today's Wall Street Journal "....The CDC's requirements allow ships to begin regular sailings without first conducting test cruises if they attest that 95% of crew members and passengers are fully vaccinated. But Florida, as well as Texas and Alabama, which also have cruise ports, passed laws baring businesses from requiring "vaccine passports," or proof of vaccinations...." "...Florida had sued U.S. health authorities to overturn a conditional-sailing order put in place by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in October. Last month (June), U.S. District Judge Ste
  13. Hi Dave - I thought the "Conditional Sail Order" (imposed by CDC) required vaccination of "X percentage of passengers"? How can the cruise lines "comply" with that CDC requirement if they (the cruise lines) are no allowed to ask to see proof of vaccination? Regards
  14. So isn't this now a "Good Thing" (at least in the view of most of us)!?..... If I understand it correctly, the appeals court has now said that it's "Okay and legal" for NCLH (and other cruise lines) to verify proof of vaccination for crew and passengers, and that Florida/Texas/Alabama (the 3 states that were previously preventing that from happening by state laws) cannot prevent the cruise lines from requiring that documentation prior to boarding. I'm a bit surprised there hasn't been more discussion about this.
  15. Just one additional thought about your luggage...Nothing necessarily "requires you" to put your luggage outside your room the night before, and say "goodbye" to it . If the amount of luggage you have is not too "daunting" (in your own estimation), you can simply keep it with you and roll it off the ship with you at the time of disembarkation in the morning, without the need to "hunt for it" after you get off the ship. It's all up to your own preference.
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