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  1. I'll bring the hot dogs and marshmallows!!
  2. So exactly "where" are you hearing that "cruise insurance is mandatory"? Regards.
  3. Hey Chief - With 1 Bitcoin being worth $52,000 (today), that would have to be "really, really super-dooper exemplary service" that was being provided! 😉 Best Regards! (See you in December 🤞)
  4. Perhaps transiting the "Bermuda Triangle"?
  5. "Leanstostarboard" - I just spotted the title of your post and thought that I had suddenly been "teleported back into a bad dream"! I see that this will be your first Regent cruise (congratulations - you'll love it), and that you probably haven't yet gotten a lot of "Regent board time" under your belt . Thanks for joining us! If you do a historical search of posts (going back years) related to "tipping on Regent"....you'll see that most past discussions on that topic have been akin to "giving birth to an elephant", as well as lasting for weeks on end! I had hoped we had finally
  6. J - If anything at all could be seen as a positive result of this COVID Pandemic....it seems it would be the new RNA technology used to quickly develop effective vaccines to combat current and future viruses.
  7. So Funny! 🤣 Thanks, Mr. "L" !
  8. Spindrift....Absolutely Agree!
  9. Hi Kwaj!...Hope you and DH are "hanging in there". We've got an 18-day "Mariner" cruise out of Miami (to San Francisco) on Dec 18th!! Fingers crossed and "double crossed" 😟 Best Regards! Hope to see you again, some time....
  10. Thanks Pappy - I'll have some good Single Malt Scotch at the ready! 😉 I might still have all the symptoms...I just won't know it!!
  11. Hi Sheila - Our "first jab" will be this coming Saturday (at 5:30AM - Yikes!). Did you or DH encounter any "side effects", that were more significant or troubling than the typical sore arm or perhaps a headache? Just wondering? We're "brave little soldiers" ourselves, so we'll just keep the Tylenol handy! 😉
  12. Flossie - I think you hit the nail on the head! Listening to some of the "Doom and Gloomer"s", it would seem that there are some who will never be willing to cruise again, as long as there's even so much as a "finger-tip's chance" of becoming "infected" (whatever that may mean...from "sniffles to death")! I actually "worry" more about Noro-Virus on a ship! For those, whose risk tolerance is low, they should probably not even consider cruising ever again, as there's also a risk of a "fatal road accident" in their car, on their trip from home to the airport! Or perhaps, even stumb
  13. Hi Flossie - We did the same thing yesterday! Excited! And also on our "favorite little Navigator". We just paid for a "G" and received an "E" for an Aug '22 transatlantic. This Regent promotional is "great" and comes at a good time, as vaccines now start "rolling out". Our advisor told me that it is generating a "ton of new interest and new bookings that just hasn't been there recently!" So a very good business decision on Regent's part. We probably wouldn't have booked this new cruise ourselves, if it had not been for this "Upgrade Your Horizon" offer. Regards.
  14. mrlevin - Greetings! I would say that Regent isn't in any more or less "trouble" than all the rest of the businesses (both large and small) that make up the food, entertainment, and travel industry. We hope they all survive this tough period. Obviously, Regent's most recent promotional (Upgrade Your Horizon), is a great deal for a lot of "Regent Fans". It will undoubtedly generate a lot of new bookings, quickly generate more revenue, and will get many more/new bookings "on the books"..... and even before a single ship starts sailing again! I know it has piqued my int
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