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  1. Briar - That looks delightful! Was this advertised prior to the cruise and did this have to be booked prior to the cruise, or was it announced/booked after you got onboard?
  2. Thanks a lot for the info! I really appreciate you taking the time while on your cruise to "reach out" to the rest of us. As you can imagine, all of us cruise lovers are "thirsty" for any information or experiences you can pass along, while you're lucky enough to be onboard Splendor! Best Regards.
  3. If you can apply "in person" at a local passport agency, you'll be using form DS-11 and will present a verification document (like your current passport, drivers license, military ID, etc.) on site and can get your Passport Card without having to mail off your passport. Otherwise, if you're applying for a card remotely (not personally going to a passport agency), it appears that you'll have to submit (i.e., mail off) a form DS-82, which also requires that you mail in your current passport, along with the application, in order to get the card. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/passports/need-passport/card.html
  4. Flossie - We can all just "stay onboard" when docked in those 3 countries, sit on the pool deck with "adult beverages" in hand, and propose a respectful "toast" to each of those 3 countries...than get on with the important business at hand of deciding what we'll order for dinner that evening! 😜
  5. Hi Flossie - That's what we're all fervently hoping for!! 😉
  6. Thanks to Chucktown and DaveFR for your collective thoughts. I appreciate it! I coincidentally got a message from Regent over the weekend (by way of my TA) that "the omnipotent Regent database" (specifically, DW's customer information profile) wasn't "accepting the fact" that Mary's passport (although still valid throughout the entire cruise, which begins and ends in the U.S.) did not have at least 6 full months left on it (only 5 months) before completing our upcoming Mariner cruise. Apparently, software programs don't like to be argued or reasoned with! So with much trepidation, I stuffed her "good" passport (Gulp!), a renewal application, a new/updated picture, and a huge/obscene amount of money (for "Expedited Handling and return service") into an "Express mail envelope" (which now has become "far less Express" than it used to be), drove to our local Post Office on Sunday, and dropped it into the outgoing mail chute, and "waved goodbye to it"! It's now in the "most capable hands of our ever-efficient government system" to crank out a new passport for Mary and get it back into her anxiously waiting hands within the next 10 weeks, before we're "supposed to" arrive in Miami and hopefully walk onboard "Mariner"....And that assumes of course, that we don't "blow positive" at pier-side from a last minute/unexpected Covid "break-through" test! I wish this whole "cruising thing" hadn't become so "stressful" lately. Cruising is supposed to be "fun and relaxing"....Right? 😬 I'll update this thread when/if the new passport actually arrives!
  7. Okay - I need a "warm and fuzzy opinion" from my CC friends....DW's current passport expires on Jun 4, 2022. We leave on a Panama Canal Cruise out of Miami on Dec 18 (2021). We arrive back in San Francisco on Jan 5, 2022. So her passport will expire 5 months (minus one day) AFTER she arrives back in the U.S. We're not having to fly into any foreign country and won't be "showing them" to any immigration officials in the 5 foreign countries we will be stopping in (Columbia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua) . We board the ship in Miami and get off in San Francisco). The ship "holds" our passports on the ship the whole time during the cruise (we never take them into town with us). Can anyone see any reason why (at this late juncture) we should take the "risk" (time-wise) of trying to renew her passport in the next 10-weeks before this trip? Regards
  8. Thanks, Flossie! We'll be sure to do that! Still hoping to see you onboard!!
  9. We look forward to meeting you on Mariner in December! I hope there will be some Champagne lunches and/or wine tasting events offered on our sea days. We'd also like a Chef-conducted galley tour! Best Regards
  10. We did as well, for our Dec 18 Mariner cruise. 😉
  11. Wendy - Yes, it does seem to be really complicated, and there are lots of different scenarios and permutations for what each one of us has to do, for each upcoming itinerary, depending upon where each of us is traveling/coming from, where each of us is heading to (to board the ship), what method of travel is being used and how long it will take to get there, and whether we'll be arriving "how many days in advance" of each cruise commencing. Sheesh! All those things can make a difference! I am hoping that Regent can/will "personalize and tailor" testing and pre-cruise instructions for each passenger on each ship/cruise and send that guidance to each of us (maybe via our TA if we have one) with enough advance time for us to "sort things out" and actually arrange to carry out all the instructions/testing necessary before we actually "show up" for each cruise. I can easily see how some people/groups could potentially/actually be denied boarding on cruise day for not having "followed all the rules" correctly. I wish things didn't have to be so complicated! Am I over-dramatizing the situation? Will things really "not be as complicated" as they seem to be at the moment? Here's hoping! Regards.
  12. Voyager's a wonderful ship. We have loved all our Voyager cruises It all sounds like you'll have a good time! 😜
  13. Yes, I was sort of wondering about that myself??
  14. Hi Dave - Having a larger safe comes in very handy to store all the nightly "winnings" from the casino! Regards 😜
  15. Many of us choose to "self-Insure". But even so, if Regent is providing reimbursement to/by one's insurance company for a "denied" boarding due to a positive Covid test at pier-side, then reimbursement (and please remember, there's two different forms of "reimbursement"...an FCC or Cash) should also be provided to those of us who "self-insure", as well. I "think" it is, if you read the wording in the Ticket Contract (which I provided earlier), but some of the posters have been referring to an "FFC or nothing" reimbursement/situation. We have to get this all "straight" and clearly understand it so we know exactly what "the definitive rules" are. Many of us are now withing a 2-3 month window of our cruises and need to know what definitive actions we might have to take. I also Thank Jennefer Teegen very much for her positive engagement and weighing in on the subject! I'm looking forward very much to getting more clarification on this (as opposed to some further language that only makes it even more confusing! 🙄 Regards to All.
  16. ...Or even a cash refund for the fare (only the transportation cost "might" seem to be reimbursable)....Correct?? Pcardad - I hope you've got lots of good/solid contacts at Regent to "de-conflict" all of this! Passengers simply need to know what it is, they're "supposed to do", "have to do", "can do", before they're forced to sign pre-cruise forms that are not understandable to the average person regarding pre-cruise testing, etc., and what their actual "rights & responsibilities" are. Most passengers aren't lawyers, either! It need's to all be laid out in clear, concise, understandable language. Regards.
  17. Yes, I think exactly the same thing! It took a bit of hunting to find this. It was not clearly stated and printable on the RSSC FAQ's. There are also some specific requirements that need to be met (on the part of the individuals) to fulfill Regent's fare reimbursement requirement. They can't simply buy a "do-it-yourself-test-at-home", read it by themselves, and then just tell Regent, "Yup, I'm positive and I want my money back". It has to be a "registered test" (if done at home, the actual testing and results have to be "witnessed/certified" by a healthcare professional via "Zoom", etc.) or it has to be done in person at a pharmacy or other medical facility, again...with the "positive" test results independently verified and then sent to Regent for processing/reimbursement. And the timing for all of this is important, too.
  18. Pcardad - Glad to help. You can find it online at https://www.rssc.com/sites/default/files/2021-04/RegentSevenSeasCruises_TicketContract_042121.pdf Para 5: PUBLIC HEALTH ACKOWLEDGEMENT, SECTION f.
  19. “f. Known or Suspected COVID-19 Case Before Boarding. You agree that if at any time within 14 days prior to scheduled embarkation, You test positive for COVID-19, exhibit signs or symptoms of COVID-19, have had close contact with a person confirmed or suspected as having COVID-19, or We otherwise determine in Our sole discretion that You are unfit to board because of any communicable illness, We will deny You boarding. Under these circumstances, unless We determine that You have failed to comply with Our COVID-19 Policies and Procedures or this Ticket Contract, if You are denied boarding because of a known or suspected infection with COVID-19, You will be entitled to a future cruise credit equal in value to the amount You paid to Us as Cruise Fare, or if required by law, a refund equal in value to the amount You paid to Us as Cruise Fare, subject to Your providing verification satisfactory to Us of results of tests administered by providers other than those retained by Us. Under no circumstances shall We have any other liability for any compensation or other damages whatsoever, including but not limited to compensation for lodging or travel.”
  20. Sunprince - I believe Jennefer is with Regent. The similar wording of Jennefer's information can be found (deep down in the weeds) in the "Security Attestation Statement" that we all have to agree to, as one of our final "pre-boarding" online check-in duties. I think it can also be found under FAQ's at the bottom of the RSSC webpage. As you say, words do matter! In the document, it says that an FCC will be issued, "OR a full refund as provided by law"....IF we can show documented proof of a negative "registered" test result shortly (maybe within 72 hours - I forget) before leaving for our cruise. It is more than just a (limited) cash reimbursement for our travel expenses (found in a different paragraph of the attestation statement). A bit more documented clarification of this by Regent would be most helpful and reassuring. Regards.
  21. For those of us who became "Sons of Neptunus Rex" (a U.S. Navy "Shellback") over 40-50 years ago, and joined the "Royal Order of The Mystic Deep" those many years ago...I can assure everyone that the "experience and knowledge" gained back then, under the "wise tutelage and guidance of King Neptune and his court" was quite different (fortunately) than what "Wogs" will experience today on a Regent cruise! I doubt that anyone on Regent will have the grand opportunity or privilege of meeting "the Queen" or "kissing the royal baby". It's not even the same "teachable moment" that today's Navy sailors experience!...Today's right of passage is not nearly as "Rigorous or Comprehensive" as it was in the 60's & 70's. 🤪 Best Regards
  22. "WCSD,,,," I really appreciate you taking the time to keep us informed on what's going on during your cruise. We've all had "cruise withdrawal syndrome" for so long and we're all wanting to know "what's happening" on these first Regent cruises, right down to the "last detail" - particularly for those of us who are eagerly anticipating are own "first cruises" in the next few (early) months after resumption. I'm sure that Regent really is "scared to death" of having any type of "outbreak" whatsoever on any of their first cruises, and knows that such an occurrence would be greatly amplified in the national press, if the opportunity presented itself. They're probably being "hyper-careful because of this, if for no other reason. But by operating fully-vaccinated ships, I think most of the "risk" has been mitigated. Is it safe for us to assume that you are enjoying and experiencing the same normally provided level of service and meal quality that we've always enjoyed on Regent in the past? Regards.
  23. Sunprince - You are It definitely correct! The wording is confusing and needs to be "nailed down" far more clearly and without the slightest room for misinterpretation. The "voluntary" pre-testing regimen/aspect we follow can/will make the difference between us receiving a full refund (or not) from Regent if we happen to "flunk" their terminal administered test on cruise day!
  24. I have not read any posts from anyone on this forum who has said they were going to "refuse to wear a mask", when or where required to by Regent. All that some folks have said, which is certainly their right to say, is that until masks are no longer mandatory on board (or on sponsored excursions)....that they will delay their cruising plans until masks are no longer required. That should not be construed by anyone as being unruly, immoral, stubborn, non-conformist (or whatever other adjective one might choose). Regards.
  25. Sunprince - I am also wondering about the legal confrontation (is it still going to court?) between NCLH and Florida? I haven't seen any recent reporting on it. "Crickets"! Florida was presumably not allowing NCLH to mandate and verify 100% vaccination for passengers and crew....and NCLH was saying that they would not sail out of/into Florida without the 100% verification. So I'm wondering where things "stand"? Things like this don't just "go away" by themselves. Regards.
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