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  1. We'll be on a Regent Christmas/New Years cruise in Dec 21/Jan 22....Panama Canal/Mariner.  That will be our first "holiday" cruise with Regent, so we're looking forward to the activities/food/entertainment/decorations on board at that time of year.  ((I'll definitely NOT be in a tux.  The first and last time I wore one was at my wedding - 50 years ago - Yikes!))

  2. I left my last Navigator cruise this past Oct 25, 2019.  We were in Suite 704 - A Deluxe Veranda Suite. Here's a picture of the receptacle panel that was right next to my bed.  As you can see, there was only a 220 volt receptacle.... NO (U.S.) 110 volt outlet.  I needed our room steward to bring me an extension cord that would reach from the 110 volt receptacle on the bar/dresser table across the room over to my bedside table, in order to plug in my CPAP machine.  If I had happened to bring along a 220 to 110 volt adapter plug (I will next time), I would not have needed the extension cord ( since the CPAP is a dual-voltage capable appliance).  Regards.



  3. I'm not really quite sure what the actual problem is?  Either that, or I have less concern about being contacted by a business (Regent) that I have done fairly "regular business" with?  Regent considers you to be one of their "valued customers", which I would guess you have demonstrated by past bookings with them...?  Perhaps you don't see yourself that way?  I've also received phone calls and emails from car dealerships that I've bought cars from in the past.


    When I've done "searches" on the website (after having "logged" myself in), I will occasionally get a phone call from Regent (which appears on my caller ID - and usually, I just don't answer).  Sometimes, the phone call will be followed up by an Email in a day or so.  I will simply reply to the Email by thanking them for their call/interest/offer of assistance.  I'll tell them that at the moment, I'm just browsing cruises to see if there was anything that interested me, and I the tell them that I regularly work with (and book cruises through) my own Travel Consultant for all my cruises.  I've never gotten what I considered to be any "high pressure" sales tactics or pressure from Regent, at all.


    Sometimes, I'll even get a reply to my email "thanking me" for getting back to them and acknowledging their interest.  They are getting paid to "do what they do", and I guess I am sympathetic to those who make a living in "telephone sales".  It's a thankless job.  After my Email reply to them I won't get any more calls from them - at least for a while.  Again, I don't see this as any kind of assault on my privacy or harassment by them.  By "logging in", and perhaps being a past cruiser with them, that makes you one of their "customers", under the rules of the Federal Trade Commission.   I think it's just a proactive marketing "reach out" on their part.


    Again, I've not ever felt any pressure at all from them.  But perhaps others will see it as being more nefarious or annoying.  Unfortunately, the concept of "privacy" or "anonymity" no longer exists in the digital age.  A simple and courteous "No Thanks" from me has always stopped the phonecalls/emails....at least until I do another "search" later on.  Regards.

  4. On 9/18/2019 at 7:06 AM, 1teach53 said:

    Don’t expect to win much! 🙃

    And that was my initial "going in" expectation as well, on our recent October "Navigator" cruise.  However, within the first 5 days of our 10 day cruise, I won over $1,500 in the slots on 2 separate occasions.  $1K during one afternoon session, and $500 during another evening visit.  ☺️

  5. 2 hours ago, vitacura said:


    Hi Marc,


    My wife and I were also on this cruise and spoke to many of the senior staff with regards to the future of the Navigator, especially with the arrival of the Splendor and then another new ship in a few years time. While they admitted there were talks of selling the ship in the  past, the fact that bookings remain high and she sails near capacity most of the time, made Regent decide to keep her as demonstrated by the last refurbishment and another one next year.


    Hope it remains in the fleet as she is a favorite for many of the crew as well as my wife and I.


    +10  👍

  6. Mudhen, Sealion, and all the other "new friends" we met on this cruise - Mary and I had a wonderful time on the Navigator and we certainly enjoyed meeting all of you.  Despite the 2 ports we missed due to weather, Portland worked out well as a last minute substitute.  Kudos to the entire crew for making the trip so wonderful - particular the dining, the service, and the production shows. For the most part, the weather was fine and the beautiful weather we had in Bermuda, our last port, was the "icing on the cake"!  We thoroughly enjoyed the entire cruise.  Best Regards to all!  Now, to get through the long wait until the next cruise!

  7. I can assure everyone that everything looked "fantastic" when we on board last week.  So, it will only "be better" when you come on board after the additional work.  The only "down side" that we noticed was that there is no longer any brown water being "served" in the showers or basins anywhere on the ship (it was eliminated during the last refit), so if you had grown to "like" that special feature on previous Navigator cruises, you'll have to bring your own in the future.  😉  Regards.

  8. I would also like to add, with unbridled enthusiasm, how FANTASTIC the theater entertainment was!  The dancer and singers were absolutely wonderful.  They sang and danced their hearts out!  I would rate them as good as any of the performers I've ever seen on Broadway (if that is  to be the supposed standard).  We saw wonderful shows each and every night.  Regards.  

  9. In about an hour, the Navigator (unfortunately), throws off all lines, and sets sail for the last leg of our voyage back to NYC.  Our two days in Bermuda have been great with warm, sunny, and humid weather.  Many have said on these boards in the past that the CD can "set the mood" for the ship and the cruise.  Jamie, along with the asst. CD Dana, have jointly made that so especially true on this cruise.  Jamie and Dana have both been outstanding in making this a wonderful adventure.  DW and I cannot thank them both enough for being so kind, so friendly, and so interested in making everyone feel so welcome on "this little ship"!  We have also met so many friendly and wonderful folks on this cruise.  We can't wait to be back on board, again in the future.  Best Regards.

  10. On 10/19/2019 at 5:54 PM, Zqueeze1 said:

    If anyone is interested in meeting Mudhen, they should be at the pool bar every day around 1100. As charter members of the Bloody Mary and Margarita Society, I would expect them to uphold its customs and traditions. 

    Have a safe and wonderful cruise and looking forward to reading about your adventures. 

    Z and TB

    Roberto - The "Bermuda Chapter" of the BM&M Society is alive and well!  3:30PM this afternoon, the Society held it's meeting on the "Navigator", safely docked in St. George's Harbor.  Best Regards!


  11. Several of you remarked about how much you enjoyed having Maggie as your assistant waiter (in training under Mario).  I'm very pleased to report that Maggie was our waitress at dinner tonight and did a superb job!  I told her that she had many fans all over the world, who were cheering her continued success and congratulated her on her promotion.  She asked me to send her "Thanks" back to everyone.  She said she would (again) be leading the dancing routines at Krews Kapers on the night of 23 October.  We got back this evening at around 7:30PM after a very long day of excursion trips all over Halifax and Peggy's Cove.  The weather was clear, sunny, cold, and windy.  Everyone had a great time.  We'll be leaving port at around 11PM tonight for our 2-day sailing to Bermuda.  "Fingers crossed" that it will be smooth sailing!  All for now.  Internet has been great ever since we first left NYC.  Regards to all.

  12. And we're onboard with Calfsealion, Mudhen, Begin The Beguine, KwajGirl and others, as well.  We're all doing well and there's plenty of "happenings" going on to keep us all entertained.  The shows and musical numbers are quite good. The food, wine, and service are all top notch.  Jamie is doing a great job as our CD, Davor is our GM, and Capt. Ari is driving our boat.  Some of us (like me) had no problem with the occasional bit of "rocking and rolling" that we encountered the other night out of Newport.  But motion effects different people in different ways.  The worst of the storm occurred after sunset and during the night when we were all tucked into bed.  That helped.  No matter which ship you're on, you are definitely going to "feel" sustained winds of 40 MPH and gusts of up to 60 MPH, along with 10-15 foot seas (like we experienced the other night).  The seas are now very calm as we get ready to pull into Halifax this morning.  Out of the "corner of our eye", we're following the track of tropical storm "Nestor", which is still off the coast of Florida....but is going to start moving it's way up the east coast towards the northeast during the next few days. We'll keep our fingers crossed that we can "get past it" (and south of it) before it gets to New England and Nova Scotia.  We'll be headingsouth from Halifax to Bermuda  this evening (Saturday).  Everyone on board seems to be very happy.  Last night was our Block Party, and it was lots of fun.  Our own group of 4 has been able to "capture" two nights at Prime 7 in the upcoming days,  All for now.  Best Regards.

  13. 4 minutes ago, Kwaj girl said:

    @pingpong1 I think we need nametags to meet  when we board.....

    Hi, Kwaj - I completely agree!....Great minds think alike ((Remember, we're all "intelligent people"))  🙄 In fact, I've already bought a couple of packs of the "peel & stick" type that will just temporarily stick onto a shirt/blouse/jacket, etc. and I also have some blue "Sharpie Markers" for us to write our names on.  I'll have those with me in my "hand carry bag" that I'll carry them onto the ship with me, when I come on board.  I'll have those name tags with me up on the pool deck on the first afternoon.  Best Regards.

  14. 1 hour ago, gnomie1 said:

    Hi Rich!


    ..... I logged on to let you know that after yucky weather all last week, (as also experienced in Boston) the forecast for Tuesday is spectacular for the sail into NYC. If you have not already done so, and hopefully Shauna can get up early in the morning, but do not miss the scenery as the ship sails past the Statue of Liberty and up the Hudson to the pier. I live in the Big Apple and each time I have the privilege of sailing past the Statute of Liberty and the southern tip of Manhattan, it gives me goosebumps. Our leaves are just starting to turn colors which adds to the beauty of it all.


    I'll be waving to you from my apartment as you pull into port!


    gnomie  😀

    Gnomie - Thanks so much for the "cheerie and positive" weather report!  We'll be boarding Navigator in the early afternoon, along with "Mudhen", "Kwajgal", "California Sea Lion", "Begin The Beguine",  and many other excited cruisers - both past "Regent Vets", as well as many "First-timers".  We will toast you as well, from the pool deck, with Champagne in hand! Thanks very much to "Mr. Rumor" as well, for "setting the table" for us with a fresh pallet-load of Fever Tree and for ably taking care of Navigator for us prior to our embarkation.  To paraphrase Ray S., "it's going to be a "glorious cruise"!  Best Regards.

  15. 6 minutes ago, BBWC said:

    We prefer booking within the 30 day advance window so that we do not take time from our cruise. And yes, you get the $200 OBC when you book before the cruise (but not after).

    BBWC - Completely agree!  We did exactly the same thing.  We head to NYC tomorrow to board our Regent cruise on Tuesday (Yes, really excited!).  28 days ago, we called up our TA and booked a future Regent cruise in 2021.  We had already done the "research" well in advance and already knew exactly which future cruise we wanted.  Through our TA, we received the discount from Regent for the future cruise (about $400/PP), we only had to pay a 7.5% deposit (vice the normal 15%), and we received an additional $200 in OBC's to use on our cruise beginning Tuesday (in additional to other OBC's we also have for this cruise).  So we're "Happy Campers!" - - I mean "Happy Cruisers"  😉  We had no desire to spend  any time in a Travel Consultant's office while on the cruise, and wanted the extra OBC's available on our folio from "Day 1" of this cruise on Tuesday, 

  16. In my humble experience (although still anxiously awaiting to take my first Oceania Cruise in 2020),  Regent (another NCL company) has provided very proactive support to CC M&G's in the past, by providing prior written announcements left in each participant's stateroom,  designating and reserving dedicated meeting spaces for us, having Regent officers in attendance to introduce themselves and "mingle" with the attendees, and even providing light snacks and bar service.  I wonder why there would be such a difference between the two "sister" cruise lines?  

  17. I do not want to accept the premise that I (or any other customer) simply "must" sail on one particular ship (i.e., Explorer) in order to "guarantee ourselves" a consistent "5-star Regent experience" (which is advertised in all of their marketing literature).....and that if I, or anyone else chooses to sail on any of the remaining 4 Regent ships, that we should just expect, accept, and resign ourselves to the "risk" of receiving a product that may be "less consistent or desirable" than that which is offered only on the Explorer.  I am pretty sure that this is not really Regent's (or FDR's) actual corporate philosophy and fundamental operating principle, either.  Is it actually being opined that there is one "operating standard" for Explorer and a different (lesser) standard for the other 4 (older/smaller) ships?  Really?  We cannot all sail on just one ship (Explorer) all the time - nor should we have to, or want to.  And when we purchase Regent cruises - all at a premium price, no matter which ship it is on, I think we all should be able to make the assumption and have the reasonable expectation that the same "Regent standard/s" will be delivered and adhered to as equally as possible, across the fleet and not restricted to just one (the newest and largest) of their ships.  Regards.

  18. 39 minutes ago, cruiseluv said:

    Looking forward to any reports you want to share with us. My first time on Navigator was 19 years ago, glad to see she's still ticking! Cruising on her in November, cat wait. Have a great cruise!

    "Ditto" to both Cruiseluv and Hambagahle!  We'll (again) be on Navigator in less than 2 months and are very much looking forward to riding on her again!

  19. Not implying that my vote actually "counts" for much, but just adding to other's observations.  On numerous occasions when putting in "dummy bookings" (online) for various cruises/ships that I was interested in, I too would find that only a specific deck might show "openings" for one of those cruises. I was unable to see or "choose" any open staterooms that might be on another deck or in a different area of the ship/s.  I found that "unavailability" to be very unlikely, given the fact that the cruises I was searching were still a long way off from embarkation date.  And then,  after "turning it over" to my TA for more research, and after she contacted Regent, she would find many more staterooms, on several different decks,  also available for booking.  So it would seem that perhaps Regent tries to fill up (or direct specific areas of the ship) with people doing their own bookings, while saving other areas of the ship for TA's and their clients.  I'm not alleging any nefarious activity here.  Perhaps it's just another good reason to use the services of a good/knowledgeable TA for final bookings. 

  20. 4 hours ago, pinotlover said:

    Wine service can be very very slow in the Terrace  as stated above. It can also be non existent. Those are the two options.



    Hi Pinot - I'm trying to plan some "future strategies" before my first O cruise.  Since you and some others have mentioned the slow/non-existent wine service in Terrace Grill, would that be a good venue for us to plan on bringing our own bottle/s with us, and pay the corkage fee?  Regards.

  21. On 7/29/2019 at 8:35 AM, bbtondo said:

    I know this has been discussed a lot.  My TA just said she checked with an O rep and they told her that you only were allowed to bring 6 bottles of wine on when you embark.  That's it.

    Okay - I've just put on (what some might think is) my "nit-picking hat"....Please don't be too harsh with me!  😨  Sticking with the "O reps" exact words...i.e., "you were allowed to bring 6 bottles of wine on when you embark....." what is the definition of "you"? Is the hypothetical (CYA) 6-bottle limit per "individual cruiser" or per stateroom?  Given the fact that most staterooms are booked and occupied by two people, if "you" meant each person, than that would mean that each stateroom could bring a full case of  private wine onboard (12 bottles per case), with empty bottles replenished in ports along the way, as the cruise progressed, right?  And who, in "officialdom", would actually be "keeping count" of bottles per passenger per stateroom brought on board, anyway?


    The two very subjective words..."Moderation" and "reasonable" seem to be the operative controlling terms here.  Personal wine brought and consumed on board is not a "problem".... until it's a "problem".

  22. On 6/3/2019 at 7:50 AM, UUNetBill said:

    ".......but we flew from South Carolina to San Diego a few weeks ago to see our daughter - 5 hours and change in Economy and it about killed me.  Seriously, it was brutal.  The seat pitch is getting smaller every year and frankly, Americans are getting larger.  Cramming so many people on a plane is just no fun any more.  Coming home from SD, we flew through Dallas instead of Charlotte so it was two separate 2.5 hour legs which was better, but still not fun.  And neither of us flies enough anymore to get upgrades or status with the airlines and the extra cost for First really isn't worth it on a domestic flight..."

    Hi Bill.  Either you're still not "old enough" yet, or Economy (for you) has not yet reached the point where it has become "brutal enough" for you to "bite the bullet", "pay the piper", and just budget for the extra cost of "first".  🤬  My last "economy flight"....anywhere.....domestic or overseas....was about 10 years ago.  I just couldn't take the ever-growing lines, the hoards of people, the torturously uncomfortable seats, the hassles with luggage weight limits/fees, and the feeling of "too many rats being crammed into  too small of a  box", etc. At that point, I made the decision that if I couldn't afford the accompanying FC/BC fares for a trip.....I just won't go.  "I felt your pain".


    "Ronrick" makes a very good point.  If you can plan far enough in advance, compare all options, be willing to consider various times/routings/airlines, you may well find reasonably-priced FC domestic fares that are just not that much different from many more expensive Economy fares.  "Good hunting"!  About a year ago, a friend of mine was flying R/T from Phoenix to Myrtle Beach.  I was following him out about 2 days later and he was quite miffed when he discovered that I was doing the same itinerary, but different times/different airlines in F/C for LESS money than what he was paying for in Economy.  Best Regards.

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