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  1. Papaflamingo - Thanks for bringing us along on your trip!  I have followed your past posts on RCI, as well.  I'm sure you're noticing more than a few (positive) "differences" between RCI and Regent (other than the price, of course)!  The pics of the kitchen/galley showed a place that was virtually spotless.  It could probably serve as an operating room, if the need ever arose!  Best Regards.

  2. I believe that some "problems" (from a corporate perspective) simply can't be solved.  This seems to be one of them. There is going to be a certain small percentage of customers that you're simply just not going to please or satisfy - no matter what you try to do.  And you could wind up spending hundreds of man hours and thousands of dollars in this pursuit, and you just won't "win".  By that, I mean satisfying the customer.  So in the end, you just have to "move on". 


    The same applies to the customer.  Sometimes, you're simply not going to achieve the end result you're looking for.  At some point, you simply have to write it off as one of "life's lessons", and move on.  Hopefully, you'll find a cruise line in the future that more closely meets your needs and expectations.

  3. I wonder if CC feels they "got their money's worth" with this new design, given the fact that many of us were totally "used to", and quite happy with "what we had before"??  They've forced us all to now "learn" and "get used to" something "different" (and not necessarily "improved").


    If you leave these designs and changes up to "web designers" (the majority of whom, are half the age of those of us who most frequently visit the Regent Board), they're "going-in bias" is to always think that something "different" or "new" is always better than what went before. That's oftentimes is not the case.


    On the "old" board, where there were multiple pages for a particular thread, you could "fast forward" or "fast back" to a particular page you wanted to go to.  Now you can't (at least I haven't found it).  And if that "option" still exists, you have to hunt for it and see if it's "somewhere else".  How is that an "improvement"? 


    If I want to edit my typing while I'm writing a comment, an "enter your text" message appears right over the place where I've put my cursor, blocking my view of the text, so I have to move the cursor a couple of times in order to make sure it's where I want it to be. Is that supposed to be an "improvement"!  Not. I would gladly "opt out" of this new design, but I guess that's not a choice.  Regards

  4. So - Could someone please remind me....why did CC see the need to "change" anything in the first place?  What was particularly "wrong" with the "old CC board"?  Were their unemployed web developers sitting around looking for something to do?  Or did CC have a dump truck full of money that they had to spend somewhere on something?  This is a general comment/annoyance I have about a lot of things today.  Why must things be constantly "changed" when there is no apparent deficiency that needs "solving", in the first place?  And the changes often don't seem as good as the "original".

  5. Rachel -


    "....in response to quite reasonable inquiries from many passengers on the rail excursion as to where we were supposed to board the train, declared that she would decide what information to give to passengers and, further, that it was a mistake to give too much information to passengers, as that simply confused them. She seemed to have forgotten that the passengers were her customers and that many of them had far more travel experience than she had.


    Does this indicate that Regent has awful customer service? Of course it doesn't....


    Freddie - I would agree that one instance, like you cite, cannot reasonably be used as an example of "all" customer service on a particular cruise line. But it does certainly raise the question, in my mind at least, as to why any cruise line ("luxury" or not) would accept or tolerate any display of behavior or attitude such as that, on the part of any employee - particularly an "officer" (an employee wearing "gold" on their shoulder boards) who was in such a visible and customer intensive position as destination or excursion services?


    Displaying an attitude like that is not easily forgotten and leaves a lasting negative impression in the minds of paying customers for a very long time (after all, you still remember it). Is one employee's value to the company worth so much as to offset the significant negative reactions among the customers that such a remark like that would engender? Regards.

  6. Simone - Thanks so much for taking and posting the picture of "the girls" at the Oyster Bar! They always manage to have a good time when they're together. All in all, it seems like you've all had pretty good weather for the majority of the cruise (maybe with the exception of Portland/St John).


    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that you'll have good weather in Quebec. Best Regards.

  7. My attempted "edit" for clarification purposes to post #18 did not go through. Arrrgh. The "supposed/phantom savings" I'm talking about would be if Regent were to eliminate "included excursions" in the future. Fares would continue to rise and cruisers would just pay for their own future excursions. My opinion.

  8. Perhaps the person who coined 'entry level' ship might like to elaborate on this?


    As soon to be first time Regent cruisers, we are just excited about going but I do know when my DH booked the cruise as a surprise birthday present, it was the itinerary that drew him rather than the ship.


    " Boatmans Lady" - You will have an absolutely great time on your Navigator cruise. Don't dwell too much on the single opinion of just one prolific poster. A lot of people really like the Navigator and really look forward to booking cruises on her. There is no such thing as an "entry level" ship. That statement was inexplicable.

  9. Hotels in London change ownership more often than I purchase new cars.


    The Britannia has changed ownership numerous times and is currently under a major renovation and will reopen in 2019 under the Millennium umbrella as "Leng's Mayfair". I remember staying there in the 1980's when it was owned by ICH group and meeting many American and military officials "on business" either at breakfast or in the pub.


    gnomie :)


    Yes, lots of "Business" got conducted in the pub! "Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more, say no more!" ;p;p

  10. Malbec - Absolutely right! My only reason for relating my long/drawn out "rant" (sorry everyone) was to give a "true life" account of "what can happen" when you pick a flight/connection that at first, "looks good" - but then can turn into a very poor choice in the long run. It backed up what "Flyertalker" was advising.


    In my "former life" (in the workplace) I had a job for 20 years where I flying between 100K and 200K a year, with 60% of it being international. So I wasn't a "rookie" when it came to flying and living in airport terminals. But for that one trip, I made a dumb decision. But, we learn and "move on". Regards.

  11. Let's start with the simplest.


    "....I would suggest that you be careful on your desire for "least amount of layover times" for several reasons. The first is that many of these itineraries are once a day flights. Miss it and you wait a day for the next flight and hope there are seats available..."


    FlyTalker - So very, very true! Attempting to "minimize layovers" I once walked myself into a situation which offered no "fall back plan". A few years ago, on a Regent cruise from Stockholm to Amsterdam, I chose BA's N/S evening flight out of PHX to LHR (with a connection to ARN.......(biggest mistake - choosing BA). Second mistake was that it was a "once a day flight" and, in fact, that was BA's ONLY service out of/into PHX. A big Boo-Boo on my part! Lesson learned.


    Well you guessed it. Equipment problems on our early evening 747 departure out of PHX. And throughout the evening, BA kept "jacking us around", promising spare parts coming from LAX at any moment, another plane coming in fron LAX, etc., etc. None of which turned out to be true. In actual fact they "strung everyone out" long enough, that by the time we found out what was REALLY going to happen, all our alternative flights (on other carriers) that evening had left PHX for the night. We were Business Class but they were going to be damned if they were going to put any of us on another/alternative flight on another carried (and there were tons of them) to LAX, JFK, ATL, MSP or IAD, etc. that evening so we could catch alternative flights/connections to LHR/ARN by other means and arrive near the originally scheduled time of our original BA flight.


    So ultimately, we were delayed in PHX (our home town) for 24 hours until the next BA 747 came in the next evening for the usual "turnaround", and they put us all on that flight to LHR. And in the process "screwed" with the next day's plane load of BA passengers who were normally scheduled on THAT flight to LHR. They all got delayed for about 4 hours until BA finally got another backup aircraft for them out of LAX). So with their "management brilliance", they actually screwed two 747 manifests!


    To add insult to injury, BA put us in a hotel overnight (in PHX) on that first evening (cautioning all of us NOT to go back home) and "sincerely promising us" an "early morning" flight out of PHX with another replacement plane - which didn't happen either! They advised everyone to stay in "close proximity" to the airport. It turns out that we could have just driven back to our own house that night, slept in our bed, and returned to PHX for the next "normal" BA departure the next evening to LHR.


    They put us in a crappy hotel near the airport (at 11PM that night). And we all trouped back to PHX like "good little sheep" the next morning to catch this "fictional 7AM BA flight" (getting about 4-5 hours of sleep) that was supposedly going to be our "special flight" to LHR. 12 hours later - after sitting at PHX all day and with little sleep, we were put on the next normally scheduled BA flight to LHR. And as "compensation", DW and I each got a measly $100 voucher (these were originally $5,000 tickets) to use on another BA flight - but it had to be within the next 12 months. Big Deal! Why would they think that we would EVER fly BA again?


    Fortunately, we had planned our original itinerary to get into Stockholm almost 2 days early (prior to the cruise) to do some sightseeing. Well that plan went right into the toilet, but fortunately, we did (barely) arrive in Stockholm with enough time to make it onto the ship before it departed.


    So many lessons learned from that experience. Don't "assume" that everything will go as planned. Don't pick an airline that has no multiple departures or services to "somewhere else", which would give you alternative routing options to your destination. Always have a "back up plan" (alternative flights) in your pocket. And always allow an extra day or two in your departure city - particularly on overseas sailings. My experience has been that most decent airlines will "take care of" their Business/FC passengers and will try very hard to get them on alternative flights/routing (even on alternative airlines - but they really hate to do that!) when they know (full well, as BA did) that the original flight just isn't going to "fly".


    ((PS - the $100 BA vouchers went right into my shredder and since then, I've never considered BA as ever being a viable option for any travel, anywhere), certainly when I have other choices.

  12. Gnomie - Thanks very much for the additional and updated insight. I have stayed at the Marriott properties more recently than The Cumberland, and it sounds like things have changed there a bit there. I have not stayed at the Cumberland since it was taken over by the Guoman Group. I think your information is probably more up to date than mine is, as well. My most recent stay was at the Marriott Grosvernor Square (6 months ago) and we ate in Maze a few times and also walked over to the JW Steakhouse a few times for dinner, as well.


    For those of us who spent a lot of time at the Embassy (and at US Navy Europe Headquarters - at the corner of 7 N. Audley Street - now closed), the most often used hotel to stay at was the Brittania, directly across the square from the Embassy (with all the flags hanging out front). I believe that recently (not sure how "recently") the name/ownership has changed and it has become "The Millennium". You might know something about that as well. "Back in the day" it was, of course very expensive too (but "Uncle Sam" was paying my bill!), but the rooms were nice and of course, the breakfast superb!

  13. Alainciao - Thanks for the reply. You explained it perfectly! Once you add all "extras" (larger suites, 24/7 drink packages, excursions, etc.) to make a cruise experience "more like" Regent, you are very close to reaching Regent's price point. And then, the decision comes down more to "intangibles" and "subjectives".... Like, who has the "better" entertainment. Who has the "happier crew". Who has the more comfortable lounge chairs, which bartender makes a better chocolate martini, etc. Best Regards

  14. Malbec - That's like asking me if you can get a really cold beer? Answer to both is, "No". :D:D Their bacon, although I like it, is more like what I would call "Canadian Bacon" here (U.S.). Never have seen it in long thin strips like ours and never, never crispy.


    The British might consider it "over done" if it was served crispy. I've certainly had no problem getting rid of many pints of British beer, either, but it's never served as cold as ours. In fact, if it was too much colder than the way they currently serve it, it might lose some of the distinctive flavor that it has. Best Regards

  15. Poss - I got to thinking about it, and if you're willing to try a hotel other than a Marriott property, you could save a bit of money. I would also recommend the The Cumberland Hotel (this is a "Guoman Hotel Property") which, like the 3 Marriott's I mentioned is near Park Lane and Oxford Streets in the West End/Mayfair districts. I have actually stayed at the Cumberland several times, as well. It is near Marble Arch and near some very good Lebanese and Chinese restaurants, which you can easily walk to from the hotel. You can also get a fantastic traditional "English Breakfast" at the Cumberland....eggs, sausage, mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, muffins, etc. Yum!


    The hotel has recently been completely renovated and the rooms and facilities are pretty modern. Again, I would consider booking an "Executive" room, for a relatively small upgrade in price, which entitles you to use the Executive Lounge with complimentary drinks and snacks offered throughout the day.


    You'll find the Executive (and all) rooms/suites at the Cumberland to be about HALF the cost of the rooms at the 3 Marriott properties I mentioned. If you want a good, clean, comfortable, modern hotel to stay in - without the price of "Marriott" tacked onto it. The Cumberland would be very good value for the money.


    And from the Cumberland, you are still within easy walking distance of the JW Steakhouse at the Marriott (just down Park Lane from the Cumberland) and also the Bond Street and Marble Arch Underground Stations. Best Regards.

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