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  1. Don't worry! According to one of the latest videos on John Heald's FB page there is no difference cruising now than it was 3 weeks ago --- except people are washing their hands more and using more hand sanitizer. As long as you're on a Carnival cruise you are safe, just ask John. He says that Carnival & Christine Duffy will keep everyone safe. Too bad Carnival hasn't shared their ability to safeguard against COVID-19 with their sister line, Princess.
  2. True. But with Carnival you pay for the drink package and still pay 18% gratuity. As far as fare comparisons go we have a 21-day Panama Canal cruise booked with NCL on the Bliss (4/19/20-5/10/20). We have a "Sail Away Mini-Suite". Total cost of the cruise was $3,946 for 2 of us. Of course we have to fly to NYC & home from SEA but with taxes & port fees that's about $94 per day/person. That rate is still available 🙂
  3. Recently I have found better prices on Princess & HAL than Carnival for the same itineraries. Last year we booked an Alaska cruise with Princess over Carnival because of the price and because they gave our son $100obc (Military Appreciation). Since that cruise we booked on NCL & RCCL over Carnival. Even with all of the cost savings cutbacks, I mean environment saving cutbacks, Carnival's claim of lowest rates in the industry doesn't holdup like it did years ago.
  4. You get 3 drink vouchers each night (5:00pm-8:00pm). Royal does have a very nice loyalty program. Especially once you reach 80-days. NCL does too. I like NCL's the best, especially once we reached Platinum with them.
  5. Forward Cove Balconies. My wife loves to be close to the water. - to hear the ship cutting through the water. I like Cove balconies because it saves a lot of money especially compared to some of the cabins we book on other cruise lines.
  6. If the itinerary were the same in most cases I would pick Royal over Carnival. We are old school cruisers (20+ years) and enjoy many of the things that Carnival has cut back on. We have more than 100 days cruising with Carnival so this isn't meant as a put down of Carnival but they have changed a lot over the years - IMHO not for the better. We will continue to cruise with Carnival but they are no longer our first choice. This is a little off subject but our favorite cruise line, out of the "major" cruise lines, is Celebrity (mayve that's because our favorite Mediter
  7. I won the Royal Caribbean cruise, which included Ocean View cabin and a seat in their main event, for $100. The NCL cruise, which included Inside Cabin and a seat in their main event, for $100. The RCL I was on an Ante-Up Poker cruise. I wasn't doing well on the cash tables that day so I went upstairs to the casino just in time to enter their $100 satellite. I ran so well that I took a huge chip advantage to the final table. I ended up heads up against a guy who was playing in his first poker tournament. His wife was watching and when he won the first hand she got so excited
  8. Won 2 poker cruises for 2019 (RCL & NCL). Next "free" cruise 12/1/19 on the Getaway (except for taxes and port fees). Flying using points = an inexpensive vacation. I haven't figured up the cost per day but it isn't much.
  9. Carnival has an insanely loyal following. Kind of reminds me of In-n-Out. Good burger but far from the best. Been on 19 Carnival cruises, 10 or so with Celebrity, and a few more with Royal. Celebrity is my favorite cruise line, my wife prefers Royal (because of the Oasis Class ships). Since we are destination cruisers I would pick Celebrity over Carnival "if" the itinerary were similar. But I would be over-ruled if an Oasis Class ship also had a similar itinerary LOL
  10. You don't think that Carnival has "experts" of their own? Who do you think comes up with all of the ideas on where to cut service to save money?
  11. Reminds me of the Beach Boy's song, "I'm getting those good vibrations..."
  12. Hotels don't provide a lot of things that a cruise ship does. Should the cruise lines only offer the amenities that a hotel offers? I think that the little things like twice a day cabin service, candies at night, and etc is associated by many as part of the over-all cruise experience. It's because for many years twice a day cabin service was the "norm" on Carnival, like it still is on other cruise lines. Personally, I'm fine with once a day cabin service.
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