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  1. Wait and see, but likely cancel/re book. While I'm not concerned with contracting it, it's more the other logistics that are driving our decision more and more towards canceling. Our school system just came up with a tentative, continually changing plan and I'm being told it's not a matter of "if" we close but "when". I'm a year round staff member, and I may have to do a 14 day self-quarantine should we go on the cruise. While I have plenty of sick time, it's a busy time of the year prior to graduation and it doesn't feel fair for me to do that to my co-workers. We're already
  2. @CTSwimCoach...also a CT Swim Coach here 🙂 Yes...we need this for our sanity!!! Cruising 4/25 on the Magic..my 50th birthday gift. While we're in our early 50's, we're still on the fence and like @WorkerBee74, have changed our minds several times. We were initially cruising with my parents and they just decided to cancel. They have many health issues, are elderly, and I get it. For us, that was the whole reason for the trip. To try to reschedule is going to be tough with my school and swim schedule. We're weighing all of the options right now, and they change minute to minu
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