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  1. bobpell

    Captain Darin Bowland

    Is he still with HAL? If so which ship? I so enjoyed this fellow Canuck's clear as a bell soliloquys during lunch Bob....Brrrr
  2. Those in the nautical know, do we get a deep discount (40%?) when procuring pedicures or relaxing reflexology while at a permanent pier? Thanks Bob
  3. My HAL sailing BH was queried by moi this AM as she was about to exit our humble abode. "What is that you are carrying in that bulging Ziploc bag?" I questioned quietly. "Bathroom balms, lotions collected during this past year, which I am dropping off at our local woman's shelter as this is the season for giving!" she pontificated profusely So I lay this tiny tribute down in wonderful words for my BH and all those HAL helpful Santas that collect and disseminate anything to those that are less fortunate, especially during this upcoming special occasion Cruise on everyone Bob
  4. Knittinggirl we were told about the shower in the Signature Suite one week after final payment We chose the cabin months ago after looking at the latest Cruise Atlas showing the deck plans for the Nieuw Statendam. After the call 2 days ago from our TA about the cabin having a shower only, I went back to the Atlas and perused the page of deck plans ponderously. There was no reference to ...Shower Only... I would like to hear from suite sailors coming off the Kdam after her drydock to find out if HAL changed the bathroom to shower only!!??
  5. I remember when the Kdam first started we booked a Signature Suite and discovered the tub was not a Jacuzzi and only had a pull up wand. The glass doored shower was at the end of the V shaped tub and was so narrow you did not dare drop your face cloth!! Maybe the marine Architect eliminated both problems with this large shower...just saying?? I continue to muse Bob
  6. My TA was just advised this morning the new ship does not have bathtubs in this room category and offered us an upsell to a Neptune for $2000 We booked our 7 day Mar. 3, 2019 voyage 9 months ago and are just notified now!! Wife is not a happy camper I muse on whether the KDam will have the tubs removed during this drydock!!?? Bob
  7. I took the ship's sponsored HoHo bus in Cartagena Monday morn exit from the walled in harbour area was right into a cacophonous rush hour traffic . First 2 miles was through a slum!! This metropolis has 600, 000 plus population with at least that many honking cars and incessant shark like vendors Every stop was a circus like atmosphere of squalling hawkers all selling the same hats, purses and table clothes. It was hot. Did not get off as the piranha like sellers were all over those that ventured out Was very happy to get back aboard. Not recommended. Did I mention the Halloween party during the BB kings performance Many party goers partook of the festivities by donning costumes of varying occupations. Pirates were festooning the dance floor uttering AARGH!! to the beat of the blues Mr Peanut including a tall hat won a prize...no not a free cruise...but a small gold dust collector resembling an Oscar figure Enjoy your cruise Bob
  8. I immensely enjoyed the cruise just as much as the first titillating time. Both were on the Zdam Expect scintillating heat and lots of dripping humidity that far south Wave heights for the whole cruise never exceeded 3-4 ft...no rocking or rolling Only rained 10 min. in the canal Sorry I can't comment on the photo package as I put on too much poundage to let a camera (even with a wide angled lens) near my corpulent torso!! I used the time tested adage that Port is a form of wine and as I drink that red colored beverage and the light on that side of the ship used for night time navigation is red...TaDa !! Please use the ships book drop off locations Enjoy Bob PS...we used 312,000 gal of fuel or approx. 1000 tonnes
  9. This titillating riposte was experienced first hand From our 11 day sojourn ending on Nov.4, 2018 1...The diminished library drop off shelves are in the port side hallway behind the Crow's Nest Bar/Coffee spot 2...The future Cruise desk and Excursion desk are on the starboard side of the Crow's Nest 3...First time in 14 cruises our suite balcony did not have a table. Guest Services rectified that the first eve. 4...Capt. Wouter's welcome speech on the main stage was blessingly short. He was the only person on stage 5...Entertainment in the main stage was far from astounding. Two nights, movies which were previously available on your room tv were shown ?? 6...Oprah merchandise was only available on one small table in the Signature Store 7...Bought 11 day internet package for $149, good for emails and Bing 24 hours a day 8...HMC, Aruba, Curacao, Cartagena and Colon the port side faced town We travelled 3200 miles and ate 35,000 eggs Happy Cruising Bob
  10. bobpell

    Question about Rome Signature Experience

    In the case of the HAL bus that picked us up at the Savoy we had to stop also at the Hilton for more HAL passengers then drive to the ship with an arrival time at 2 PM. In hindsight a limo that left the Savoy without the extra stop would have been my first choice Breakfast at the Savoy was early, 7 AM I believe, so waiting for the bus til 11 AM was a waste of time Bob
  11. bobpell

    Question about Rome Signature Experience

    If booked through HAL, pickup was in front of Savoy or the Hilton ( more in suburbs) Bob PS...ride from Rome airport to the Savoy was in a Mercedes limo, just the two of us
  12. bobpell

    Question about Rome Signature Experience

    We stayed at the Savoy and used the HAL's bus transfer to the ship last fall The pick up at the hotel was at 11 AM and arrival at the ship was 2 PM. The arrival hall was empty and processing onto the Kdam was quick Lane lines on the roadway are ignored by the car and motorcycle drivers in and around Rome. Glad we were on a large bus!! Bob
  13. bobpell

    Venice Signature Experience review

    Very interesting MajMom96 Did you specifically ask for this free package or did HAL randomly include you when you booked? I ask cause on our Rome pre Trans Atlantic stay I purchased a package which included hotel stay and all transfers from the airport and to the ship. Bob
  14. bobpell

    Venice Signature Experience review

    Is the signature experience only offered to Neptune suites? thanks Bob
  15. bobpell

    Volendam 7083 - SO CREAKY!!!

    Our ceiling in the signature suite on the Maasdam (1993) creaked so loud during higher than normal seas my wife was too scared to sleep She will not go on a Hal ship smaller than a vista class. Dream sleeper Bob