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  1. Our TA queried HAL at 11AM ET today and the Nieuw Amsterdam cruise we booked for Nov. 20 is still on. It is a back to back I am not sure where the OP got her info. Bob
  2. We booked on May 27 for nov. 20 back to back. Nothing has come our way in an email or phone call I have a request in to my TA to clarify HAL's intentions Bob
  3. We booked the back to back Nov. 20 and found out through our TA that we don't have anything!! Bob
  4. Anyone know when and which promotion will follow the "Have it all" ? Thanks Bob
  5. More importantly than what is reported in paragraph 4 is the vaccination of the crew. Giving needles to the passengers means filling my wine glass half full...not acceptable!! Missing the waves Bob
  6. I couldn't pay over $10,000 cdn for seven days at sea I moved back one day, Feb. 26, 2022, and got a Signature Suite on the Nieuw Amsterdam with a savings of $4,000 If I owned a new ship...Rotterdam... I would offer a tremendous deal to entice customers to see my new creation, not gouge them into running to my competition I am titillated at the saving which includes the Have It all package God I hope a vaccine comes this upcoming year, somehow my martinis don't taste the same my wife says Thanks for all your input "Just the facts" Bob
  7. Hope you are right KAKcruiser!! A $4,000 increase in one year will drive prospective customers to investigate Carnival Corps. competitors. Was there not a sign up somewhere on this site that would alert you to price decreases? Bob
  8. We would have paid $6185.42 Canadian for a 7 day Eastern Caribbean jaunt in a signature suite commencing Feb. 28, 2021. We cancelled outside of final payment date cause of Covid. Asked TA for a quote for same suite starting Feb. 27, 2022 sojourning the same route and was surprised at $10,316.40 Cdn!! those that go will be paying for Rotterdam!! Gob Smacked Bob
  9. Any word when 2021-2022 version will be ready? Dreamer Bob
  10. Having cruised on the Koningsdam and Nieuw Statendam for the last 3 trips I learned quickly to wander down to our muster station way earlier than the required time We watched the milling masses merge , looking for the crew person who enters your card number into the computer. It was always chaotic. Afterwards we rested our tushes (sp) for upwards of an hour before the elevators weren't jammed packed with humanity Any new muster drill which spreads out the turgid seething masses is advantageous to me PS... While mustering on the Noordam the drill was exasperated with having
  11. Do you start the renewal process in the last year of your current card? thanks Bob
  12. An icy cold Gray Goose Martini with 3 olives stuffed with blue cheese turns my steamy BH into putty in my hands !! Usually served from the aft Lido bar prior to late evening retirement. Maybe this is a cruiser's vaccine Cheers Bob
  13. 6 ft in my grocery store means one way arrows on aisle floors so shoppers won't have to go head on . Maybe Carnival ships will have those in the corridors and in the Lido 6 FT means way fewer chaise loungers around the pools. Chair Hogs will multiply 6 ft at muster drills will have passengers spread all around the ship. What was said I can't hear!! The Crows nest and gym will be converted to isolation wards...just saying Happy hour is only available after midnight on the Lido aft deck when all the old geezers are in bed. Whoops I guess I will miss that one!! Canadian g
  14. I muse over the vaccine less pax lined up to use the elevators?? Sorry only 2 per ride or one scooter Maybe you will be assigned a time to go up elevator 2 portside for dinner. Failure to make your time means going to bed hungry!! Failure to keep six ft behind on the promenade deck means you have to do laps on your own balcony ...or not Lining up in the Lido like when Seinfeld went to the soup Nazi will be the norm I will wait for the vaccine before boarding a floating petri dish Bob
  15. During our last two cruises on the Nieuw Statendam the daily Canadian and Times newspapers were only available on line. This was relayed to me via the front desk. As I walked back to my cabin I passed a crewmember who was putting flyers from the shore excursion desk and the spa in everyone's mail slot!!? Why not put those solicitations on the website also? (mentioned on our last survey) Come on vaccine Bob
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