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  1. Thanks RuthC I am now aware of the tax implications Bob
  2. I started musing after reading a posting where the poster's " friend" asked for their HSC to be removed on the first day... Lots of comments How about having your HSC be included in the quoted price of your cruise? What say you? Thanks Bob
  3. If you plan on making cruising your preferred holiday experience I highly recommend at least once doing a $150 tour. Ours was on the Noordam. It might seem like a lot of money but it opens your eyes to what makes your cruising experience so effortless and fun. At the end we were given a tote bag of books and a picture of our group on the bridge with the Captain and crew. Visiting the laundry, bakery and walking down I-95 with the crew was eye opening Did not go to crew cabins or the engine room Yes there was a mortuary room next to booze storage compartment We were glad we did it and have been on 16 cruises since then Enjoy Bob
  4. Thanks kazu Impeccable directions Bob
  5. Use to be able to look up a list of past cruises. Can anyone advise how to look that list up on new HAL site? thanks Bob
  6. We were on the Nieuw Statendam early March this year and I was surprised the Exploration Bar did not open til 8am for coffee The Koningsdam opened at 7am last fall Bob
  7. A small wedding took place in the Crows Nest on the Nieuw Statendam prior to departure and the muster drill early March 2019 No happy hour between 4-5pm in this great venue Early morning Exploration Café did not open til 8am an hour later than on the Koningsdam So quiet now Bring a book, leave a book Bob
  8. How many locks will we encounter on our trip from Amsterdam to Basel? thanks Bob
  9. We were on the Kdam for 7 days in early March We ate many meals in the Lido and were witness to the loud scraping of the heavy chairs on the portion of the floor that was tiled Our thoughts were of the poor people that had cabins below the tiled Lido floor Bob
  10. We were ensconced in one of 11 Signature Suites. Noordam had over 40 Must attend Muster Drill put 2900 tired pax on deck 2-3 at 3:45. Elevators tied up well past 5pm Lido tables have a button you press to summon a drink steward Portions of Lido buffet has tiles and heavy chair scaping was very loud Some window seats in Lido look down onto portions of deck 8 balconies Aft lido pool deck smaller than Vista class but lots of chaise loungers up on deck 10-11 Crow's Nest café opens at 8am not 7 Happy hour is way down on deck 2, Crow's Nest was a like a morgue...sigh Main stage show was packed at 7pm, selection was poor. Music venues were well attended in the eve as well Our suite had no night light in bathroom Cotton balls and q tips on counter in bathroom Large shower with wand, side jets, a seat and shower head No CNN on tv Balcony had lots of seating and a table high enough to have a meal Some room service breakfast items cost ie...smoothie, $5 or Steak and eggs $9 Library had a few new books with HAL stickers inside cover..bring a book, leave a book 13,000 sweaty sailors meandering the cobblestone streets of San Juan Hope HAL bans spray sunscreen cans as some wait til on crowded aft deck to anoint everyone downwind with heady fumes!! Bath robes around your bathrooms please not in Lido
  11. Just off the Nieuw Statendam and was surprised that the Exploration café in the Crow's Nest doesn't open up til 8am Bob
  12. Is he still with HAL? If so which ship? I so enjoyed this fellow Canuck's clear as a bell soliloquys during lunch Bob....Brrrr
  13. Those in the nautical know, do we get a deep discount (40%?) when procuring pedicures or relaxing reflexology while at a permanent pier? Thanks Bob
  14. My HAL sailing BH was queried by moi this AM as she was about to exit our humble abode. "What is that you are carrying in that bulging Ziploc bag?" I questioned quietly. "Bathroom balms, lotions collected during this past year, which I am dropping off at our local woman's shelter as this is the season for giving!" she pontificated profusely So I lay this tiny tribute down in wonderful words for my BH and all those HAL helpful Santas that collect and disseminate anything to those that are less fortunate, especially during this upcoming special occasion Cruise on everyone Bob
  15. Knittinggirl we were told about the shower in the Signature Suite one week after final payment We chose the cabin months ago after looking at the latest Cruise Atlas showing the deck plans for the Nieuw Statendam. After the call 2 days ago from our TA about the cabin having a shower only, I went back to the Atlas and perused the page of deck plans ponderously. There was no reference to ...Shower Only... I would like to hear from suite sailors coming off the Kdam after her drydock to find out if HAL changed the bathroom to shower only!!??
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